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Correlation EA for hidden HFT trading(ENG SUB)/Корреляционный робот для маскировки HFT торговли

Hello dear friends. With you today again team New Hope. And today we wanted to talk on the subject of disguise.Specifically, about one of the types of advisors that allows you to maskthe tradeof high-frequency robotsor arbitragers.Let’s take acloser look atthe robot we trade, which we wroteback in 2017, which we use to disguise.And about

From $8 to $1M in a few years with bitcoin

Hi, hi from Andrea Unger. Today, I’m not talking directly abouttrading but I will talk a bit aboutadvertising, online advertising.Why?Because I want to talk aboutsomething that might happen to usus.Because we are interested in trading or we are traders and so when we surf and we browse websites,sometimes we happen to see someads about trading

Utrum Crypto Playbook

cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are booming leading to the rise of constant new innovations but these innovations have thrown investors into a world of chaos where they’re struggling to get their head around the technical jargons and find crypto so that they can fully trust of course there are subject matter experts and new kryptos


Bonjour à tous et alex de la chaîne youtube kent ips et aujourd’hui on va voir ensemble le projet waves avant de commencer n’oubliez pas de vous inscrire pour recevoir mes analyses fondamentales exclusive le lien est juste en dessous dans la description de la vidéo j’ai récemment envoyé pas mal d’informations assez intéressante sur