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Behind-the-Scenes: Louis Votes 2012

alright it’s election day it’s early in the morning it’s freezing it’s abouttwenty something degrees revere lewis’s as i’ve already voted todaymissus lewis began he’s votingit’s happening i hope he’s awake let’s chat away commodities not giving upwasn’t already deadbig big big bigbig it really worseplusyou know like thisunit ready reactive talex wilson not attendingalright

BlockHash Media #23 – Josie Bellini (Josie.io)

Brandon Zemp: Okay, cool. So How you doing?Josie Bellini: Good, good. How are you?Brandon Zemp: Awesome how Chicago?Josie Bellini: It is great finally getting warm, so I can’t complain.Brandon Zemp: Nice. how warm is it to get there in the summer?Josie Bellini: It can get pretty hot. Sometimes a little bit uncomfortably hot. But right

The Danger of a Bitcoin Economy

here’s the interesting story I am I’m I’m curiousif you have ever had any experience with bitcoins I have not I’ve been watchingthis thing I’ve talked on theon the radio and television a few times about how I think the big queen is thenew Dutch tulip bulbs itsthe new South Sea issue it’s the new