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$1 Dollar Store Tech Gadgets TESTED!!

what’s up guys been here from Authentech and today we’re doing a little bit of a different video I’m heading to the dollar store I just love the dollar store there’s so many unique crazy weird things you can get firt over cheap and I’ve always seen that tech gadgets section there I want to

I put a $50 CPU in a $2000 GAMING PC

– Hey guys, this is Austin. You should probably click away from this video. (clicks) – Six grand? – Linus recently made a video on this. The AMD Athlon™ 3000G. It’s a very impressive budget processor, however he tested it in single channel memory mode. (audience boos) Which with Ryzen, has a huge, huge impact

Today’s Future Now – Stupid Stuff at the CES 2020 Tech Expo | The Daily Show

The future is coming fast, and it’s here now, which means Ronny Chieng is back with another installment of “Today’s Future Now.” -♪ ♪ -(applause and cheering) Thanks, Trevor. The “Computer” Electronics Show in Las Vegas just wrapped up. It’s the annual convention where tech companies show off new gadgets so useless, they make men’s