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September the 4th 2019 strong Hamby a unique piece value off a bitcoin having
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that eToro that you see advertised on bench appear that you see a big
companies based in Israel Yanni the CEO he’s gonna give us the CEOs perspective
on what’s going on in the space on Friday this this week your Bitcoin bring
you the best guest in the space you better believe it baby best show in the
space pal Matt like button okay now in the past there been some great shows too
so I’d like to tweet out flashbacks and here’s one that I tweeted out today
again you would have already seen this if you follow me on Twitter at Tec HB
alt Bitcoin flashback September 1st 2016 wow it’s like three years ago huh
Bitcoin equaled $572 I said do Murs waste time the world is not ending you
know people were talking about the shemitah back then Oh Lord and I’d warn
people I said it wasn’t ending and in so you can check out this two-minute clip
by Bitcoin get wealthy is what I said be proactive
while there were other people saying oh worried about the shemitah i straight-up
told people bitcoin is $572 get it it’s linked to below
a lot of you enjoyed that show I posted the trace show the new new series that I
have out what is this with what’s it called here whatever it’s called it’s
for those of you with short attention spans focus I can’t even think of the
word yeah so I’ve got these it there’s going to be more of these Bitcoin focus
shows where I compile the people you like that have been on my show into like
quick quick shows you can take it all out real quick learn from their their
knowledge and and move on so Bitcoin folks focus for people that don’t have
time to search the archives and some people who have short attention spans
I’ll bring it to you guys and get ready there’s going to be a turret or two
Meester one coming up soon on the Bitcoin focus show a new feature of this
channel hey man I’m in motion I’m trying new things bring it to the people baby
love you guys pound that like button alright the biggest supply shock in the
history of financial markets actually turn to me stir was even talking about
that back in the day you’ll you’ll see that soon we’ve been looking forward to
this having for quite some time has the having heightened started we
shall see short-term thinkers this one is for you I I noticed an article that
said it’s from survey third thirty eight million Americans fifteen
percent of the adult population plant a bet on the NFL of this season that is
National Football League that’s American football for all you people outside the
United States fifteen percent of adult Americans plan to a bet on the NFL and
they’re probably some of the same people oh income inequality I have no money
what you’re flushing it down the toilet oh my Wow if they value the wealth and Bitcoin
they were just by Bitcoin instead of getting instead of 15% of them what what
a world what a country what a wealthy country where people could just flush
their money down the toilet like that and then they disk imply they make a
plane and they’re gonna say your Bitcoin holders you had inside information yeah
well they did was you watch this channel pound that like button but it’s not it’s
not really insider information it’s just common sense you just got to wake up and
not be in a trance all day watching the Packers play the Bears or whatever you
go on YouTube you learn about Bitcoin there you go
I mean you get off your gambling addiction but it’s funny gal 80
percenters are gonna do what they’re gonna do and then some smart
entrepreneurs find ways to get big coin involved here Zak Valle who’s been on
media this week a Bitcoin show before a great guest he said three friends have
texted him today asking him about the easiest way to get Bitcoin specifically
to use at FanDuel because FanDuel accepts Bitcoin deposits via big pay now
that was announced I believe today so a fan duel is on you can gamble on on the
NFL basically and they now are willing to take 80 percenters Bitcoin so if
you’re some 80 percenter addict that needs the gamble and I guess you don’t
want to use your credit card and it’s easier to get Bitcoin well there you go
you can you can really feel foolish in in three years when you know you
actually bought Bitcoin and then you gambled it away instead of like stopping
after I bought Bitcoin that’s where you stop you don’t then go to FanDuel but
good for FanDuel they’ll get some a big one I hope they die here they were often
Bitcoin so when he schmoes you know bet bet on the Patriots or whoever adult
dolphins I would have I hear the dolphins are playing someone for me
interesting this week I wouldn’t bet on the dolphins this week but yeah that
once they get that money and get that Bitcoin they keep it in
Bitcoin now pay off nicely in the future okay
there you go amazing 80 percentage gonna do what they’re gonna do
so traceur had a an announcement that I missed the other day our newest security
standard for the treasurer Model T instead of recovery seed they got
something a revolution and private key backup is here it is the Shamir backup
system okay so this is really cool now if you already have a Model T and you
have a recovery seed we you can’t convert it to this Shamir backup
situation system but I like it a lot it’s cool but basically you’ll get you
can get from your dresser and bottle of tea it can give you 620 word codes
recovery seeds you can call them recovery pieces let’s call them I forgot
what word they used but you get six of these and in order if you lost your
Tresor in order to get everything back you need to get four of these twenty
word sections typed in there okay now the cool thing about this is that
you know you can keep them in six different places and you can tell the
people what they even are and its if they were steal it free from you it
could they could do nothing with it cuz they only have one and they need four so
you keep in your brother’s house with your sister’s house you keep your
uncle’s house you keep it at your aunt’s house and then if you need god forbid
you need to recover see if you’ve been collecting those four but then you’ve
also got some at your best friend’s house and your ex-girlfriends house so
just in case one it’s a it’s a good situation
here for those and some people are familiar with this whole Shamir’s secret
thing it’s linked to below check it out our newest security standard that it but
but you can’t convert your old seed into this though I mean what you couldn’t do
is move all the I wouldn’t recommend doing this move all your Bitcoin off of
your treasure Model T and then if you’re really that crazy brief restart the
whole darn thing and then you could generate it and then send your Bitcoin
to that new private anyway alright so there’s been some drama out there that
people have notified me about and the people at bsv and bch they’re fans that
they like this they like this drama and they’re probably laughing at this and
enjoying the attention they’re getting ok coin announces let’s build Bitcoin
together our pledge to donate up to a thousand Bitcoin to the development of
the Bitcoin community – ok but Bitcoin community to them includes bsv and BCH
ok so they so people are angry that some prominent Bitcoin developers have are
participating in this because it puts BS V and B CH on equal footing with Bitcoin
and we all know bitcoin is next Bitcoin and one Bitcoin he goes one bigger and
one B CH does not equal one big one b sv does not equal now I can understand why
developers want to raise money want to raise funds and I also know exactly why
ok coin is doing this because the only way you can vote in their contests is
you sign up to become one of their customers I think you actually have to
deposit money so it’s it’s a big customer acquisition gimmick which you
know they’re free this is where the big boys play but they
want to get all the they didn’t have to include the SVN BC ation this they
definitely did not meet now they did they did do that so that that uh I mean
that makes me think less of okay coin that there will they’re making making
all three seem equivalent and that this was a natural evolution no they did
there’s no they’re not in the Bitcoin community there’s only one Bitcoin they
are their own all coins they they were crypto dividends of a Bitcoin but so
people are angry that so prominent Bitcoin developers would even be putting
their names into this situation I mean it doesn’t I just I think it’s I think
it’s strong I think they’re better things I think they’re better things to
worry about it’s an unfortunate that these
developers and I mentioned this yesterday’s on yesterday’s show you
could be a technical genius doesn’t mean you’re a financial genius
if these guys gonna work is so hard on Bitcoin all these years I can’t I don’t
understand how they didn’t say Bitcoin enough Bitcoin so they didn’t have to
participate no I mean they might be just lending their names to help other
developers get funded I don’t know I mean it’s it’s not the worst thing and
it’s not it’s not the worst thing in lots are the best thing in the world I
think it’s my I think it’s a waste of time to worry about it too much and that
it is it’s a free promotional tool it really can’t help Bitcoin that way it’s
gonna help be cash and bsv a lot more the more we talk about this and in the
name of the long run okay coin is is gonna win the most that that exchange is
going to win big time because this is getting a lot of attention so there’s my
take on it I don’t it’s not the biggest deal in the world and if you are someone
interested in the being for Bitcoin and now it’s I guess
it’s a commitment you gotta have some other financial incentives maybe you you
know build some build some awesome products and but definitely understand
the finance financial aspect and start saving it saving what you love man say
save all right and talk too much about that there so Bloomberg has an article
out there yeah I just wouldn’t vilify the guys that did this all right
I wouldn’t like cut them off from your I want to change it wouldn’t change your
attitude toward these guys that are participating in this kind this contest
in trying to raise money they don’t they don’t believe that bsv and be cash is
equal to Bitcoin all right so Bloomberg article about
what it was this Union Square dude venture capitalist Fred Wilson
maybe souring on his love for aetherium Wilson said in 2017 ether value would
outperform big coin pouch found that light button for that was a mistake
there so yeah he thought aetherium was the next Bitcoin he’s very disappointing
now and yeah maybe this is a sign that it’s the bottom from you know if the guy
he’s willing to say that if hearing him is going to be bigger than Bitcoin I
don’t think he’s a good grasp on the whole system and so now that he’s
souring on etherion maybe he’s just impatient
I know now I’m not saying I’m definitely not saying a theorem will ever surpass
Bitcoin of course not but I think there’s a chance it is definitely gonna
stick around and that it could be it could definitely be something in the
future so Fred Wilson’s opinion it was really way off back in 2017 one could
say well maybe it’s way all forget it matter
all right or all again maybe not way off but off-again linked to below
all right coin metrics here hang on one second let me what do we have you coin
metrics has a statistic out there the number of addresses holding at least 10
bitcoins recently hit an all-time high as of September 1st there are a hundred
fifty-seven thousand two hundred sixteen addresses holding at least ten Bitcoin
oh well strong hands getting stronger there and you know how many addresses to
your control that have ten Bitcoin that’s another another question good
good I think that I think that’s a good I think that’s a good statistic now
again you don’t want to reuse addresses too much I’m not I’m not I’m not
encouraging that but it it does it does seem like people were getting the hang
of it but you’re supposed to you know you get one you get two you get three
then you aim for ten or more so people are someone’s accumulating it at least alright let’s see what else do we have
here oh well that’s the end of today’s show what I’m going to do for the rest
of the show is go over to subject matters that I tried to cover yesterday
but it got garbled there there was a lot of technical difficulties so you might
have heard some of this yesterday and delightful stuff you did so that’s at
the end so okay so let’s start about Peter Schiff you did hear me mention him
so I’m just going to read this tweet that he had out the problem is that not
too long ago you Bitcoin bugs we’re touting declining Bitcoin dominance as
being a healthy sign a broader crypto adoption and proof of concept you can’t
have it both ways altcoin weakness spells trouble for
Bitcoin just read the writing on the wall okay
he’s making up a total a falsehood there Bitcoin people were not saying a
declining Bitcoin dominance was a good thing a healthy sign of a broader crypto
ecosystem if you if you who believe in Bitcoin you were saying this is this is
nonsense that all these people were piling than these I see huh booze is
ridiculous and so today we still believe that and so all coin weakness does not
spell trouble for Bitcoin it’s good it’s these all corners are converting part of
the reason Bitcoin has gone up and dominance has gone up because so many
people in all twenty land have thrown in the towel and converted into the real
thing Bitcoin so I mean Schiff is he is willing to go he’s willing to rewrite
history and there are all sorts of people like that so we have to point out
when people are read that that is not what that’s not history right there so
this did I was notified by meow-meow on Twitter and he had a great response
so I link to his response I link to Peter Schiff so tweet also now the
response was ask tone base Jimmy song tech ball army bond bitcoin mad bitcoins
the one vortex etc etc if they ever said something like that
either you are lying or you have trouble distinguishing bit corners from all
corners now it is possible it it is possible that he just was reading a
bunch of the off pointers tweets all this time and he doesn’t know he knows
so little about Bitcoin that he died but that’s that he doesn’t he knows about
Bitcoin maximalist alright he knows about that then there are guys that
because one of his one of shifts lines of attacks against Bitcoin is well you
could just print that you can make so many other all coins you can make so
many other alt coins and so there’s really more than 21 million Bitcoin and
he knows the counter-argument that ever that the big quick people say no bitcoin
is the real thing one Bitcoin owes one become bitcoins the next Bitcoin so his
whole it’s its total nonsense what what is what he’s saying it’s it’s
a total rewrite of history that Bitcoin believers were once saying a drop in
Bitcoin dominance was a good thing no they were not they were not saying that
at all that all coin I meant brother crypt or adoption all right finally
speaking of an altcoin like coin is the next light coin like coin is the next
light coin now first of all it has been at least maybe one of the things that’s
going on in litecoin land they do keep coming up with these gimmicks the kid
she Werner people get into light coin as a backup to Bitcoin there are true
believers in litecoin being the silver to Bitcoin cold-blood coin being a test
net for Bitcoin that and that they want to own it for these reasons and and then
if something ever went horribly wrong with Bitcoin litecoin will take over a
type of there’s a whole network of people a whole interest group of people
that that have bought like money for this and so there’s a network of that
more and more people are buying into those beliefs and litecoin becoming just
stronger in its place in the whole ranking okay it is definitely the number
three coin known coin out there okay and it has been for quite some time now
again they keep coming up coming up with new gimmicks like this they’re gonna try
to incorporate nimble Wimble so that you know that that solidifies it also but
this is network effect around being number three or being the go-to coin to
diversify for the sake of diversification no other coin comes
close to toppling that okay cash has not has not done that it is not
the silver the bitcoins foe and as long as the light coin network effect can not
be toppled all right then there’s no argument that the
Bitcoin network effect can be toppled that some coin is going to come around
some brand new coin is going to be able to get more people interested in it than
Bitcoin and using it and thinking of it as Bitcoin is thought of now until a
coin can topple light coin in that same manner then there’s no argument about
the the Bitcoin network effect being challenged being toppled being you know
it being my space like our fair friends dirt alright that is all those are
things that got left out yesterday or got edited out by the freaking YouTube
with the technical difficulties that’s it i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister
the disrupt meister disrupt meister calm over 1400 of my videos in that archive
there te CH b dl t on twitter town that like button banging a bell button click
on those squares that you see I’ll be back tomorrow and then Friday is this
weekend big coin with the CEO of freaking eToro baby alright

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