The 1 Bitcoin Show- Coinbase and Ethereum Classic? Bitmex on Tether, BTC MGTOW mention!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
February the 18th 2018 strong hand long
term thinking all right people I want
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was just on the andy hoffman show of the
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March 18th 19th and 20th March 18th 19th
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crypto Nick just sent two dollars in the
super chat thank you much
and again Thank You Marcelo also he said
what am I gonna do
said crypto Nick well yeah what are you
gonna do man it’s
I get one Bitcoin that’s where you’re
gonna try to do kind of builds it up
slowly or just go go spend the $10,000
right now get yourself one big Bitcoin
you know it’s fun it’s about getting one
Bitcoin into Bitcoin just be a long-term
thinker so yeah you can email me a
dimitra’s or help comics you need a
crypto consultation or help setting up
your trays or you just want to talk
about whatever yeah or you can hang out
with me in person that’s uh that’s
that’s another I’ll be in South Africa
obviously on the fifth to the twelfth or
not what is that Marsh v to talk well
we’ll talk more about that later so
let’s talk about a theorem classic right
now in the show you know I’m not one to
talk about all coins very much but money
traits who revealed all that all some
information about a theorem classic owe
my district a big coin show the up on
Friday which is a must watch show and I
know a lot of you did check it out after
I told you to check it out so thank you
and you’re better off from from
listening and and the hop in love some
of the stuff that was on the money trees
brought up about Aruba on there but
something the money tree sent me he
forgot to mention on my show he’s
talking about the miners and Barry
Silbert and how you know they they know
each other and they’ve met at a theorem
classic conferences before and one might
think that the etherium has this proof
of state proof of work issue that as
many will glow go over to aetherium
classic well if he forgot to mention if
that happens then Brian Armstrong at
coinbase he’s in that little clique of
people also with the miners and that the
berry so Bert’s of the world you know
the people that tried to be involved
with a New York agreement and the to Act
stuff and these these compromise type of
individuals and groups well if they if
all those dudes go over to aetherium
classic then money trig speculates that
perhaps aetherium classic will be the
next one to be listed on coin base
because Brian Armstrong’s down with
those people so I mean that’s something
else to keep in mind about this atheneum
classic as a speculation again I only
tell people to buy Bitcoin
I only you know that’s what I’ve only
spent Fiat on Bitcoin but I do bring up
when I think there’s a good speculation
out there and I’ve rarely done and what
I mean by good speculation I mean if
you’re already if you’re already in a
solid financial position if you’re a
real grown-up who doesn’t have debt and
who lives a comfortable lifestyle that
yeah man you can risk if you’re willing
to risk something that you’re and you’re
willing to lose all of it then you know
when I mentioned on December the 26th at
Z classic was a good speculation and I
was correct about that
so yeah theorem classic is a it’s an
intriguing a speculation for those who
are poor in good financial positions but
you know there’s all these people that
are always asking what do you think
about litecoin what do you think about
this what do you think about that and
I’m not gonna tell you I’m not gonna
tell people to buy those things I’m just
not going to do that because I believe
that over the long term bitcoin is the
best Bitcoin you value your wealth in
Bitcoin if you have fiat you only use
fiat to get to get Bitcoin and then
again if you’ve gotten a lot of free
crypt of dividends and it’s short turns
some of those Crippler dividends into
whatever into I as I admitted I turned
some of those crypto evidence into Z
classic right after I said it was a good
speculation again I am very well off
when it comes to cryptocurrency this
it’s no secret I’ve been talking about a
buy a Bitcoin since 2013 okay so I’m
gonna unique or in a comfortable
situation where I can you know I get a
bunch of freebie gold why not turn
something in this is ins e classic and
it looks like that was a good idea but
again it was a huge risk it’s it’s a
risk I was willing to lose all my B gold
because I got the B gold for free in the
first place alright enough of that so uh
yeah who knows maybe by the end of the
year a theorem classic will be on a coin
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speaking about the world crypto network
and Adam Meister
I am listening or the bitcoinmeister
it’s what people call me I was listening
to Sandman Sandman is a big nig towel
guy he’s got this big YouTube channel
many followers and as a lot of you have
noticed I have said that McDowell and
Bitcoin is just a great combination guys
who are independent who have gone their
own way who are who know how to manage
their money correctly they should be
diversifying into Bigpoint
they really should and these meet Tao
content producers and then she makes how
always talks about Bitcoin he’s a great
fan of it but not all these me tell
producers talk about bitcoins some of
them are just conspiracy theorists where
they don’t trust Bitcoin and just doomed
corners I mean whatever but Sandman
reads off a letter he got from someone a
fan and this fan is a 50-something
year-old guy in Toronto and whoever you
are fan in Toronto thank you very much
because in it he gets Sandman to talk
about Bitcoin this guy from Toronto was
a big fan of Bitcoin he says the only
channels that nicked out that the people
should check out about Bitcoin are the
world crypto network and the
bitcoinmeister so Sandman today on his
channel mentioned world crypto Network
Bitcoin and the bitcoinmeister so that
guy in Toronto who is obviously a fan of
my show whoever you are and I think I
might know who you are because I do I
know a few dudes in Toronto who are put
contact me of over over a period of no I
don’t know who did it I know someone in
Montreal I don’t I don’t I know some
maybe is one of the guys in Toronto who
was contacted me over tunnel I don’t
think it is though I don’t I don’t know
any 50-somethings from Toronto but thank
you very much for doing that you spread
the word about Bitcoin to people you
spread the word about the world crypto
Network the people to man out there so
hopefully more some of the guys out
who her
Sandman just used the word Bitcoin today
we’ll buy it again I think it’s the
perfect combo and I hope more and more
Mickey towels get into into Bitcoin and
again Bitcoin is if you are um if you’re
in fear of divorce
you should definitely start putting some
of your assets into Bitcoin because
you’re not gonna the the individual who
is trying to divorce you is going to try
to take every penny of yours and they
won’t be able to take that the Bitcoin
so that that’s a good use case for
Bitcoin and we’ve talked about this on
here before eventually McDowell’s talk
about it and maybe some other some
mcdowell people out there maybe Sandman
okay cuz I don’t think Sandman is a fan
of Bitcoin he’s not a big fan of a
Bitcoin at least he talks about gold
still and stuff alright but yeah thank
you dude in Toronto for for giving the
the awesome content producers out there
a shout out you’re obviously a twenty
percent who likes to learn about you
know Bitcoin and wants to get educated
from from original content producers
alright so I was just like Andy Hawkins
show on a world crypto network obviously
and that is linked to below we talked
about be private the rhodium a little
Manero v/o most sorts of things oh you
know this is something Andy likes to
talk about fearing plastic Lopes so
check it out it was just filmed some of
you just probably came that are watching
this live we’re just watching it
watching his show and just jumped over
to my show so that that’s pretty cool
but if you if you’re watching this tape
check out his show to check out the
world crypto network of course vortex
will be on later in the day overnight
you know I love vortex awesome love all
everybody everybody over there
and again yeah my international show
will be on there soon I’ve got you know
Thomas sent me the login information I
could log in there right now I don’t
have a lot of time I just don’t have a
lot of time I really don’t and I want
this you know I’m gonna if I’m gonna
make a show there live I want it to be
good I want to have good guest
but for now you know you turn into the
world crypto Network on the world crypto
Network podcast you’ll get all our shows
and you’ll be able to listen to it
you’ll be able to play the double speed
if you want to and it’ll sound like I am
on speed I guess I can there’s some
newbies here I noticed I do look over
the chat effort I can’t see the chat
right now and this would use a super
chat I look over it sometimes after the
show is done and some people are like
Adam are you drunk no I go I live a very
healthy lifestyle I don’t drink at all
I haven’t been legally intoxicated
probably since I was buzzed didn’t was
2014 and before that who knows so I
haven’t had an alcohol since 2014 I
don’t think I know I’m never gonna have
alcohol again I mean I’m a little wine
here and therefore for a Jewish holiday
obviously but um now I don’t I don’t
ever plan to be drunk again in my life
and I don’t I don’t eat any processed
foods I’m very very healthy run 20 miles
a week I just did my big Sprint’s today
so yeah for those of you here not
familiar with the Meister lifestyle it’s
just total total health total health not
now and I can give things up just like
that it’s very easy for me to just say
you know no more pork no more alcohol
that’s it I can just turn I know it’s
not easy for everyone to do that in this
world alright so um and I’m not saying
for people who try to do things that I
do either you have to gradually build up
to certain things in life and that
that’s what life is about you know ease
yourself into better ways of likes ease
yourself into a long-term thinking
mindset and that’s what this channel is
about I’m about getting people slowly to
think long term – no shoot for the year
instead of panicking when Bitcoin goes
down with six thousand dollars I mean
was there any reason to panic now I mean
we’re just a few weeks later and Bitcoin
is wherever it is now close to eleven
town I don’t even know where it is I
don’t I don’t care about the price I
value my wealth in Bitcoin I’m trying to
get more Bitcoin and that that’s why I’m
excited up is be private thing coming up
we’re gonna talk about that in a second
and yes that second is right now there
is a tweet out there that’s a poll big
trick six should be treks exchange
support the Z classic fork on February
28th vote so I link to that below and
they’re talking about how Z classic
basically if you hold your Z classic and
bit tracks they want these guys are
suggesting that bit tracks should
automatically credit your Z classic with
the be private and I agree I agree I
don’t say the store your never store
your stuff in exchange but a lot of
people do so make it easy and if they
make it easy it will help boost the
price of be private and hopefully
traceur will make storing be private
easily we’re not gonna know all this
until right before February 28th so
you’re gonna have to be pride to be
patient here okay but I’m gonna tweet
some more stuff out there let’s let’s
put some pressure on these people that
you know let let the bit Trax’s of the
world know we want this process to be
easy we want our Bitcoin to be credited
we want our Z class to be credited with
this be private and we we all we want to
be private as fast as possible and turn
it in the big claim is we want to keep
on getting more and more Bitcoin so good
luck to the B private people their white
papers coming up soon whenever they make
an announcement over there it seems like
the price of Z classic goes up which is
hilarious they’re pretty organized over
there be private you gotta give them
that you gotta you gotta get on that so
I’m I’m confident this is gonna turn out
pretty well so February 28th is the big
day as it gets closer we’ll talk more
and more a ballot and here is a reddit
and I have read it post about from an
arrow from a while ago and it says
fluffy fluffy pony just did is not okay
and this is talks about the time the
fluffy pony a guy who’s a major
developer at UM at Minero when he made a
big joke about a big announcement that
Mineiro was gonna make and it pumped the
price and and then there was no big
announcement so the price went down and
people were very angry and so you can
check that and I alluded to this the
other day so you can check out what I
was talking about it’s linked to below
someone sent this to me and someone else
said what’s the point of a decentralized
privacy coin having a face anyway and
that is a reason you know that that
whole story that went down that
and the whole philosophy of what is the
point of a decentralized privacy point
having a face anyway
is why is one of the reasons why this
Manero V thing is happening and manera V
is a crypto dividend of Manero and that
we’re gonna experience that on March the
14th so I wanted to put that out there
again people like to hear about Munir
again people that ask me about this like
coin cash shell cash thing and I don’t
know about that but what I do know is
that top-tier all coin holders they want
their crypto dividends to they clearly
do and they get excited the light point
people have gotten excite them narrow
people have gotten excited and some on
both sides have gotten angry too but I
from what I have seen there are more
people excited about these things
because they just want something for
free they literally want a crypto
dividend they want a reward for holding
their altcoin their top tier all coin
and it cannot be denied the Monaro and
are top tier all coins was there they’re
getting their own crypto dividends are
there right popular there they’re
mineiro is a great privacy point it
might have better technology than z
cassie classic be private let the market
decide let’s see how this goes down
all right so Big Macs has a blog out
where they talk about about Ted oh they
do a whole analysis of tether and you
might not want to read the whole thing
you might just want to read the
conclusion was the conclusion is very
interested here’s a quote from me here
in history has shown us that centralized
systems with certain characteristics
censorship resistant or anonymous
transactions tend to eventually get shut
down by authorities heather has some of
the same characteristics which these
other systems had and therefore it also
may become attractive to criminals and
suffer the same fate so again this guy
is not fighting the whole analysis the
bit next did this guy this company
whatever you want to say it isn’t too
fun it isn’t if they’re not saying that
Stan heather is evil it’s got the tether
is bankrupt they’re saying that it is
centralized and they mention other
centralized financial mechanisms of the
past that were similar and how the
government targeted them and shut them
down and they even mentioned that ripple
is susceptible to this so read it for
yourselves and they recommend not
keeping your wealth and tether and
that’s something I have recommended too
because I again value our wealth in
keep your keep your wealth in Bitcoin if
you’re gonna keep it in a cryptocurrency
okay this Heather thing could it could
be you know it doesn’t look like it’s
only horizon right now but eventually it
could be targeted the government could
say oh now we think they’re embezzling
money even though no one’s doing that
now they come up with an excuse and it’s
centralized so we can shut it down and
they can do the same thing with ripple
so again I don’t know why people are so
crazy about ripple they should really
think about this more so and tether at
least tether it stays as a dollar value
okay ripple has it’s gone up real high
you could lose a lot of money by buying
it if it all Sun Goes Down real low so
okay that’s it found that like button I
think I covered everything I was
supposed to do they write and cover
everything in a title alright i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember subscribe this channel
like this video share this video check
out the notes section below and I’ll see
I’ll say hi to you guys in the chat
right now


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