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Ledger Blue — Navigate in the dashboard

The access to your Ledger Blueis protected by your PIN code,required each time it is powered on, or unlocked.The dashboard displays all the applicationsthat are installed on your device.Tap an icon to open an app.You can navigate using the menu icon.Tap the arrow on same area to go back.Tap the “dashboard icon” on the top

Tak wygląda tajna polska kopalnia kryptowalut!

Warning. This video is not sponsored by anyone,it doesn’t advertise or encourage to invest in cryptocurrencies.Remember, that every investement comes with risk,so there isn’t any surreptitious advertising here.[Kris] What’s your monthly electricity bill? [Mine owner] Around 15,000zł. (4000$)In the room that I’m in, there’s around 60 mining bots for cryptocurrencies and around 300 conected graphics

Tim Draper Leads the Crypto Community

hey guys. David Downs so, if you have a chance, check out my new e-book.it’s less than 50 to 60 pages so you’ll beable to get through what I’m talking about and just create a baseline on whatthe dApps look like Tron and Ethereum but today I just wanted totalk briefly about Tim Draper. A