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Bitcoin Q&A: Lightning Network game theory

“Can the Lightning Network rules be changed and updated easily, unlike [the Bitcoin blockchain],which requires super-majority consensus (almost everyone must agree) for simultaneous upgrade?”“Can groups of users use different variations of the channel rules and form a separate sub-network,with or without maintaining compatibility to the entire Lightning Network?”That is a really great question.The Lightning Network

How to secure crypto currency exchanges?

Good morning today I’m going to talk about securing cryptocurrency exchanges.We saw last week that Bithumb was attacked and it lost over 31 million dollars.It raises a very important questions and very interesting ones as to what are these exchangesdoing to secure secure them and how and what level of trustdo custom customers have in

The Difficulty of Mining Bitcoin

Welcome, welcome to One Minute Crypto!I’m your host, Chronos, and today I want to talk about why mining bitcoin is such a toughbusiness to make money in.It’s not intuitive that this would be the case, I mean, you buy the equipment, you plug itin, and you make bitcoins.What’s so hard about that?Two words: mining difficulty.Bitcoin

What is Shamir Backup?

Your recovery seed is the key to your digital assets and a vital part of your security.If you lose it, your coins could be lost…forever.But Imagine you could create multiple recovery shares to backup your private keys.And if you lose one of them…nothing happens.Your coins are still safe.Introducing the Shamir Backup!With Shamir Backup, you can