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What is The History of Bitcoin: Super Easy Explanation

– [Narrator] We’ll start at the very beginningby understanding the history of blockchain.The very first blockchain in the world was Bitcoin.An anonymous person or group known as Satoshi Nakamotopublished a document in an online cryptography forumin November 2008, and revealed the first detailsof how Bitcoin would work, describing itas a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.The whitepaper

Cardano – Simply Explained

Right now there are countless of cryptocurrencies that you can buy.But recently, we’ve seen something called Cardano getting a lot traction.But why is Cardano so popular all of a sudden?What makes it so special compared to other crypto’s?Well let’s find out..Cardano is a new cryptocurrency platform that was launched in September 2017 after morethan 2

ERC20 tokens – Simply Explained

We all hear about ERC20 tokens but what are those tokens and most importantly: what arethey not?To start with, let’s quickly go over some basics: ERC20 tokens exist on the Ethereumplatform and that in itself consists out of a blockchain that is capable of storing transactionsand a virtual machine that is capable of running smart

What is a Bitcoin Node? – Step by Step Explanation

(electronic sounds)– The Bitcoin Network consists of a network of nodes,which are just computers or serversrunning the bitcoin software.The code ensures the nodes can find and establishconnection with other nodes and, hence,form a network that is used by the various nodesto transfer information like transactions,blocks and other data.Through this web of interconnected nodes,bitcoin can send

Bitcoin insanlık tarihinin en önemli icadı olabilir mi?

Bitcoin insanlık tarihindeki en önemli dönüm noktalarından biri olabilir. Olmayadabilir.. Sonuçta konunun temelinde teknoloji olduğu için ben yine de anlatmak zorunda hissediyorum kendimi. Ve en başta uyarıyorum, anlatacaklarım bir yatırım tavsiyesi olarak algılanmamalı. Konunun sadece block chain denilen teknolojik temelini aktaracağım. Yatırım yapılır mı? Nasıl yapılır? “Balon mu?” “Patlar mı?” gibi sorular bu videonun konusu

What is Bitcoin? (v1)

What is Bitcoin?Bitcoin is the firstdecentralized digital currency.Bitcoins are digital coinsyou can send through the Internet.Compared to other alternatives,Bitcoins have a number of advantages.Bitcoins are transferreddirectly from personto personvia the netwithout going through a bankor clearinghouse.This means that the fees are much lower,you can use them in every country,your account cannot be frozenand there are

How Does BitCoin Work?

(classical music) – Hi, I’m Jonathan, this is Brain Stuff and I’ve got some bad news for you. Money is imaginary. Now I don’t mean that this printed piece of paper is make believe. I can feel its texture and the ink even smudges off on my fingers, but when you compare it to this