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Dollar Live – Terrain that Teaches

(funky music) – [Man] Push down. Boom. – My name is Krista and I am the children’s program manager on Dollar Mountain. One thing I love about Dollar Mountain and why it’s so special in my heart is because there are no trees here and so we can ski wherever we can ski. This year

Sony at CES 2020 in under 6 minutes

– Sony continues to be a leader in immersive entertainment experiences, and gaming is no exception. (sharp bass music) – One month ago we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the PlayStation brand. The spirit of innovation and how Sony used technology to make a generational leap in real-time interactive enterainment, continued with each successive platform.

How to Add a New Currency in OpenCart 2.3.x

Hey guys! In today’s tutorial will show you how you can add a new currency in your OpenCart store. The default OpenCart store comes with three predefined currencies. These are the Euro, the US dollar, and the British Pound. However if your store uses the different currency than the ones above, you can easily add

Автоматический обмен Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money на 24pay.me

Whether you are developing business online, playing MMO video games, purchasing in online-shops, or performing money transfers, then you use electronic money or e-currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and others one way or another. And you ask yourself: «How to exchange e-currencies online or pay for goods and services?» But online-shop accepts only Bitcoin. Exchanger 24pay.me