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Why The Dollar Won’t Drop To Zero

Last week we talked about several events that have been taking place outside of the United States specifically a report that was issued by Christina Lagarde. Yesterday we got additional confirmation from Christine Lagarde and we also got it from Ray Dalio the gentleman’s head of Bridgewater & Associates talking about the US economy and

How Do Your Tax Dollars Get Spent?

We’d like to think audible for supporting PBS Digital Studios Do you remember the very first job you ever had? Maybe it was bussing tables, bagging groceries, or working as a lifeguard. You put in your hours, keeping track of how much you expected to make, and when that first paycheck arrived, you opened it

Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?

Politicians have their own ideals and plans for how America should be run. And it may not sound like they’re talking about money when they are campaigning, but the whole Democrat versus Republican thing is really about where American tax dollars should be going. So, before you dive in on either side, it might be

The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 75- Tulsi Gabbard, public school desegregation, radio, red pills

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meisterwelcome to the beyond bitcoin show today is September the 14th 2019 strong againI’m confiscate all bitcoin is the next bitcoin person responsibility is a newcounterculture deferral gratification conviction golden age we’ll talk aboutit all remember to check out yesterday’s this week in Bitcoin show

The Basics of Crypto Taxes

Welcome, welcome to One Minute Crypto!I’m your host, Chronos, and today I want to talk about something most peopledon’t really enjoy: Taxes.As a bitcoiner, it’s important to understand the tax law, because it can weigh in to yourdecision when it comes to buying, selling, and using cryptocurrency.Today, we’re just going to scratch the surface on