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The U.S. Dollar is the World’s Reserve Currency. If That Changes Will it Hurt U.S. Companies?

Alison Southwick: The next question comes from Harpreet. “I have a question about how stock prices of U.S. tech companies [especially the FANG stocks] might get impacted in the scenario of the U.S. dollar weakening and losing its reserve currency status. Do you think this is possible?” Buck Hartzell: The short answer is anything is

Data Dash & Ben Goertzel | Bitcoin at a Crossroad: Evolve or Die

Hi, everyone, I’m Giovanni, welcome to our show. Today, we are going to talk about artificial intelligence, blockchain and how these technologies can determine humanity’s future. I am thrilled to announce our guests. Prominent YouTuber and trader Nicholas Mertens aka DataDash and Dr. Ben Goertzel, AI scientist and CEO at SingularityNet, a blockchain-based AI marketplace.

Marijuana Stocks: Which Ones are the Best Buys?

Chris Hill: Hey, everyone! Thanks for watching! I’m Chris Hill. Welcome to Fool global headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia! I am joined by senior analysts Emily Flippen and Shannon Jones. Thanks for being here! Emily Flippen: Thanks for having us! Hill: We’re going to be talking about certainly one of the biggest trends of, I would say,