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Price Bitcoin News | Bitcoin Stolen From Indian Exchange User Despite OTP [email protected] Forex City

Bitcoin Stolen From Indian Exchange User Despite OTP AuthenticationMakrand, a fictitious name used for a Bengaluru data scientist and bitcoin investor, got his bitcoinaccount hacked at Unocoin, an exchange for digital currencies in India, with him losing approximately 120,000 INR (about $1,870) within a few minutes.Get exclusive analysis of bitcoin and learn from our trading

Bitcoin News | 3,000% Gains in 2017: What’s Next for Ether Prices? @ Forex City

3,000% Gains in 2017: What’s Next for Ether Prices?Ether prices are on the move, and theyre headed north. The cryptocurrency, which powers the worlds second-largest blockchain, ethereum, has seen its price rise more than 3,000% year-to-date and roughly 180% in the last month, according to data from CoinMarketCap.Yet, amid this rise, and increase in investor attention, many are

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Optional BIP39 passphrase in bitcoin wallet.

We are going to talk about the optionalBIP39 passphrase.If you have an hardware wallet which isfollowing the BIP39 standard, you candecide to specify or not this optionalpassphrase. If you decide not to specifyit, the mnemonic is stretched with asalt consisting in a constant string.This will lead to a 512 bits seed fromyour given mnemonic.Otherwise if