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The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 94- Coronavirus, Eric Hoffer, Resentment & doomers, California, Q&A

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the beyond bitcoin show today is January the 25th 2020 strong hand I’m confiscating all bitcoins next Bitcoin first one responsibility is a new counterculture deferral of gratification conviction Golden Age relentless all right guys how you doing hello my elite friends

Russian Students Celebrate The Students Day – Saint Tatyana’s Day – With Festivities & Celebrations

Large-scale celebrations are unfolding the day before the holiday in the very center of the capital. Moscow began to celebrate their favorite youth and student holiday – St. Tatyana’s Day. Eminent athletes took participation with students and started with the student’s sports night at Red Square. Yulia Perfenyk reports Future doctors, teachers, lawyers are celebrating