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The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 103- Manufactured crisis, Full Hospitals? China, Life extension?

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the beyond bitcoin show today is March the 28th 2020 strong hand long turf thing on confiscated bitcoin is the next Bitcoin personal responsibilities a new counterculture deferral gratification Golden Age we’re going to talk about those last three things of course

Can CoronaVirus spread via Indian Currency? क्या भारतीय मुद्रा के ज़रिये भी फ़ैल सकता है कोरोना वायरस?

Hello Friends. Myself Gaurav Arora & I welcome you all to my channel Medibytes Friends Today’s topic of discussion is also COVID 19 Today we will find out that whether the currency notes can also serve as a fomite for transmission of Coronavirus because no one has yet given any clarity on this issue. Currency

I TOLD YOU!!😱🎯 BTC – XRP – DOW JONES TRADING SIGNALS🔥💯 You Don’t Want To Miss This!📈

I was right again!
My accuracy is on fire, and that’s an understatement.
Some of you guys who are new to this channel still believe this is impossible.
Or you think i am lucky? You mean lucky for 40+ timings in a row in several different markets with predictions made weeks in advance? 
These haters man, these haters