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Investor Q&A | John McNichol | 3-26-20

well good afternoon or good evening everyone John McNichol here and welcome to investor Q&A I’m your host here today Connie Hill normally covers this session but as you can see a lot of us are all working from home and so flexible schedule there appreciate everyone’s patience good afternoon to you as well Frank

ФРС США Печатает Деньги Неограниченно! Биткоин Рост или Падение? Прогноз, Обзор, Курс и Новости! BTC

So the total package here comes to roughly six trillion dollars two trillion direct assistance roughly four trillion in federal reserve lending power again will be the largest Main Street financial package in the history the United States! Liquidity and cash for families small businesses individuals unemployed to keep this thing going d reactor Montana

COVID-19 cases surge in Europe, U.S.

the corona virus outbreak in Europe has passed a grim milestone with a number of deaths they’re now twice the official number in China in the u.s. New York and several other states are on lockdown you know Mian has the details with the number of Kobe 19 cases topping 300,000 worldwide Europe remains the

8 Million Dollar Luxury Home

8 Possum Ridge This sensual, private estate sprawling across nearly five acres is not for everyone—and that’s just what you’ll love about it. Especially if you have a passion for design, love the sporting lifestyle, and maybe have a bit of a reputation for throwing the hottest parties in your circle. Welcome to 8 Possum