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Disney Trip Dollar Store Haul 2017

Well train wrecks I told you it was gonna happen It’s getting ready for Disney day, so we are at the dollar store, and we’re gonna get some carry-on coolness So let’s see what we can find So let’s get going already, this is the aisle of Things to keep the t-rex occupied up up.

The Truth About XWAAV

what is up crypto fambam it is Crypto Momboss and this is crypto outside thelines episode 3 today I’m going to talk about something that I’ve been dreadingdreading making a video about but I think it’s time and I’m like emotionallyin a place where I can handle making this video without crying cross-cut toone of

What If You Were Stung by 1000 Bees?

Summer is here and that can only mean sunshine, blooming flowers and… bee stings. But whatexactly happens when you get stung by a bee, and what would happen if you were stung by1,000 of them?!First though let’s learn a bit about the history of the bee. The first bees were descendantsof a carnivorous wasp-like insect

The 5 Stages of Crypto Mass Adoption

what is up my crypto Alchemists my crypto wizards and crypto wizards gonna come upwith some more names in the future today is video number two all pumped upbecause you know with one idea unleashes another unleashes another unleashesanother and I really wanted to talk about the five stages that need tohappen in order for