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Bitcoin Future bringen Bitcoinpreis zum Absturz

hallo und herzlich willkommen auf dem kanal von börsenguru meinem kanal für investoren und solchen die es demnächst werden wollen jetzt nach längerer zeit mal wieder mit einem update und zwar zu einem sehr interessanten thema nämlich den bitcoin futures die er in wenigen stunden den handel aufnehmen werden und zwar wollen wir uns das

LE BITCOIN À 1800 $ ?

Hello everyone, this is Ben from Crypto-Addicts, I’m glad to see you again for a new news video,which will obviously talk about the latest crash, and the situation of the Bitcoin. Let’s go!We can say that the week is off to a good start,after two weeks that were worse than catastrophic for the cryptocurrency market

3 Reasons Bitcoin Cash Could Beat BTC

Hey guys, its Chronos, with a video on three reasons that Bitcoin Cash couldbeat Bitcoin in the marketplace. As you may know, on August 1st, 2017, Bitcoin Cashforked away from the Bitcoin network and became its own cryptocurrency. Today,they both compete out in the marketplace. Right now, Bitcoin is way ahead in termsof price, but

How to Read Japanese Candlestick Charts?

The Japanese candlestick chart.Get to know the main chart patterns.You probably think that financial analysis is complicatedbut it actually comes down to 2 simple things:reading charts and reading news.There are many types of charts but Japanese candlestickor simply candlestick are the most popular ones.Such a chart consists of red and green “candlesticks”, or “candles” lined

etoro’s Crypto CopyFund

CryptocurrencyIs “The Internet of Money”A forcechanging society,technology,and finance.Has it changed your world, yet?Over 1 million eToro cryptocurrency tradersshare in the wisdom of the crowd,share in the convenience,dependability,and security,of eToro’s trading platform….Share in the rewards of successful cryptocurrency trading.Now, a trading eliteHave foundThe ideal thematic investment tool,covering all major cryptocurrencies.A fully managed, self rebalancing crypto-portfolio!Cryptocurrency’s true

All Cryptocurrency Will Do This Soon

– Hey guys, I want to talk to you about Bitcoin prices. People are too much in the weeds right now. They’re saying Bitcoin went down because South Korea is stopping Bitcoin. Or this famous technology mogul has bought more so therefore it’s going up, all that kind of stuff. This is all in the