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How to Make a Country Rich

Most of what we call ‘politics’ really revolves around the question of what you need to do to make a country richer. Rather than ask this of any specific country, let’s imagine designing a country from scratch. How could you make it as rich as possible? Suppose the brief was to design ‘Richland’: an ideal

George Hotz | Programming | HackerRank warm up LETS GO | Educational Game

clappersama: hi gmabreak: hi$ ajgorspl: yooo codsane: I come in and hear “and I’m never gonna stream again” monkaS Klingenwetzer: C 🙂 erichtp: LETS GOOOOO luandevecchi: HeyGuys logi6000: yo rafbyraf: Heeeyyyy Quev1337: PogChamp clappersama: @georgehotz will you hack iphone if you you get 1* million usd JaeGeeTee: Hello, World! logi6000: I cought a stream finally

George Hotz | Programming | sending a transaction with BITCOIN CASH from SCRATCH | Part1

thisisuntrackable: hi Crannigan: Hey I’m new to the stream lil_cheet0:0 crazyserb011: not into politics. littlebighead82: how old r u Mac_33: I actually tried writing a cryptocurrency in Swift crazyserb011: 26 littlebighead82: and u don’t care who makes the laws? crazyserb011: it’s all the same coProof: can the private key be randomly generated from your toy