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Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding Was Voted “Sexual Healer” in High School

-How’s it going?-Welcome. Thank you so much…-Holy moly. -…for coming to the show.I appreciate this.-It’s an honor. Holy moly.Like, I’ve literally dreamt about this momentmy entire life.Really. [ Laughs ]-Really?-Not even joking.But you — this, I got to say, “Crazy Rich Asians,”this movie came out and you’re the star,and you’re fantastic in it.-Thank you.-You didn’t

Thank You Notes: Bitcoin, Curly Fries

-Running a bit behind today.I thought if you guys wouldn’t mind,I’d just like to write outmy weekly thank you notes right now.Is that cool with you guys? [ Cheers and applause ]Hey, James, can I getsome thank-you-note-writing music, please?[ Soft piano playing, laughter ]It’s so peaceful.-Pensive. [ Laughter ]-Thank you, people runningthe New York City

Spoiler Alert! Kit Harington Nods and Winks His Way Through Game of Thrones Rumors

-“Saturday Night Live,”you’re hosting for the first time this weekend.-Yeah. -How’s it going, buddy?-I’m intermittently terrified and confident.So, one minute — one minute, I’m, like, shaking.-That’s the balance you want.-Yeah, shaking with terror in my dressing room going,“Why did I ever agree to do this?I’m the most unfunny person in the world.”-No.-And the next minute,