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The U.S. dollar is soaring. What gives?

Hello My name is Terri Spath and I am the Chief Investment Officer. Thank you for joining us again, this week for the Market Minute. Where we’re going to talk about what is up with the dollar. The U.S. dollar is up about 6% year-to-date. And there’s really three key factors that drive the dollar

Where to Invest $1,000 Right Now

Chris Hill: Hey, we’re coming to you from Fool Global Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. I’m Chris Hill, and I’m joined by senior analyst Bill Mann. Thanks for being here. Bill Mann: I’m sitting way over here, Chris. Hill: [laughs] We are practicing the social distancing here in the studio. We’re going to be talking about

COVID & Crypto: What’s Next?

Welcome, welcome to One Minute Crypto! I’m your host, Chronos, and today I want to introduce a series on the COVID-19 pandemic. This is going to impact just about everyone on the entire planet, including me, and you, so even though we’re just a couple of crypto guys, it will definitely pay to understand where

Blockman Capital Bitcoin review clients 180320

Welcome to Blockman Capital Analysis. Today we’re returning to Bitcoin on behalf of our clients and here we’re looking at the fifteen minute chart. Now what we can see is the effect of the Coronavirus outbreak on the price of Bitcoin. What’s actually happened, and there’s a direct correlation, by the way, with global markets,