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Splunk MLTK’s Forecast Time Series assistant to forecast a currency using ARIMA

Splunk has 100s of apps that extend its core capabilities. The Machine Learning Toolkit App delivers new ML specific search commands, visualizations, and other tools for performing machine learning on your Splunk data. In addition, we have ML Assistants that guide you through the process of building custom models and operationalizing them on the Splunk

Deep learning predicts the stock market?

When you hear that 70% percent of trading volume in the entire US stock market is generated by algorithms, you might think you are missing out something big. Are we the only fools in the market who still trade the traditional way? If the machines dominate the market today, do us mere mortals even stand

How to Predict Stock Prices Easily – Intro to Deep Learning #7

we actually predict stock prices withmachine learning investors make educatedguesses by analyzing data will read thenews study the company history industrytrends there are lots of data pointsthat go into making a prediction theprevailing theories that stock pricesare totally random and unpredictable ablindfolded monkey throwing darts atnewspaper’s financial pages could selecta portfolio that would do just