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Americans Review Australian Currency

– I’m picturing just like cookies in the shape of kangaroos. (laughing) – You think their money is cookies? – I don’t know what the Australian dollar is called. – I think it’s called the Australian dollar. – I hope they have animals because they have a very diverse mammal population. – Koalas, wombats. –

10 Typos That Cost Millions Of Dollars

10. Tropical Fruit-Pants In 1872, one misplaced comma cost the U.S. Government $2 million. To put that in perspective, today that comma would be worth over $50 million. The tiny error was made in the US Tariff Act, instead of making tropical ‘fruit-plants’ [that’s fruit hyphen plants, meaning plants that bear fruit] exempt from tariffs,

Paypal payment system sandbox process complete demo

Open http://developer.paypal.com Click on Sandbox accounts Click login, and login into you paypal account Then click on create account Create Personal (Buyer account), add paypal balance how ever you want, that is just for test usage. After successfully test account is created, Click again for new business account. Now choose Business account. and create one