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IcyMobi Magento – Paypal

Hello. Today, we will talk about how to use PayPal payment in IcyMobi. Go to IcyMobi. Then PayPal. Here you have the setting for Paypal in IcyMobi App. You can enable or disable this payment method by changing the selected box. You will have a field to update the payment method’s title. Update the description

TOP 10 currencies in World Payments

The Chinese yuan has just become one of the five most widely used currencies in global payments according to SWIFT, the Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. This marks an important milestone as the Chinese currency is playing a growing role in international payments. The Chinese government has been encouraging the use of the yuan

Gold At River Banks!

HELLO HUNTERS The water level is pretty low… I’m back at the river Rhine. I made this hunt late September 2016. Let’s go! First target. My orange pinpointer was still “there” at that time.. This is a deep one… I spent several minutes digging… I couldn’t reach it with my hand. I have to move