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Vase DIY (Dollar Tree Items)

welcome back to my channel creative dolls and if this is your first time visiting welcome. I have another project that I’m gonna do for you guys, this is a vase that I’ve gotten some years back there’s white sand in here that I’ve gotten from the Dollar Tree left over from a previous project

10 Typos That Cost Millions Of Dollars

10. Tropical Fruit-Pants In 1872, one misplaced comma cost the U.S. Government $2 million. To put that in perspective, today that comma would be worth over $50 million. The tiny error was made in the US Tariff Act, instead of making tropical ‘fruit-plants’ [that’s fruit hyphen plants, meaning plants that bear fruit] exempt from tariffs,


our savege life! $25 million house! wow that was Trying to act like Shane McMahon Diving form the cell onto the Undertaker Hey what’s up woah, that was FRICKEN WEIRD yeah, i dont know what come over me there, I don’t know Anyways, heres what’s happening later today we are going to Utah! Sundance film

TOP 10 currencies in World Payments

The Chinese yuan has just become one of the five most widely used currencies in global payments according to SWIFT, the Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. This marks an important milestone as the Chinese currency is playing a growing role in international payments. The Chinese government has been encouraging the use of the yuan

Идеальный эксперимент В какую сторону закручивается воронка воды

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Perché è nato Bitcoin? / Why was Bitcoin created? “Understanding Bitcoin” con Giacomo Zucco

The first videos with which we start our series will not actually talk about technology, cryptography, mathematics or computer science, they will instead talk about economics and even politics, because in order to answer the fundamental question when trying to understand bitcoin, which is: why bitcoin? what is its purpose? what is the purpose that