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okay so we’ve got a tweet from Aaron
Vaughn weird um and please check out
that I worked hard at getting all the
links down there today man all the links
correspond to everything that I talk to
you including this Aaron Vaughn weird um
tweet and I will read it rather a key
argument for cygwin as a soft fork
including user activated soft fork was
that it’s opt-in and
backwards-compatible not everyone has to
use it but those who do want to use it
shouldn’t be blocked from doing so and
indeed we’ve seen record Bitcoin prices
since it activated so yeah it’s a choice
you don’t have to do segue but they’re
there right now there are some some
people are stucked in situations where
they can’t choose segue that option
isn’t out there but hey eventually you
know people are complaining that oh
there’s not enough segue addresses not
enough people are using it well coinbase
all the newbies are coming in through
they don’t have segments there yet so
everybody that’s transacting through
coinbase a lot of people aren’t dealing
with segue so III do like that Tweety
reminds us we’ve come a long way that it
was a soft fork that this wasn’t forced
upon anyone this is a choice and that is
part of Bitcoin the freedom that we have
in the in the Bitcoin world but hey it’s
going if you want faster transactions
you want cheaper transaction to use it
okay I don’t I don’t really care if
they’re faster cheap because I’m a
holder I’m not sending my Bitcoin around
very much
but I mean I care for the the entire
ecosystem is I I do understand I don’t
want people getting ripped off you know
feeling like they were ripped off paying
ten dollars for fees but again there are
times of days that is cheaper than
others so there’s your little Segway
thought of the day hey so there’s a lot
of crypto dividend news today lots of it
some of this is going to be pretty
random super BTC is obviously it’s live
already and it is trading on yo bit and
I linked to yo bit so you can check it
out there for yourself if you’re
interested in it oh I wanted to thank on
New York dude he made some cartoons and
tweeted them out I I link to them below
you can retweet them he’s a he’s a fan I
like art I like cartoons he’s got some
funny cartoons and he throws me into
them so that’s always nice I hear some
entertainment only tweets this is by a
hash pay and this hash pay individual
list a bunch of crypto dividends now
some of them are fake like silver and
uranium like Bitcoin silver and uranium
and then some of them I don’t even know
I again it’s for entertainment purposes
only one of them is called Bitcoin pizza
I thought that was funny I bet that’s a
fake but you can check out these tweets
yourself you can decide on your own as I
said yesterday I believe it was
yesterday do not rush into these things
wait until your treasurer can split them
for you and then they’re real for now
entertainment purposes only
I kind of laughed when I heard Bitcoin
pizza or were be pizza whatever you want
to call it as a as a Bitcoin crypto
dividend one that was was very
interesting know that I had not heard of
was bcx so I linked to the bcx Twitter
and the BC
website yeah they actually owned bcx org
they said something about the it’s
already been the fork has happened like
yesterday or something and the bitter
wallet you could deal with it there hey
I wouldn’t rush into this thing either
but it did seem a little bit more
legitimate than pizza so check that out
yesterday I talked about the United
Bitcoin how Jeff Garza cuz something to
do with it I did not look into it enough
and it is basically an airdrop and it’s
like it’s basic and I link to it below
that where it gets complicated that you
have to move your Bitcoin in order to
qualify for the United Bitcoin airdrop
and it just seems like a bit core
airdrop but on steroids and it might not
have the best intentions in the world
whatever you can its complement any
one’s even going to participate in it
because it’s complex but you can check
it out for yourself
and so Lindner had a comment about it on
Twitter I’ll get to that in a second so
I want I want to comment on Peter Schiff
he has really gone all-in in terms of
anti Bitcoin I listen I listen to his
entire video to tell you the truth I was
on the toilet when I was listening to
his video you can do that sometimes it’s
a good good way to spend your toilet
time as it you know listen to Peter
Schiff and are listening to anything you
know I don’t wanna compare him to a
toilet but yo you get the truth here pal
Matt frickin like button you know you
got it I only got so much time during
the day so
maximize it man make the most of your
life baby so uh yeah
he has gone all-in and I was thinking to
myself you know this could really break
him it if he’s wrong and he is wrong
because he says bitcoin is gonna totally
fail then he is going to totally fail I
mean this is he’s put everything into
this but then I thought about it and you
know what it is worth his while because
he’s a stubborn guy he isn’t going to
sell Bitcoin he isn’t gonna get in the
Bitcoin he is a gold seller he is a guy
he’s a third party guy for stocks
he’s an oh he has an old-fashioned
business model so if Bitcoin succeeds
it’s over for him anyway its own hit his
business model he’s not changing his
business so his way of doing business
with God you know this is gold 2.0 okay
his way of doing business is going to
become totally outdated by Bitcoin so
why not go all-in and go against Bitcoin
I mean there’s his logic right there
he’s hoping and praying that Bitcoin
totally fails because if it totally
fails he’ll get to continue to do things
the way he wants to do things with his
business if Bitcoin succeeds then he’s
got to retire I guess he’s a wealthy man
he’s got I hope he’s got a lot say
doulas but he knows that like a lot of
his customers or outsider type of people
I mean they got into gold
cuz they don’t trust the monetary system
and so he knows there’s a lot of overlap
that some of his current customers will
easily transition into Bitcoin are
probably already asking him about it
they are asking him about it he’s
admitted that so I mean yeah he’s got
the golden holders there he’s got gold
and hold tight customers and they’re
ready to totally transition in the
Bitcoin so he’s hoping and praying and
speaking about that bitcoins failure but
it isn’t gonna fail
unfortunately Peter shifts if he does
not if he sticks with his current
business model he’s going to fail and
hey man you learn
from failures and he’ll learn that you
know what it’s time to retire probably
is what you’ll learn which is I guess
all right it’s not the end of the world
it’s not the end of the world he is a
wealthy man I assume already and you
know Peter ship is a great salesman but
he’s not going to be able to sell his
what he’s been selling if Bitcoin once
Bitcoin becomes dominant he’s just not
gonna be able to say you know he gave me
the best salesman in the world he’s not
gonna be able to sell his gold and his
whatever is his stock portfolios or
whatever the heck he does as a third
he’s a third party middleman this is
what Bitcoin eliminates in in our world
so again follow me at tech vault on
twitter te CH b alt it’s been a wacky
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who knows of fixing up the links I hope
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provide a very informative product here
IIIi believe this is the best Bitcoin
channel out there in terms of
information in terms of original
information I I go all over looking for
original information and I won’t I want
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become more intelligent people when it
comes to cryptocurrency and I should be
proud of what I do here as Stefan Milano
you should be proud when you think
you’ve got the best when you’re working
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best and baby baby that’s the best here
baby in terms of information so I I’m
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having a like button etc etc okay so I
are speaking about the best world crypto
Network Andy Hoffman I was on his show
yesterday I linked to it obviously I’m
affiliated with the world crypto Network
– I linked to the podcast they made me
put all this in the podcast form
might be listening to this right now or
maybe yes so check out a link to andy
hoffman show and we’ll talk about crypto
gold in a second so there is
a link out there Zero Hedge the FBI said
sold 144,000 bitcoins it confiscated
from Silk Road for 48 million dollars
that was I guess that was back in 2013
they would be worth 2.4 billion dollars
right now
yes the criminals in our government are
not long-term thinkers here sold it for
48 million that bitcoin is worth 2.4
billion now and you wonder why I know I
don’t wonder why the government is
bankrupt but they’re able to you know
they’re Knable to carry it on money
printing and the 80% accepting inflation
help they’ll be able to carry it on for
a while but it just shows you that these
these guys are not long-term thinkers
and they are a lot of criminal criminal
elements in our government
sociopathic type people and they just
want to be bosses over other a
power-hungry it’s terrible but that’s
just an example of what blind power
hunger gets you just ignorance in terms
of being unable to be a long term
thinker just hold all you should have
held on the Bitcoin kind of lowered our
taxes alright so and also on a note on
the opposite end of the spectrum long
term longtime viewers of this channel
know that back in the summer of 2016 I
was covering the the Bitcoin auction in
Australia and there was a guy or an
errand entity that one two thousand
Bitcoin he bid for it I don’t know how
much he paid but he he had 2,000 Bitcoin
you saw it transfer it was worth 1.3
million dollars back in June of 2016 he
has not moved that Bitcoin yet that guy
is a strong freaking hand so it was
worth 1.3 million back then now it is
worth thirty three million dollars
i link to that below you can check it
out yourself I’m not making that up it
just keeps getting better and better for
that guy who got to 2,000 Bitcoin and he
hasn’t moved and I commend that person
that’s the ultimate holder you should
all pattern yourself after that viewed
bad news become a lot richer and has no
intention doesn’t locally is any tension
of a cashing it in anytime soon and he’s
done a why it was a wise move not to but
he’s you know he’s like 31 million
dollars richer now that’s awesome that’s
just the power of Bitcoin maybe okay so
I want to talk about the be diamond
people so there is a bead diamond guy
and a B C D underscore volunteer he
reaches out to me I linked to his
Twitter below you can reach out to him
he answers questions real nicely now
they’re based over in China this guy
speaks English pretty well at least over
Twitter so the guy reached out to me and
from B diamond they’re pretty serious
here you know there been a lot of rumors
about what’s going on over there but
they are clearly working on getting it
listed on exchanges that we are familiar
with so right still even though they
forked it’s still only be diamond
futures that are out there and yeah I
know and I’ll just leave it they are
working to get on exchanges that we know
so hopefully they’ll make some progress
about that real soon but they know their
futures are on some on a bunch of
exchanges right now and I’d link to that
below I link to a lot of beast diamonds
stuff below so I give the guy credit for
reaching out and that’s that’s a very
good sign and you can talk to him to you
at that Twitter that I linked to he
specifically the one really interesting
thing he said was that he’s they have
been talking to Satoshi Labs they’ve
been talking to the Tresor people now
that doesn’t mean that Reds are people
are on the verge of you know creating a
splitting tool but at least I mean
they’re doing what they need to
do to make this as legitimate as it
possibly can be
this thing could end up on Tresor I mean
let’s say in 20 in January which is not
a what is that 15 to half a year a half
a month away now I make up they’re
working on this obviously they’re
working I don’t know if trans or wait
working on it but at least they are and
these guys are proactive so if they
tweet some good stuff out I’m gonna
retweet it if they put tweet some stuff
out like hey Tresor get your act
together you know get get get B diamond
on there now I I don’t think B diamond
has is totally open-source yet they’ve
got to put everything on the github that
that that’s probably delaying stuff to
and I didn’t ask about that but they do
have English speaking videos that are
out there I link to that below what else
here they date they’re about to be
listed on the Korean exchange coin nest
there’s a there’s a tweet about that and
and I point that out is because you know
some of these Korean exchanges just copy
each other and the people you know one
thing I learned when I was in Korea two
of two of the major ones have B gold on
them so the third one was forced to do
it because the people were demanding
that crypto dividend so if what if one
of the minor ones that Korea is already
listening the futures for this crypto
dividend it’s a good sign that’s a good
sign that things can get rolling in
Korea and you know when things get
rolling in Korea coins get pumped so um
I you know I’m not gonna do any price
quote quotes right now the price is
always changing again it’s only it’s
only the futures market right now so
good job uh B diamond dude you’ve
reached out to me and people that are
interested you can reach out to them
let’s take a wait-and-see approach but I
am more positive today about the B
diamond than I was yesterday to say the
very least so let’s get it on let’s get
it on that Trez or baby alright so what
is this
steam back dollars oh my thank you 80
percenters whoever you are the steam
back dollars are now $10.50 they’re only
supposed to be $1 but they are trading
for $10 and I know it’s partially
because of Korea but now I mean this
thing is being maintained now this is
being maintained it’s totally illogical
totally insane who knows how long it’s
gonna last if you have a steam back
dollar sell it for Bitcoin right now
right now I mean that is what I have
been doing I have been turning it into
Bitcoin as quickly as I can and you
could do it at big treks do not try to
do to Polonius but they are having
issues they’re just they have issues
with steam back dollars and steam all of
the time I actually have some steamed
back dollars I are stuck in limbo there
and some steam that’s stuck in limbo at
up at Polonia X which is has paid off
nicely for the steam at least and for
this team back dollars but they’re still
not live yet so I mean it could be
another few weeks there or another day
it’s unpredictable I want to cash that
stuff out not cash that out you recall
that that’s the left the world of
Bitcoin we live in when we say cash out
we mean the Bitcoin it out pal Matt like
bunny if you like this world baby
value your elephant Bitcoin baby that’s
that’s what I do
but I’m yeah I’m you know you guys keep
giving me free Bitcoin what can I say
and of course check out bitcoin meister
at steam accom follow me over there this
show right now is live over there so I
was on Kent bozak show yesterday he’ll
post that pretty soon but one thing he
was on a cruise recently and he said on
the cruise he’s talking you know he’s
stuck on a boat with all these people I
don’t like cruises okay man but to each
his own ken is on this freaking cruise
and link to one of his videos from the
cruise he’s going around talking to
everybody about Bitcoin wearing Bitcoin
shirts that’s a good idea that is a
great thing I thought that’s great I
mean if you’re your social dude like
Kenny’s and you’re on you’re on the on
the cruise they go for it you know
you’ve got a captive
it’s there and people were interested in
it so if anyone’s on a cruise film it
and and to tell the people about Bitcoin
all right big flyer the new exchange in
the United States that’s originated in
Japan a competitor with coinbase a
competitor with Gemini you guys got to
check this thing out apparently andy
hoffman a crypto gold has a
you should subscribe to him there you
should join his blog over there first of
all but he’s got us a little story that
someone watched the interview and Andy
and I actually talked about bit flyer
and the dude gives us a report a report
that bit flyer is very user friendly
right now if you want to use your
dollars to buy Bitcoin check it out it’s
user friendly it’s fast you can’t buy
off there yet once you can buy certain
all coins there they’re gonna pump most
likely so I haven’t heard much about
this bit flyer thing until now in terms
of its usability but the dude the dude
says the individual says that it is uh
it’s it’s user friendly so guys I know a
lot of people are complaining about
coinbase check out this bit flyer I’ll
link to it below I should give him the
affiliate code from them or something
I’m hyping them up so much here be cache
hit two thousand dollars today as I said
Betty it eventually would because that’s
just the way things work in crypto
currency things get pumped for no
apparent reason
of be gold also pumped above two percent
again for a bit and then they drop again
you know they they drop so much in value
in terms of Bitcoin think they’re gonna
get pumped up again cheated you know
they’re gonna get it’s just cyclical
here it’s cyclical with these all coins
and all they are is all coins so I’m not
not much new information there the
eighty percent just helped make this
and they keep making it happen and
alright that’s that’s it I mean there’s
no I’m not gonna give any other
explanations thank thanks thanks 80
percenters there I mean you guys just
you buy anything if I you buy everything
Adam gets for free unless you make Adam
and all the strong cancers and all the
long-term thinkers and all the non
impulsive people out there that can
think until the you know think ahead to
the Bitcoin having or 2020 you make us
all wealthier so thank you very much 80
percenters for making foolish moves and
buying things that I get for free
all right so Ansel lenders tweet about
UB and this is his opinion he says hold
your coins tightly the UB Trojan is
trying to map all of our coins and
involves the coin tracker Geoff garsik
just before lightning use and as
confidential transactions are on the
horizons are on the horizon fungibility
is the next battlefield yeah it probably
is yeah it probably is fungibility is
gonna be is going to be something that
we’re gonna have to deal with that
bitcoins gonna a fungibility layer let’s
see let’s see about this let’s see
alright and here’s an odd airdrop that’s
out there it’s called I linked to a
statement about it it’s called like the
Venus Project but it’s not like that
Venus Project that’s like all about
socialism stuff it’s something else I’d
like to information about it but
basically they’re gonna airdrop you this
aetherium token if you have Bitcoin
aetherium litecoin – aetherium classic
or Manero which is weird because those
are all like adam meister top tier all
coins i mean the only one they didn’t
mention was decried and that’s not like
my exception and again don’t buy alt
coins I’m not telling you by alt coins
I’m just telling you that this is a
really interesting airdrop and I’d link
to information about that below they
having exactly explained how holders of
these coins will get their air dropped
Venus thingamajiggy but hey stay tuned
remember honey badger bitcoind alright
there’s a there’s a crypt of dividend
called aetherium fog that just forked
off I link to that below gate dot IO you
can you can buy it there apparently
actually gate that IO has a super big
coin added all so they’re like I’m not
saying to go buy I’m just saying this
gate that IO is interesting it lists all
these weird things big coin bang and so
that’s just information only there again
wait till your crypto dividends are on
your treads or wait till it’s safe but I
thought I’d bring up this ethereal fog
because people are creating crypto
dividends for aetherium not just token
airdrops which they are also doing on
etherium so there’s a difference I’m not
gonna get in for that right now
so okay what’d he get Bitcoin magazine
has an article about the icy wallet
offers cold storage Bitcoin wallet for
the visually impaired and I really think
that’s awesome I’m going to try to do a
show eventually about people who are
visually impaired who you know are
dealing with Bitcoin I there is actually
someone in the Baltimore area who is a
Bitcoin holder who is visually who’s
blind and he had there’s some issues you
know he’s having some issues apparently
I’m gonna talk to him on the phone soon
so we might have a show with him and you
know you know some Baltimore Bitcoin
love there but I do find this
fascinating and so check out this that
article the Bitcoin magazine article
about the the icy wallet you know the
more the merrier in Bitcoin let’s get
everybody over here pound that like
button so the thing that I forgot to
mention it’s okay that’s the end of the
show in terms of Bitcoin stuff now it’s
like meister philosophy meister health
all of you know i want to leave out half
this stuff know when failure does happen
even in bitcoin and we were talking
about failure even when failure happens
in bitcoin which is a should be the
eighty percent are the ones
yell for the bailouts and they can yell
all they want in Bitcoin it’s not going
to help there are no bail outs a Bitcoin
but when failures do happen here and
there are going to be plenty of failures
there gonna be you know even the ICO
fail with steam dollar drops back down
the 99 cents they’re gonna be ones
yelling about bailouts there are no
bailouts in the regular world they get
their bailouts the eighty percent get
their bailouts I just wanted to I did
not add that yesterday that was
something I meant to say you know
combining the whole failure 80
percenters and bailouts it all goes up
it’s all linked together there and Adams
health tip of the day never drink soda
don’t drink soda people sugar is the
worst thing for you not fact not animal
fats not naturally-occurring animal fats
the added sugar that’s just about in
every single drink out there and in just
soda is the worst it’s just so it’s
worse they can’t it what is candy it’s
liquid candy for God’s sakes I only
drink water literally that is all I
drink I think for the last three years
probably I haven’t had anything but
water I had maybe it was the last time I
had anything else was in poram in 2014 I
had wine so yeah oh you know you could
take you the one extreme and only drink
water that’s that’s pretty extreme there
but but do not drink soda people that is
your that’s your tip of the day Oh a
newbie tip of the day well I’ll do a
newbie tip of the day tomorrow and
frugality tips tomorrow people have
requested all sorts of different things
they really I enjoy that other people
enjoy things beyond Bitcoin that I’ve
kind of mentioned in passing they want
to hear about frugality and frugality
goes hand-in-hand with Bitcoin because
you save and then you buy more Bitcoin
but yeah they’re the people who want to
hear about health and frugality and etc
etc so I’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember subscribe this channel like
this video share this video do check out
the new section below I will say hello
to everyone in the
real quick bye


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