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Malaysia, 1MDB, and Goldman Sachs | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Now anytime someone says “Goldman Sachs,” you know something bad happened. What may be the biggest financial scam in history. Two former Goldman Sachs bankers and a fugitive Malaysian financier have been charged over the alleged plunder of billions of dollars from Malaysia’s State Development Fund. Malaysia prosecutors filed criminal charges against the bank and

Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?

Politicians have their own ideals and plans for how America should be run. And it may not sound like they’re talking about money when they are campaigning, but the whole Democrat versus Republican thing is really about where American tax dollars should be going. So, before you dive in on either side, it might be

Russia’s Mi-38, Su-34, Yak-130, VRT-300 At Dubai AirShow 2019! Arabs Impressed With Russian Aircraft

The latest examples of Russian aerospace technology were shown today in the United Arab Emirates. Aircraft, drones, rockets – all in all, more than 20 samples were brought to Dubai Air Show. Among them is the Mi-38 helicopter, which is the first time introduced abroad. The first contracts have already been concluded for the delivery