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Bitcoin Q&A: The Switzerland of currencies

[AUDIENCE] Theoretically, is it possible to have inflation within bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? In that scenario, what would it look like? [ANDREAS] Bitcoin currently [has] a rate of inflation of about 5% [per year]. It used to be 12% [and higher]. It’s gone down over time. Every ten minutes [on average], new bitcoin were being

10 Strange Dollar Store Items!

Matthias: *gasp of disgust* Bryan: Ewhhhww Bryan: That doesn’t look too bad. Matthias: Okay, then try it. Bryan: (hesitant) Eh we don’t have a fork up here Matthias: I do. What’s your excuse now? Brian: Nah, I don’t want to take the….. (nervous) …the spotlight away from your show. Matthias: Hahaaa *Intro Music* What’s going