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BitcoinTech #2: Vaults

All right, so I have the okay for going so let’s start! So welcome everybody and thank you for coming. This presentation is going to be about a new architecture we’re working on around vaults. Of course I’m going to explain a little bit what in vault is in the Bitcoin context as well. This

Why Did eBay & PayPal Split?

Welcome to the Investors Trading Academy event of the week. Each week our staff of analysts and educators tries to provide you a better understanding of a major market event scheduled soon and that have an effect on the global markets. We are a few days behind the ball on this one as the official

RJO FuturesCast 8/11/2017 – Currencies

Good morning traders, John Caruso coming to here on August 11th with your currency outlook for the day. First we’ll take a peek back at last week, non-farm payrolls we did see a much stronger reading than expected. 209,000 payrolls added versus an expected 180,000. We also did see the unemployment rate decline one basis