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PREDICTIONS!! – Interviewing Crypto, Bitcoin, and Blockchain Enthusiasts (3/3)

Do you have any predictionsfor mass adoption?Or if you want to talk aboutprice, that’s cool too,for say the next one year, fiveyears, ten years.Yeah I mean-Would you mean being in aa little video thing I’m doing?I’m askingWhy are you into crypto?What would you recommend for peoplewho are just getting into crypto?And what your price predictionsfor

Why you should watch Crypto Unqualified | 60 second challenge | Crypto News

Go aheadtoday is April 26,April 5thNovember 9thand this is Crypto Unqualified –bringing you unique perspectives on everything crypto.My name is Benjamin…my name is Nathan…across the table for me- the man who’s doing morefor blockchain news than the Titanic did for winter cruise tourismMy co-host Benjamin – who…likes to gargle marbles.…who until yesterdaythought purple, was a

How Cryptocurrency Works | NYT

There’s Bitcoin.There’s Litecoin.There’s Ethereum.So just what is cryptocurrency, and how does it work?Essentially, it’s digital money that’s bought and sold online.There’s no bills or coins.It’s not based on another asset like gold.And it doesn’t go through traditionalfinancial institutions like banks.Instead, these currencies operatein a completely decentralized systemthat uses so-called blockchain technologyto track transactions.To see how