The 1 Bitcoin Show- Bgold & Bdiamond pump! Brhodium & Bprivate news, Steemit, Bcandy?

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
January the 13th 2018 delayed
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my last day in the Los Angeles area
alright so let’s jump right into it
mm-hmm finance finance is just the rage
isn’t it that that exchange is making
big news now that’s that’s where you go
to trade your all coins and everything
but I just thought I would mention it
just to it’s getting a lot of new
customers I think I’ve mentioned that
before but we’re gonna mention it a
little later when I get into B diamonds
so I just I just that was the first
thing that popped in my head I had this
all written down randomly but yeah so we
usually think about Polonia X and bit
I mean buying it finance is like taking
over it seems like they’re the ones that
are able to handle this the huge demand
all the newbies alright I linked to
below to the great this week in Bitcoin
that we had with Benny of BTC sessions
renegade investor and martin davidson of
australia so check that out Andy
often actually wrote a nice review of
that I link to that below he just
pointed out how a bene pointed out in
the show
that businesses is brisk and his
over-the-counter a Bitcoin company that
he works for in in Calgary in Alberta
where it’s cold as anything so I mean
people are trying to get a hold of
Bitcoin hardcore up there hardcore
amount of business going on but check it
was a great it was a good time with
those guys from all over the world and
I’m always proud to have the best guest
in the space on the show also check out
a the show from earlier this morning or
late last night whenever I talk about
the Los Angeles meetup the big coin meet
up that I went to and just the
excitement that surrounds all of these
events and I will be in San Francisco
obviously on Monday and Tuesday oh I’ll
talk about that in a second don’t want
to forget anything oh yes oh yeah world
crypto economic forum email me if you
want that I have won like half off
ticket to give out email me that might
raise or help calm if you want that if
you’re if you’re in San Francisco and
hopefully I can set that up I haven’t
even really read the email they sent me
I’m behind on emails people pound that
like button okay so what else do we have
here yeah I’m gonna be the st. Louis I
mentioned that on April 13th and 15th
but we’ll talk about another time
steam it okay this is something I’ve
been forgetting to share like three
different shows I look to a a steam it
article about lightning Network
everybody’s asking about the Lightning
Network this one dude I came in chronic
his prime chronic his pot prime I told
him I would share his steam it he
embrace about the Lightning Network
actually an example of using it I am Oh
check it out crypto a crypto Pia and
everyone is interested in this Lightning
Network thing I got is when it finally
comes out it’s going to rock the
but there’s a there’s a rumor about it
on another coin oh well get me the night
ii hold your horses people crypto Pia
though they have a press release I link
to that below there a and all keep coin
exchange out of New Zealand and they’re
gonna have a a site where you can trade
light coin for all your other all coins
now like right now if you go to croteau
crypto P who trade Bitcoin for all coins
and litecoin for all coins where they’re
gonna separate the two I thought that
was interesting
none other what’s going on down there
it’s New Zealand baby alright yeah Andy
Hoffman again I said yeah he Lincoln
shit I got a lot of Andy Kaufman
cryptical links link to
he enjoyed this weekend big coin and
he’s got a lot of be rhodium information
and I just tried to share his Twitter
also just check out his Twitter he
tweets about be rhodium more than
anybody on the planet Earth so if you
want updates if you want opinions he
gives more opinions about it than anyone
else and he’s obviously very bullish on
it alright
someone told me about something called
the AC T coin they’re forking themselves
apparently and renaming themselves
something Bitcoin I and I link to that
article below
I don’t really care that much about that
because it’s just it but but why I
mention it just like with the spread
coin people who like it may have
originated this concept just forking an
altcoin to rename it so you can rename
it something Bitcoin that’s gonna be
that’s how valuable the big my name is
that’s how strong the Bitcoin brand is
for all the flood stirs out there that
say Bitcoin is is the old man is the old
gray band it’s gonna die no it’s the one
that everyone’s copying and they like
try to borrow its name and live off of
its name when they’re not even really
Bitcoin and they’re not even a fork of
Bitcoin they’re just using its name
alright speaking about forks and alt
coins be cash uh here is something from
big pay
a press release and it’s talking about
changing the beat hash address format
because the be cache addresses look
exactly like the Bitcoin addresses and
it causes people to send their bitcoins
to be cash addresses and never get it
again like lose tens of thousands of
dollars because of this so they’re
either I know because she’s officially
gonna do this is this is a suggestion by
big pay but they’re going to make the
addresses look they’re not gonna start
with ones they’re gonna make them
different which would be very helpful so
be cash people do that that would be
very friendly of you and people would be
happy because they would not be losing
tens of thousands of dollars worth of
Bitcoin and I’m sure people were sending
be cash to Bitcoin addresses too and
losing tens of thousands of dollars with
a P – no one likes – you got to value
your wealth in Bitcoin though pound that
like button alright so I speaking of
pounding that like button I got this and
see if you catch my drift guys I mean
just save an extra time that sucks I got
this someone tweeted at me like this
Costa Reis Costa Rican escort service
they’re bragging about how they accept
Bitcoin now so someone shared that with
me I’ll link to that below anyway be
private I mean you know and that’s a use
case for these type of things I mean
gray market stuff that got ten god man a
Costa Rican
Costa Rican haskers I can only imagine
obviously that’s going on down in Costa
Rica I mean I mean literally you could
do that in America dude was there a lot
of Costa Ricans here but this is from
Costa Rica anyway so be private says and
I linked to this tweet below I’m not
both again when I say below I just you
got to go that Steven link click on that
and then you’ll see all the links there
but I’m just so used to saying it their
traditional way and maybe I rely the
links if I have some time I got to call
Joseph after this though we had
struck the meeting tonight this is from
the b2b private people tonight with the
be private development team we are so
close to announcing a fourth date we can
almost taste it only two issues left to
solve stay tuned for the fork date
announcement because it is coming soon
and like 630 people retweeted that thing
alright that’s pretty hardcore people
are interested in that you can retweet
it too if you wanted and again I want to
thank Anders in tor and everybody in Los
Angeles for making yesterday really
awesome and it was very flattering it
was just an honor it’s an honor to be
invited to an event and to speak an
event and get everybody pumped and
enthused and I people doing it man I’ll
be up in San Francisco so uh yeah again
they and all the ground no one’s talking
‘never bring up the subject of a bear
market if you saw what I saw because
everybody’s very enthused and now want
to get the next big coin you know so I
mean I I think the talk of a bear market
will who knows it’s just Buster’s that
are saying anyway I mean I’m living in
the brought the Twitter bubble where I
read this stuff on Twitter I hear it on
other YouTube channels or whatever
outside of our bubble people are very
enthusiastic and it’s it’s great to see
it and I talked about that in a previous
show to go check out the archives and
it’s link backs link to below
definitely what do we have here a
picture from the event is also linked to
below should check that or tour and I he
took some kinds of picture of us though
it’s very nice and yeah and we need more
events like that I will be in Boulder
with Andy Kaufman and Michael Krieger at
the a boulder meetup on April 25th just
plan ahead plan him Oh someone who is
super chat said hello let’s see $20 and
it’s from close one thank you dude he
just says Bitcoin private so that’s be
private he’s talking about you know I
never like to by the way people like why
don’t you call be cash bites real name
it’s real name is B – I don’t call any
of them by Bitcoin anything I call them
all be something it’s no insult and the
because people should just embrace it if
they embraced it probably people with
some people wouldn’t call it big cash
anymore but the be gold people and we’ll
be talking about that in a second I
called be gold all the time they call
themselves be gold sometimes they’re
down with it they’re cool I mean they’re
a friendly fork friendly for crypto
dividends baby I’ll be talking about
that in San Francisco during my talk
what is it 5 p.m. 6 p.m. at the end the
event sit down in San Francisco
yeah world crypto economic for forum
South San Francisco conference center
and they’re a youth of disrupt meister
20 code to get a 20 percent or 20
percent discount and it’s linked to
below at the Eventbrite link
alright what else do we have here i what
i was going to say the other day and i
did not say but now be Dimond is
actually on Finance it’s on that
exchange and that’s a reason I stuff all
these other weird creep of dividends
like super dividend super BTC they’re
like on Asian exchanges all these other
ones you’ve hardly hear about their own
these and we have Noah first of all we
don’t have access it and to get anyway
it was it is a split on our trade or but
be diamond is a step ahead of the rest
if they’re on Finance and they’re doing
pretty darn well like I guess just do
the ones we know are on there be cash is
people they don’t I guess be Gold’s on
there doesn’t matter be Gold’s on
obviously much more popular to be
diamond because the split on the
treasurer but I I say this all against
because all some be diamond is pumping
today be diamonds pumping I’d link to
the link that talks about that but be
Dom diamond volunteer shared a rumor
with me I just want to stress that this
is a rumor and ain’t no people can if a
first well he said there’s a pump group
there’s some pump group out in Asia that
said that we’re gonna pump it up to ten
provide a thousand I don’t know what
they were gonna pump it up to a very
high number
uh-huh and so
these pop groups definitely exist and
they do things and they’re somewhat
successful apparently but but there but
also the part of the rumor is that a
bunch of beat ash people beat ash Wales
started dumping their beat ash for B
diamond on the 3rd and the 4th and I and
you actually look at the historical data
and I link to it below from coin market
cap and you can see there was a lot
there was a lot of activity I’ll be
Diamond there’s two days I believe was
the third and the fourth and will be
cached those two days I don’t I don’t
know what’s going on that here let me
see what he exactly what he said to me
rumor some big beat cash wells said they
want to have the diamond take over be
cash as the leaving fork because we are
decentralized all right all right so
yeah I’m giving him his say there and I
like big diamond volunteer he’s off if
you check out my Twitter I actually
mentioned him in the tweet where I was
promoting this current video so you can
click on that ask him questions what he
thinks about all this but you know so
obviously they’re what he’s saying it
they’re just whales out there who won’t
be dying gonna be the most popular for
because right now be cash is obviously
the most valued fork you know if we
always want to manipulate the market any
way they can free is free to be okay I
want to just get my hands on my bead
diamond safely and if these whales and
Asia had pumped it up to ten percent of
a Bitcoin or to more than that would be
caches and awesome
because I’m getting it for free thank
you very much whales but treasure ledger
come on guys get this thing splitting
obviously it got pumped so people are
really interested in be dining people so
he actually to people when I think when
I woke up it already contacted me and
said Adam what is going on with this be
diamond thing alright so there be
diamond you got your you got a lot of
stay on Adams show today let’s talk
about be rhodium their snapshot is lie
it they took the snapshot
whatever the other day before I during
my show I forgot what day it was now I’d
link to their link below and the coffin
is still very very bullish I link to his
stuff below as I said the lore before so
you can follow Andy at on Twitter at and
the underscore Hoffman underscore CG
it’s linked to below or its link to on
the diamond page I’m tech Bob on there
te CH B alt and my twitter has been
blowing up Twitter has just been a load
of fun a load of information the last
few months so follow me on there join
Twitter and just you keep up with all
the great information I tweet out stuff
throughout the day and I I think it’s
helpful information and a lot of other
people do and we’re interacting and it’s
fun so yeah as I said before Andy’s
Hoffman is like your incompetence
Twitter is where you gonna get the most
the B rhodium commentary out there today
what’s this oh yeah I linked to a
rhodium and people are asking FB rhodium
at the Los Angeles meetup – but there’s
a link you’ve to ask them questions I
cannot answer B rhodium questions
whether people walk in person I could
but a lot of people send me crushes I
can’t ask them they have a newsletter
coming out too I link to that below
the one thing and I wrote I thought
about this the other day the one thing I
will say about B rhodium I’m not gonna
predict this price I mean but I’ve said
a number of times I’ll be happy if it’s
just like big core but one thing is is
that it probably is going to be bigger
than big core there seems to be a very
passionate group of people behind it now
but they are creating this a feeling of
an elite class by saying that there’s
there’s going to be a very limited
supply of them but yet to proactive
people they gave quite up quite a bit of
them to you know 10 for every Bitcoin
you tell them about
so it’s a way of it’s a good way of
marketing to loyal Bitcoin people who
are holders of a lot of Bitcoin and
people who are going to hold and people
whom are gonna think they’re pretty
elite because they’ve got they’ve got a
lot of this limited supply coin but
again these guys are just um they’re
gonna have to get their name out there
and it see and everyone we copy in this
airdrop type of method with a limited
supply and maybe given out a lot of it
to proactive and again it’s too late you
can’t get any of it for free right now
the airdrop is over so I’m just reading
my notes and I have all these I’m not
even reading what I wrote properly here
but yeah it probably will be copied by
people others if it’s successful so yeah
they’re creating their own elite class
of B rhodium holder so good luck
so Rhett Rhett Abby diamond of be
private points out this really a minute
I linked to the tweet it says a little
over a year ago this is him I decided to
delete 22 lines of code from Z cache and
ask people if they wanted to mine it
today it’s worth over a half a billion
dollars thank you to the amazing
community around Z classic so daddy’s
just it just shows the amazing
cryptocurrency world we live in today
the heat altered Z cash just a little
bit to form Z classic and now it’s worth
over a half a million dollars mostly
because it’s forking into Bitcoin it’s
forming a new form of Bitcoin so but but
still it is amazing what can be done
into space by smart creative people by
taking some initiative because he in
terms of just deleting 22 lines of
something that isn’t that hard so good
for him and that’s an interesting way of
looking at things and I just shows like
what a time we’re living in here just
what a time a time of unprecedented
economic activity for those who
understand it’s now someone over here
just sent fifty dollars in this super
tak Technium unlimited thank you very
much and he’s basically paying me to say
the name of his coin which I guess I
will hear ignition coin he says it’s a
next-gen store of value all right you
did you set fifty dollars there I said
your ignition quick I don’t know about
your ignition coin but now a lot other
people are hearing about your ignition
point Technium on limited but thank you
for the fifty dollars in the super
jacked yes that’s very nice of you so
pound that like button and yeah if you
want me to say something in the suit me
and then you can’t say dirty things to
say or anything like that people I’m not
gonna say hateful things or dirty things
but if you got questions seven the super
chat how I ask I mean you know fifty
dollars twenty hours thirty years that
was really nice really generous people
you can do two dollars miles whatever
I’ll say it nice it makes me look over
there’s a nice colorful they highlighted
nice pretty colors all right look at all
the colors dude do there are people
outside I people your Los Angeles I’ve
said before I’ll say it again there’s
just a certain vibe you see the weirdest
things you hear the weirdest things
there’s a lot of dude see it pretty
colors out there I’ll leave it at that
I’ll leave it at that man there’s only
one Los Angeles baby there’s only one
Lausanne and that’s Santa Monica
Boulevard right out there just like the
song goes I can go Iran I’m wrong on
Santa Monica Boulevard you see there you
see some wacky things out there you know
from being in in West Hollywood today so
all the way out to Santa Monica and you
know over are we gonna see the Echo Park
but it changes Santa Monica changes to
sunset so that’s incorrect
but anyway okay enough the Los Angeles
information for you guys I know but I
know the the grid here real well thought
the streets so but I obviously bought
him where’s my expertise that’s where
I’m from originally
so okay Rhett we talked about him look
how popular this tweet is it’s an action
here it has a 1200 1200 plus retweets
what is it is from be private it says
let’s start spreading the word and get
be private trending the first-ever
private bitcoin and fork from two points
the classic and bitcoin alright i
retweeted that hey again we’re all
getting it for free so let’s uh let’s
spread the word and put some pressure on
these exchanges again and the more
people who know about the more people
talking about it the more likely it’s
going to be easy for us to get it right
away and then to the moon baby let it be
more than be cash that would be awesome
because obviously if everyone’s been
following an atom Meister’s advice and
valuing their wealth and bitcoin they
have a lot more bitcoin now than they
did on august the first but be cash for
it right guys don’t all of you have more
bitcoin than you did back when august
the first i know i do i hope you do
because you’re gonna get a lot of big
private and i might be worth more than
the be cash your nose and be better get
your well some of you are getting be
rhodium if you’re a proactive and you
were listening to this channel and andes
chant and he’s a stuff alright so what
do we have here what do we like from
lose my drink okay be candy what does
this be candy that someone told me about
her yeah i thought it’s a joke i went to
it below it’s probably not a joke it’s a
fork of be cash I mean it looks exactly
like super BTC lightning BTC clearly
dudes in China Fork and some stuff so
good luck to beat Andy don’t be – let me
have a fork whatever maybe the more the
merrier well I’ve got some B cash left a
lot of people got some P cash so let’s
get our B candy I knew I seriously doubt
anyway you think pres or is gonna
provide a be candy solution no of course
do you think some of these exchanges are
going to carry B candy I mean there’s a
long waiting line but whatever be candy
wants to for coffee maybe they’ve got
some connections in Asia and they’re
good they got some special Asian
exchanges they’re going to list
I don’t know we really need a mega fork
superstore safety place where we get our
stuff stop our coin split safely where
we can sell our crypto dividend safely
come on entrepreneurs come on
entrepreneurs I would love to be part of
this but I have enough time and I don’t
have the technical skill or the
technical knowledge to judge who’s good
and who knows what they’re talking about
you know if to create such a tool so
come on people the opportunity is so
amazing here that’s what I was saying
before we’re living in is just this time
of abundance just amazing abundance and
cryptocurrency an amazing opportunity if
you are proactive just don’t sit there
be in motion it is I mean it’s not just
the catchphrase people it’s not just the
catchphrase these people are all right
and I’m gonna talk about Stephen in a
second you know some some dudes that
have been proactive over there where we
are again so Beagle this guy I have a
lot to say that isn’t it but this is a
good chef to tell you seriously I’m
giving you some real good information
today beanie gold has pumped 22.5% of a
big coin as I said these things come
around or cyclical but with be gold
their roadmap is coming out in 15th
which is Monday I’ll be speaking San
Francisco and there is a rumor that
they’re gonna have Lightning Network on
their own be gold now I cannot confirm
or deny this for maybe that’s what I
call it that’s causing this pump there’s
a rumor they got a big announcement to
make on Monday obviously partly and that
the announcement is the robe they’re
giving it a roadmap but are they going
to announce that Lightning Network is
gonna be on be gold before it’s gonna be
on Bitcoin I mean that’s pretty hardcore
that’s a test net right there just like
light point is usually the tech the test
net for Bitcoin to heaven that you know
to use lightning Network
instead of like said litecoin is usually
a test net for big point so now maybe
they’re going to test that lightning
Network off you’re good–you’re enabled
if the gold has Lightning Network you
can use it as a test net for big point
it’s showing is it a test net of
lightning Network for Bitcoin I’m
confusing all these words you get my
it does add some value to vehicle you
could play around you could just squeeze
play around with lightning Network on
beat gold in a couple weeks and and
before it’s on big point is pretty cool
that’s pretty dark one I know some
people are playing around the light
network on big point now but it’s not
them it’s not real yet it’s not it’s all
complex I mean a big ol makes is easy
like how lightning that we’re just
supposed to be on a big point before a
big point does it that’s pretty awesome
and it’ll pop some more so yeah some
people more people held onto their be
gold and helped them to the B cash I
think generally because they didn’t want
to you know some some people saw that B
cash is now cyclic elite pumping and
then they thought B gold would do the
same thing and maybe it will maybe be
gold will get back up the 5% again I
can’t make I don’t know I don’t you know
whatever freeze free baby free is free
and but I wish we going buck seriously
those dudes are pretty cool and it
that’s really cool lightning networkers
their first and maybe it’s just a big
rumor and I just talked about something
that it’s not going to happen at all but
hey think about it should be spread
there’s I talked about in that little
five-minute video on the roof in San
Diego about the the guys from spread
coin that are forking their coin into
something called be spread and just like
show basically showing how valuable the
big my name is and I thought there was a
big chance that it was just gonna be a
total fake and not even happening I I
said you know maybe 60% chance it’s a
scam well now they are they do have
another tweet out on their Twitter
they’re alive again they’re showing some
size of the signs of light so I’m saying
I’m saying it’s below a 50% chance now
that it’s a scam that like yeah most
likely this might happen this most
likely it’ll happen it’s a I say it’s a
60% chance they’re actually gonna go
through with this thing it’s still
pretty high chance that it’s a complete
lie but but still we’ll see here we’ll
see good luck good luck is they actually
doing anything I only bring it out
because it just shows the power of big
point Brown here’s an article my mother
sent me from the New York Times as
everyone is getting hilariously rich and
you’ll and you’ll not and you’re not so
like written in style way like
saying this is all insane just like coms
in the 2000s it talks about San
Francisco but at least to get Bitcoin in
the New York Times that’s good that’s
fine more mainstream coverage I’m not
complaining my mother found out about it
somehow and emailed me so lot of non
bitcoin holders are clearly reading
about it
alright steaming now here we go Daniel
the 21 million club he’s I mentioned him
often he’s an awesome dude he works for
himself he’s very proactive someone down
voted he’s steamin post so um I linked
to that or my Steven post obviously so
go there if you’re on steam it to the 21
million clubs up steam and page and up
both this post of his that I’ve linked
to below or in you know when I say below
you know what I mean for the show this
show is different why is this night
different than all the rest
mom is channel Allah people know that
who know that little Saint Mary night in
Hebrew okay so yeah check out the
Daniels thing and up on him because
somebody was not nice and down and so
that’s a problem with steam a sometimes
there’s some troll we people who have a
lot of vote power and they can down vote
you and then people won’t see your post
and it was a good he did a great
interview with rocky rocky who’s been on
this joke and by the way I want Daniel
would be on the show we’d never he again
before he worked for himself Ian a weird
work schedule but I haven’t been able to
get him on the show he was busy was a
family event the last time I invited mom
but he’ll be on here he’s got a great
channel check him out
but in better steamin news charlie her
per who I met at the LA event he’s got a
steam it I went to it below up bowed him
as I said the people if you if you tell
me about your Steven page up but you out
reefs team you ivory steamed him so you
can go to my steam it on bitcoinmeister
down there and again people who do go to
steam it you earn steam you’re turning
the big coin if you’ve got a lot of
content already on YouTube or wherever
Instagram put it all on Steam it it just
takes time
you’ll monetize it and you’ll be able to
get big point from it and I’m not gonna
say you’re gonna do is well I mean I’ve
got a pretty popular channel here so and
I built on my Steam it to have 2,000
subscribers so I do pretty well with it
it’s good you know I’ve turned it into
some Bitcoin again I you know I liked
her the steam the steam back dollars
I get them turn into some Bitcoin baby
it’s great it’s really it’s been cool
I’ve been doing it since 2016 since
since the beginning and again don’t buy
steam you don’t to join steam it’s free
just earn try your best in for me if you
do it and I’ll give you a Rhys thing
it’s a nice little community we’re gonna
talk about that more tomorrow because I
think it has a lot to do with Los
Angeles like but anyway we’ll talk about
that tomorrow somebody told me about
something called a theorem zero a fork
of etherium I link to it below you can
do your own research so I just whatever
I don’t have much time left here to talk
about this stuff I have to call Joseph
right now about again he’s the
tribulation so you all thought he’s
yeah so in San Francisco I mean I said
where would I sell okay and I forgot to
mention that the I think I forgot to
mention it I’m not even sure I’ve told
people person that the ride from San
Diego on the train to Los Angeles was
great it was a great idea to do that it
was relaxing see the Pacific Ocean and
to dry and in figure by the big a in
Anaheim near their Stadium then I you
know I grew up watching the Orioles I’d
stay up till 10:05 or 10:30 at night
whatever it was to watch the Orioles
play where they were on the west coast
road trips and I would always did always
talk say no should that big a outside
the stadium in Anaheim so whenever I
have seen the big a in person as I had
watched Orioles play there before but
what I always have a big smile on my
face for that big a and I think it was
in a movie too and they made fun of it
in some movie
I don’t know is it old movie they used
to play on the repeats on Saturday
mornings I’m a movie from the 70 or
something like that
again if you wanted to the Big M they
were making a joke about the big a
anyone know that it was about a big race
does anyone know what I’m talking about
at all I mean this is an old movie again
that was it many of us from the eighties
even I don’t know they big plenty it
used to be on repeats like why ok enough
I I’d like seeing the big a that that’s
probably like the end of the big coin
part of this show isn’t it well now I’m
gonna be hidden now that like what
you’ve already their hands burgle
marching tent we’re still trying to
organize data event oh yeah how many
more times will South Korea banned
Bitcoin in 2018 I think I should have a
poll because you know this is like it’s
already happened once the first week
they supposedly banned Bitcoin writer
they banned exchanges what’s the next
banning a big point of software is it
and then everyone’s going to panic how
many times is there every South Korean
five year 2018 vote on it now and I
haven’t made it I haven’t made a tweet a
Twitter poll about it okay yes so that
is the oh if you don’t like coinbase
here’s a tweet for you guys to check it
out I think there’s like some curse
words involved so I can’t really read it
but he compares the the owner or the guy
in charge of coinbase
what’s his name Brian to the guys in
charge of Gemini and it’s really
interesting to think about that because
the Gemini owners own a lot of Bitcoin
so they want the Bitcoin experience and
Gemini to be as great as possible
because it imprint increases the value
of their their stash a Bitcoin they
might own 1% of all the Bitcoin on earth
and good for them that they were that
proactive we want to be like I want them
to be the first trillionaires on earth
that would be great at the wincle i
where the boss brothers are the first
millionaires on earth and we should aim
to you know be successful like they are
you know don’t hate the rich man but
then we’ve got Brian over at coinbase
and he’s in the all source of theory of
all points or whatever and so he’s not
really focused too much on bitcoin over
there you know getting the transaction
fees down and he sat down with these
segwayed he’s not down with that stuff
so again the best way to tell Brian
like images or you don’t like we still
use just don’t use coinbase that’s all
and you can do the petitions and all
that stuff and you can retweet that
tweet but I thought it was interesting
with Gemini use Gemini use Gemini
because their own nurse they they care
about big point they it benefits them
from benefit is for a big one to do well
so whatever do what you want to do if
you don’t like coinbase to be proactive
museum you like them alright so that’s
the other big point part of this show
but I didn’t want to say I’m thinking
you know there’s a lot of people who
like to be the boss of other people and
I’m not down with that all I want to
boss people I want to be my own boss
work for myself so when you want to be
the boss of other people you mean the
power you want to have power but when
you want to be your own boss you want to
have freedom and baby to me it’s all
about freedom power is a corrupt power
it’s not a good thing necessarily
freedom being in charge of yourself
being your own boss I mean to me that
there’s value in that
there’s Val I’m not I’m not about
bossing other people around I’m about
you know doing things my own way
not having people tell me what to do me
saying you know just doing what I want
to do ignoring what immerman a ser is
ignoring the people who try to put rules
try to box you man and everything so
yeah it’s an interesting way of thinking
about it you know judges there’s a lot
of people one of these CEOs in life they
want to be the big guy the big guy in
charge but why do you want to do that if
you want to do that
you know for your own personal freedom
then that’s good but if you want to do
that just for this status just so you
could have boss people around and that’s
wrong because it’s about freedom it’s
not about power i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember subscribe this channel axis of
your show this we did you check out the
notes section below pound that like
button i’ll say hi to you guys in the
real quick


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