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YMS: Megan is Missing

So, right now I’m getting a top ten list for the year of 2011 together,and I came across a movie that I thought I was just gonna mention in the review asbeing the worst one that I’ve seen all year,but when I actually decided to sit through the whole fucking thing,I realized that there was

Ethereum, ICOs, and Rocket Science

What I wanted to talk about today is the concept of a “killer app,” and how we will find it in this space.It is a topic that also comes up with Bitcoin.One of the most common questions I am asked is, “What is the killer app?”“Do you have some thoughts about what the killer app

Fake News, Fake Money

The title of today’s talk is: “Fake News, Fake Money: Living in a World Without Authority.”“Fake news” has been in the news a lot lately. You have all of these accusations swirling around.The established media — The New York Times, the Washington Post — are pointing fingers and saying,“These [are the] purveyors of fake news!”

Virtual reality, fake news and the future of fact

I’m a captive audience in this immersive world.You’ve got my attention.Don’t squander it.Welcome.Suit-up sequence initiated.Biometric signature required.Virtual and augmented reality platformsare sweeping the world of gaming.There are games that go deep,and create richly immersive virtual worlds.And there are games that go wide,augmenting the real worldand making the game appear anywhere you go.In 2016 alone, about

The media won’t get less politicized. News consumers must get smarter. | Keith Whittington

Traditional media outlets remain extraordinarily important to how we communicate and developideas.They’ve not been completely displaced by Facebook and Twitter and the like.In lots of ways, the internet is parasitic on traditional media sources because it’sthose traditional news outlets that are doing the hard reporting, for example, that generatesthe facts that other people are responding

Cardano owners draw

Welcome everyone. Today I wanted to talk about owners draw and Cardanoand you’ll see where I’m going with this I have a few notes in front of me but Ithink this is very important for the longevity of a blockchain project or thelongevity of a cryptocurrency and it’s this whole idea of what are the

Let’s do away with manual bate stamping

Welcome everyone. Today we’re going to be talking about a potential use case forblockchain and I think if you’ve ever heard of this termthey’re called bate stamps bate stamping is very popular amongst lawyers so inthe litigation process when you’re sending documentation either fordiscovery or various different phases between clients and an attorney orwhenever clients