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Payments Developers Live – Wallet APIs

[MUSIC PLAYING] MIHAI IONESCU: Hi, everyone. Welcome to another session of Payments on Developers Live. We were hoping to have a partner join us today, but unfortunately, they couldn’t make it. But they promise they will make it in a couple of weeks. PENG YING: They promised. MIHAI IONESCU: We’ll hold them to that. But

New Daedalus 0.15.0 with newsfeed and recovery phrase verification features and enhancements

Hi!Welcome to Daedalus demonstration video.My name is Darko Mijić, and I am a product manager for Daedalus.Today I will present changes coming with Daedalus 0.15, which is part of Cardano 1.7 update.This release brings two significant new features and a lot of improvements to existing featuresand bug fixes which improve user experience.The first feature we