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Why Pomp Invested 50% of His Wealth in Bitcoin

So Anthony, you recently predicted Bitcoin will reach $100,000 by the end of 2021.So what makes you so confident about this prediction?Yeah.The prediction here is simply based on Bitcoin being a asset that has a fixed supply anda belief that supply and demand economics will continue to remain valid.Anytime you have a fix supply asset

What is Bitcoin Mining? (In Plain English)

What is Bitcoin mining?Does it mean I can generate free Bitcoin from my computer?Is it still profitable to mine Bitcoin these days?Well, stick around…Here on Bitcoin Whiteboard Tuesday,we’ll answer these questions and more.Bitcoin was created as a decentralized alternativeto the banking system.This means that the system can operate and transfer fundsfrom one account to the

Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine

Le Bitcoin et les autres crypto-monnaies représentent un futur vers lequel on se dirige. Ça rendra notre vie beaucoup plus facile. [LA VIE DANS UNE MINE BITCOIN] [ISOLÉES DANS LE NORD-EST RURAL DE LA CHINE, SIX MINES DE BITCOINS SONT DIRIGÉES PAR UN MYSTÉRIEUX GROUPE DE 4 PERSONNES.] [EN OCTOBRE 2014, LES SIX MINES GÉNÉRAIENT