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Putin Explains What Happenned At A Navy Testing Range In The White Sea

Russia is a great power, including militarily, as President Niinistö noted in his speech yesterday.And, of course, military powers are responsible for security.Finland is concerned over the events in Arkhangelsk Region, a little more than 400 km from the Finnish border.A question for President Putin. What happened in Arkhangelsk Region, in Severodvinsk?What can be done

Understanding the rise of China | Martin Jacques

The world is changingwith really remarkable speed.If you look at the chart at the top here,you’ll see that in 2025,these Goldman Sachs projectionssuggest that the Chinese economywill be almost the same size as the American economy.And if you look at the chartfor 2050,it’s projected that the Chinese economywill be twice the size of the American

BREAKING! Putin Shows Erdogan Top Secret Cockpit Of 5th-Gen SU-57 Jet At MAKS 2019 Airshow

Aviation Technology dominates every (MAKS 2019 International( Aviation and Space Salon.After the opening ceremony, Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan went to the square where this technology is,where’s the most updated Russian technology.It the first part, presidents came to see the newest fifth-generation Sukhoi Su-57 stealth fighter jet.They walked up to the cabin.The pilot who is

FUNNY! Will You Pay For Me? – Putin Buys Erdogan Famous Russian Ice Cream: Give Change To Industry!

Please give me this one…Chocolate or cream flavor?Give me both.Will you pay for me too?Yes, of course, I’ll pay, you’re our guest.210 rubles ($3.20).Putin (handed a 5,000 ruble note): 210? Give the change to (Industry and Trade) Minister to support the development of aviation!Thanks for the generosity!Please give us more!Take the money.– Are there spoons?