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Ledger Blue — Navigate in the dashboard

The access to your Ledger Blueis protected by your PIN code,required each time it is powered on, or unlocked.The dashboard displays all the applicationsthat are installed on your device.Tap an icon to open an app.You can navigate using the menu icon.Tap the arrow on same area to go back.Tap the “dashboard icon” on the top

Ledger Blue — Send bitcoins

Let’s see how the Ledger Blue providesa simple and secure way to make Bitcoin transactions.Launch the Ledger Wallet Bitcoin app on your computer,and open the Bitcoin application on your Ledger Blue.When your device is detected,you can access all your accounts.Open one of your accounts, then click on “send”,and fill in the required fields,like the recipient

Hardware Wallet Hack: Ledger Nano S – f00dbabe

The Ledger Nano S is a Cryptocurrency hardware wallet based on a secure element for storingcryptocurrencies, embedding a screen to check and secure digital payments.And also they have these information sheets where they proudly write: “Did you notice?There is no anti-tampering sticker on this box.A cryptographic mechanism checks the integrity of your Ledger device’s internal