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100 Pound Ultra Jello Minecraft World!!!

I’m just gonna Destroy you because you made me gag on yourselfWhat is that my beautiful marmars, welcome back today! We’re going to be making a mega Minecraft jello WorldLet’s get to it [alright]. So I have all these cool. MinecraftCharacters, I found right here that I’m going to be putting inside of my world.

$5 Weird Toys R Us Toys 2!!!

yeah I’m just going to scribble all along without them just because I can what about my beautiful mom or the welcome back today I’m doing another five dollars towards the rest all five dollars weird things that you can get at towards arrest I don’t even know what I’m getting today but I’m excited

$5 Weird Internet Car Toy!!!

go you can do it you can do a little kid what about my beautiful mark and welcome back today I’m going to be making a tension cable car recycling I’m using this chance to make this tin can cable car and hopefully give a travel doing really cool thing so let’s get to it

Today’s Future Now – Smart Technology: The Daily Show

It’s time to check in on news from the tech worldwith Ronny Chieng in Today’s Future Now.♪ ♪Thanks, Trevor. Got a lot of stupid tech bull(bleep)to show you today, so let’s get into it.Everyone’s been talking about virtual reality,augmented reality, and whatever hellish realitywe’re stuck in now. So you’ve probably already seenthe season’s biggest seller,