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Putin REVEALS Whether Brazil’s President Bolsonaro Lack Interest In Developing Relations With Russia

Your agenda also includes a meeting with the President of Brazil. However, we could not help but notice the current Brazilian leadership’s lack of interest in developing relations with Russia. Our political dialogue is slowing down; there are hardly any new projects in trade and the economy while the old ones have lost momentum. Is

The Latest Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News | CryptoNewsZ | October 18, 2019

Hi there, it’s Friday, October 18, 2019, and this is CryptoNewsZ. Our team at CryptoNewsZbrings you the latest headlines from the world of Blockchain and Crypto.Facebook’s ambitious and proposed cryptocurrencyProject Libra is now facing more troubles. The G7wealthy nations statedthat such stable coin projects should not be allowed to launchuntil the international risks that theypose

Tokoin News Episode 7

Hi! Welcome back to Tokoin News.Today’s episode will be so exciting.We had a meetup with Tomochain, visited Banjarmasin for a national roadshow,participated in KuCoin Week, had TOKO token passed ShuttleOne wallet testing,and expanded our social media accounts.Last week, Tokoin had the chance to meet one of our partners, TomoChain,and their Chief Growth Officer, Kyn Chaturvedi.It

Happy 200k Youtube Subs! P6,000 Give Away!

Happy 200,000 subscribers!!!This was what I’ve promised, that I’ll be giving away5,000 pesos.And I apologize about the live video I didI wasn’t able to continue itdue to a very slow internet connection.But now, here I made a separate videofor our give away, and I made a little changesin our mechanics on how to join this

Crypto Currency Course, a.i. Coin

Join the future of the financial world.Join our a.i.Coin.These governments started their crypto coin.Sweden, Estonia, Russia, China, Dubai, Japan, Israel and more.This is what we have.A Crypto-Currency Course, Book, and mining software.Marketing plan, Business plan, White Paper and our new currency designed for retail shopsusing our artificial intelligence software.A mining super-computer with 12804 CPU.It has

Dash Evolution Preview — A Glimpse at the Future of Payments

Hi, I’m Amanda B. Johnson. And you arewatching DASH: Detailed. You may haveheard that the pièce de résistance ofDash is a forthcoming product calledEvolution, which will enable the averageperson to use Dash without needing toknow what cryptocurrency is. With itsalpha delivery slated for late 2017, Ithought you might enjoy seeing thesescreenshots of pre- pre-Evolution inaction.This

Crypto Charity Auction: TokenStars Launches the Celebrity Auction on Blockchain

Hi, I’m Pavel, CEO of TokenStars.This is one of our offices where our marketing and business development team sitsIt’s located in the center of Moscow, across the road with the Kremlin.Everyone is in a Christmas mood, and during this special time, we’re launching Crypto Christmas Charity auction with stars.It’s the first charity auction based on