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BLOC.MONEY (BLOC) Cryptocurrency – Prepares to Disrupt the Mobile Industry

The BLOC.MONEY (BLOC) Project has been established to develop and popularise the Blockchain Technologyas well as the use of cryptocurrencies in the everyday life while respecting the environment.BLOC.MONEY – Ticker: BLOC is a fast, easy to use and private decentralized cryptocurrencywithout involvement of financial institutions.BLOC is based on the same open-source Cryptonote technology used by

KCN News: Richtopia has published Top List – Bitcoin Magazine, BlockchainAge, CoinDesk

News Blog Richtopiahas presented the list of 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies.Among them twe can see original source of information –Bitcoin Magazine, the global leader in blockchain,esearch and consultancy – BlockchainAge, etc.The top of the list takes the world leaderin digital currency information – CoinDesk.Put the likes and subscribe to our channel.

The Complete Cryptocurrency Course: More than 5 Courses in 1 (Investing, Mining and Much Much More)

You’ve heard of Bitcoin, Ethereumand other cryptocurrencies.They were founded on a revolutionary technologycalled blockchain, which sounds like somethingout of a science fiction movie.Let me introduce you to this fascinating new world.This course is for everyonewho is interested in cryptocurrenciesbecause there are two tracks –a beginner track,and there’s an advanced track.Woo!On top of that, this is