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Bitcoin Q&A: From barter to abstract money

[AUDIENCE] I have a two-part question. Both are related to social norms. Before digital currency and before centrally control currencies, people [would] barter, still even today. I see that Bitcoin will perhaps promote more of that barter of services, in exchange for bitcoin. That is one question: is this really nothing but to promote more

Bitcoin: A Swiss Bank for Everyone’s Pocket

Bonjour à tous ! content de vous voir tous ici C’est vraiment très sympa d’être de nouveau à Zurich Je pense que la dernière fois que j’étais ici j’ai dû faire un show avec l’assocation nationale des banquiers. Je peux vous dire qu’il y avait beaucoup plus de costumes dans cette pièce qu’aujourd’hui. Vous savez,

More on cryptocurrency wallets

Hi it’s Keir Finlow-Bates here, and Tamra Groff asked me if I could talk a bitmore about wallets, so here goes. In blockchain, wallets perform one ormore of the following three fundamental actions: the first is the generationand/or storage of private keys, the second is the signing of transactions,and the third is the submission of

Bitcoin Q&A: Full node and home network security

“Does running a Bitcoin full node and / or a Lightning node at home attract hackers to my IP address…and home network. Also, could it reveal my ownership of bitcoin and attract physical attacks?”“Are pre-configured full node starter kits safe to use for non-technical people,or is this against the point of running a full node