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151206 – Reserve Currency

( Introduction Music followed by the sound of a cling of silver coin ) Hello, this is Scott and this is the Hyper Report. Here are quotes for various items. First… Voluntary Gold Monetization The Indian government is claiming that their gold monetization scheme is entirely voluntary. The question is… Will it stay voluntary? Anyway,

How Does China Manipulate Its Currency?

After years of economic growth, China’s renminbi currency, also called the “yuan”, has been added to the list of elite global currencies by the International Monetary Fund. Alongside the dollar, euro, pound, and Japanese yen, the renminbi is officially recognized by the IMF to be safe, reliable and freely usable. However, despite this designation, China

What Are The World’s Strongest Currencies?

In December 2015, the International Monetary Fund welcomed the Chinese yuan into its elite club of global currencies. This means that the yuan, also called the renminbi, will join the US dollar, the Euro, the British pound and the Japanese yen as the world’s most reliable and freely usable denominations. So, What makes a strong