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Bitcoin litecoin cryptocurrencies selling off the last couple weeks what is going on gonna talk about it in this video so stay tuned what’s going on guys so I want to make this video everyone’s been asking me everyone’s been tweeting me and sending me messages and direct messages and all that stuff I just

Should I buy Litecoin, and why?

hi there everybody Jez Feldmesser here from Feldmesser dot co giving you a short video on the question “should I buy in litecoin?” and I answer this question in the next slide which goes like this yes let me explain why but before I do explain I will give you the disclaimer that I am


litecoin and why I’m so bullish on litecoin right now I’m gonna talk aboutit in this video so stay tuned what’s going on guys if this is your first timeto the channel hit that subscribe button help me help you we talked about daytrading we talked about cryptocurrencies we talked about life we talked aboutmoney