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KCN News: Bitcoin “mining” operations on Tibetan Plateau

The new bitcoin “mine” has taken the place in remote mountainson the edge of the Tibetan Plateaunext to a hydroelectric power plant.According to the Washingtonpost.com,the latest same “mine” is being built between a hydroelectric power plantand the concrete shell of a disused power transmission station,between Kongyu and the city of Kangding.Put the likes and subscribe

KCN News: Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference in Buenos Aires

Over the 40 top-notch speakers will discuss perspective ways of Bitcoinand Blockchain technologyon the two-days Latam`S Bitcoin & Blockchain Conferencein Buenos Aires on the 4th of November.Some specialists have already stressed their participation.Erik Voorhees, CEO & Founder at ShapeShift.io,has announced about it on his Twitter.Put the likes and subscribe to our channel.

KCN News: Santander – Bitcoin can be serious contender

Santander, one of the world’s biggest banks, has suggested,that Bitcoin could become a threat to the current financial ecosystemwill become a serious contender if it can gain widespread adoption.Despite of the fact there’re much negative momentsin media regarding bitcoin,according to Themerkle.com.,it’s due to misunderstanding and fear to the new currency system.Put the likes and subscribe