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The Dollar Game by Dr. James Holt

[MUSIC PLAYING] DR. JAMES HOLT: Hello, this is Doctor James Holt with Engineering and Technology Management at Washington State University with another engineering management tidbit. This one is called the Dollar Game. Don’t watch this tidbit unless you’ve done the Nickel Game first. So please do that one first. I’ll wait. OK then, in the

Understanding the rise of China | Martin Jacques

The world is changingwith really remarkable speed.If you look at the chart at the top here,you’ll see that in 2025,these Goldman Sachs projectionssuggest that the Chinese economywill be almost the same size as the American economy.And if you look at the chartfor 2050,it’s projected that the Chinese economywill be twice the size of the American

Which is the Best State in India? | Dhruv Rathee Analysis on Economy, Environment, Development

hello friends!!in this video, i want to talk to youabout Indian states,as to which state is the best among others.They will be compared on the basis of various criterias,like Economic factors, environmental factors, infrastructural factors etc.Comparing them using these factors, we will see,which state is the bestand thus arrive to the overall conclusion as towhich

The Truth About Bitcoin

Hi, everybody. My name Stefan Molyneux, and I’m the host of Freedomain Radio.I think it’s really important to take a few minutes to understand the future of freedom,I would argue, which is Bitcoin and old coins and related to digital currencies. Now, whyis this important? Fine question. I would argue that it’s important because fundamentallycontrol