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Lisk | $LSK | dApps Made Easy

Hey, guys!So today I’m going to talk about a coin that I wish I had gotten involved in sooner.And that coin is Lisk.List was originally a fork of of Crypti, and it had an ICO that raised $5.8 million.At that time, it was the second largest crypto crowdfunding event.On May 24th, 2016, the mainnet went

IOTA | $MIOTA | The Machine Economy

I’ve been asking people on Twitter and Slackto give me the video recommendationsand something that keeps coming up and I couldn’t avoid was IOTA.I’ve been running from it for a little whilebecause I was afraid of the fact that it was really tech-heavy,and I wanted to make sure that I was going to do it

Taylor – Crypto Trading for Everyone

Unless you live under a rock you’ve surely heard the countless successstories of ordinary people earning big money through cryptocurrency trading.What you don’t know is that these people take the time to develop a deepunderstanding of markets and technical analysis while monitoring news 24/7.But…What if you’re new to the crypto world and have no idea