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Dollar Tree Ballers

Damn, it feels good to be a Dollar Tree baller making out like a bandit with your bags. Never feeling stressed bout your money or depressed cus dollar ballers don’t see price tags Cus everything’s a dollar for a Dollar Tree baller so a Dollar Tree baller doesn’t scrimp Throw a cocktail party there’s enough


Yeah, I’ve kissed a girl before [she] just goes to a different school. SHUT UP!!! What a nice day. Oh hey there miss, would you like one of my hot pretzels? Sure why not? Got a nice big one for you here. And that’ll be three kisses. You got it! (kiss x3) Thank you. Have


WHAT THE F IS THAT!?You know i bought some Bitcoin a few years agoB- Bit.. whatIt’s like an online currency on CS:GOOh yeah, that’s so not worth itYeah I’ve made $30.000 nowWhat?Yeah I bought them for $100 in 2009Eh I’m just gonna go and milk the catWhat cat?That’s right Mr. bankI want to invest my