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Is the US-China Trade War a Cold War? (w/ Kyle Bass and Gen. Robert Spalding)

KYLE BASS: I’m here with General Spalding, who’s just written the book, “Stealth War,How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept.”General, it’s a pleasure to be here with you today.ROBERT SPALDING: Great to be here.KYLE BASS: Very few books have been written, I think, unvarnished on what China’s reallydoing, what their grand plan is, what

Bitcoin Broke Through 5k | Is This Really A BULLRUN?

Quick market update!Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are breaking through new highs since yesterday.The moment BTC broke through 4.2k, it just went on, and reaching 4.8k before it startedgoing sideways again.Now as I speak we are currently testing above 5k levels and see if this could hold up.Unfortunately it’s starting to go downtrend again but we’ll

Blockman Capital Bitcoin review clients 181019

Welcome to Blockman Capital Analysis.Today we’re returning to Bitcoin on behalf of our clients, a coin that we have referred to a number of times over the past few weeks, we’vealso talked about the downturn that we saw on the 24th of September.Apologies that we keep returning to this, but until this formation plays out,

Why the 2008 Housing Crisis Recovery Is Just an Illusion (w/ Keith Jurow)

KEITH JUROW: There are very dangerous circumstances today that you have to think about, in termsof making decisions concerning houses…The first is that there are still millions of these redefaulting, modified mortgages…If you add to that the fact that you have millions of homeowners defaulting or in long-termdelinquencies who have no intention of repaying the

Modern Manipulation: How Tech Companies Are Using Behavioral Economics (w/ Raoul Pal and Dee Smith)

Dee Smith: So Raoul, it’s great to see you again.Raoul Pal: It’s great to see you.DS: Well, here in New York in your wonderful new offices.RP: In the new studio.DS: Absolutely.It’s great so really looking forward to talking about a few things that we’ve talked aboutin the past and somethings maybe we haven’t.RP: There’s a

Can Your SDIRA Own Bitcoin?

Can my self-directed IRA own Bitcoin?I’ve been getting that question a lot.The answer is, “yes.”Should it?I have no idea.Bitcoin’s gone from 30 cents in 2011 to $2500 per Bitcoin as of right now as of July 2017.A lot of investors have been interested and wanted to know whether their self-directedIRA can own and invest in