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ok so let’s start off let’s talk about
be private here be private has a status
update on Twitter we are thrilled to
announce that Konami wallet one of the
largest multicam wallets will be
supporting Z classic and be private
alright thank you for that update there
people are interested in that type of
thing so I thought I would share and
also be private is also making more
progress they’re having a New York City
conference soon I linked to that
Eventbrite page below so if you’re in
New York I guess you can
find out more about this great crypto
dividend that we want to do so well
because we’re holders here of Bitcoin
and some people are holders of Z classic
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week in Bitcoin show it was really
awesome for taxes on Gabriel from
Venezuela was given us exclusive
information and Priyanka India decried
was even brought up by Gabriel just to
check it out yeah okay here’s a tweet by
Alistair Milne and he has a chart that
goes with it a real nice chart I
estimate that bitcoin is at one to six
percent adoption depending on the
country adoption may temporarily slow
down but it won’t stop here far too
anyone betting that the price will not
crop correlate to an adoption curve is
going to be disappointed okay that last
part is very interesting anyone betting
that the price will not correlate to an
adoption curve is going to be
disappointed okay we shall see as a bold
statement and it’s also bold to say that
Bitcoin is at one to six percent
adoption depending on what country I
doubt there’s a country with that six
percent of the people of it
did Bitcoin that seems way too I dude
but I think we’re way too earlier than
that but hey that’s your opinion I’m
putting it out there
remember people subscribe to this
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out the notes section below alright my
narrow V the crypto dividend that I
brought up the other day
it is a crypto dividend of Manero
rewarding those Manero holders out there
this should be the biggest non Bitcoin
crypto dividend so far it should I mean
these guys are gonna have to market it
and over on there I have to say on their
reddit which I link to below they were
very responsive to some things that I
post is to check it out they’re
interested in marketing
they are looking they are looking for
marketing people so here’s your crypto
opportunity people if you’re genuinely
into privacy then you can I guess join
their team check out their telegram it’s
linked to below their reddit is below I
mean if you’re a true marketing dude
you’ll seek them out you’ll be able to
find them market yourself to them say
hey let’s work out a deal I will market
you to the English language people or
the Spanish language people or whoever
we can work out some compensation
because you guys do have a pre mind and
everything so that there’s your
opportunity but yeah this is a fork of a
top-tier altcoin back in August when I
started talking about crypto dividends I
did predict and I predicted since then
that I top that top tier all coins would
fork and it would kind of define what a
top tier all coin is so there you go man
arrow has always been an altcoin that I
thought was a top tier all coin now it’s
getting its own crypto dividend common
ROV and of course privacy coins have
been pretty big lately and they’re going
to get a lot of attention from the be
private crypto dividend the Bitcoin and
oh they also said on the
monaro V reddit that the web wallet is
coming sooner than June I think they
said maybe even April again the Monaro V
Fork is March the 7th god I don’t want
to get that wrong
yes it’s Martha Martha seven I actually
list some important dates later in this
show so stay tuned okay what else do we
have here
Tom Vaes reminding us all that cloud
mining is a scan yes people cloud mining
is not going to end well for anyone do
not waste your precious Bitcoin on these
things people do ask me about cloud
mining still don’t do it just like how I
said don’t do big connect it’s ending
it’s all ending the same way tone
mentioned that on a recent video and
something I forgot to say from type a
man I met up with the people in Taipei a
someone showed me like a conference
that’s coming up and look at these 10 i
SEOs that are gonna be at this
conference and they were this person was
proud you know I CEOs are coming to
Taipei and I had these AI CEOs never
heard of in my life of course not but
blue people here you know I see oh they
get excited they’re proud of a random
list of I SEOs that are coming to their
conference they think it makes the
conference more legitimate and at least
in this part of the world that seems
like and I and you know some of these
Asian countries
I think Korea specifically has started
to crack down on icos and I can see why
I think I can I can see why they want to
crack down because they’re people seem
to be very overly impressed by these
icos or they just just want to gamble on
these things because they’ve heard that
of the huge returns again people don’t
mess with these ICS Ric is as bad as
cloud mining No
no they’re not that bad but they’re not
good and set there’s some also I forgot
that a career I mentioned before that
there was a second social media company
in Korea that was going to open in an
exchange and I think it’s awesome that
there’s already a social media social
media and crypto currency exchanges are
going to go hand in hand more so in the
future then currently but Korea it’s
already started but someone told me that
the second one that’s thinking about
doing in Korea is also in Taipei so that
you’ll be able to you know be on the
social media platform in Taipei also and
buy cryptocurrency
you don’t quote me on that and I even
forgot the name of it but hey it’s a
thing of the future social media and
crypto currency exchanges Peter Schiff
is talking his mouth talking his butt
off in terms of how right he is
with Bitcoin being a failure and
cryptocurrency being a failure typical
no coiner and I just wanted to say you
know no no coin er
are these guys that have never they
never had Bitcoin they’re bitter about
it but now now that Bitcoin the price
has gone down in terms of dollars and
again yet the value of your wealth in
Bitcoin they don’t get that of course we
still have the same amount of Bitcoin
that we had we’re going to get a lot
more Bitcoin with these crypto dividends
coming out but and they don’t know what
a crypto dividend is they don’t know the
how holding your precious Bitcoin is
rewarded by these crypto dividends but
yeah these no coiners they’re guys that
are just you know they talk a big game
when it looks when Bitcoin looks bad
because they have no coin and it
reassures them it reassures them that
all is right with their decision from
long ago never to get in the Bitcoin but
they’re not long-term thinkers
because soon enough they’re gonna have
to get quiet again when Bitcoin blasts
off once again they are not used to it
they’re just not they don’t want to
admit to themselves that every time
Bitcoin has a down market it comes back
up and reaches all-time highs
so no coin or Peter Schiff you can have
your bit of glory now I guess or you can
be loud now and at least Peter Schiff
that he’s respectable and other other
other subjects there’s some people out
there like on social media that are just
like ranting no pointers that are not
you know they’re not right about
anything they’re just angry deeds and
stuff but hey you know no no no corners
are part of the ecosystem awesome also
they serve a purpose I guess and to make
crypto noise that you have to learn to
ignore okay and you know another thing
that tone Vaes brought up with the cop
it’s so you know all these people that
wanna buy coffee with their
cryptocurrency it’s so silly
first of all hardly anyone knows how to
even send a Bitcoin or send anything so
someone out there is going to just want
to be so they’re gonna be eager you know
oh you know I’m not a holder I want to
use my Bitcoin on something so I’m gonna
buy some coffee and they’re gonna make a
mistake with the the decimal point and
their end up they’re gonna end up
spending like eighty thousand dollars
worth of coffee worth of Bitcoin or
coffee and maybe that a barista or
whoever will just run away then and
steal their money because it’s better
than being paid you know a minimum-wage
job or maybe that they’ll they’ll
reimburse them but still you don’t want
to make mistakes like that that’s it’s
not occur it’s not a currency for cheap
little things for cheap little trinkets
you shouldn’t force the matter yet
people be pay
Lightning Network etc etc easy it you
segue and it’s just just used Fiat to
buy coffee okay it’s we live in the
first world we don’t really need to
worry about cryptocurrency and coffee
okay down that like button here is an
amazing scam that I I stumbled upon and
it’s it’s unfortunate that 80 percenters
who are just so eager to get free
cryptocurrency or maybe they’re just
used to getting free stuff from the
government I don’t know that they fall
for this but sometimes in popular
Twitter threads you’ll see random
replies and here’s one by a fake
metallic pewter n’ you see it’s just so
new spouses name different and i also
linked below to this tweet and to the
etherium the ether scan cited page it
shows the unfortunate balance of this
ether address a theorem address and this
is what the tweet says thanks for this
post I fake vitalik routering
and giving away 125 etherium to help the
community anyone that sends me point to
aetherium to this address below will
automatically receive one aetherium back
from me and this address has received
over 1.3 aetherium so like six people
over six people have fallen for this and
sent point to aetherium to this address
thinking they’re going to get one
aetherium back from Vitalik be very
careful people I know most of you will
not fall for that but people do fall for
that don’t believe nothing if you see
and their and their other tricks like
this out there not just fake Vitalik
fake other people be
be careful search from you know be
careful Twitter a lot of things and as I
said before cryptocurrency is just a
haven for scams it is just and it’s
gonna get worse and worse as more
newbies come in as the price goes up
so I was it was unfortunate to see that
I thought I would bring that up remember
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I mentioned this week in Bitcoin I post
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check out all my archives just by
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when there are a lot of videos was a
brilliant post one every day there you
end up with a lot important dates and
these these will have to do they’ll deal
with here March 4th
the Italian elections so some people
might have some Bitcoin flood there but
they might have good Bitcoin news then
maybe the Italians all about Bitcoin who
February 20th Venezuela petrol comes out
February 28th be private Fork March 7th
the Monaro V Fork yeah I just thought I
would share some important dates of the
future ok there is a tweet out there
about how if you think a lot of the
world’s wealth is going to flow into
Bitcoin then if you buy just a teeny bit
a Bitcoin now it’s it’s like insurance
it’s a hedge it’s hey I’m buying this
amount of Bitcoin now because in the
future if everything flows in the
Bitcoin it’ll be worth seventeen point
five million dollars or something like
that so why not why not gamble a little
on Bitcoin and buy point one now
maybe there’ll be worse seventeen point
five million
future if all this wealth flows in the
Bitcoin I don’t know how much what
percent of the world’s wealth is gonna
flow in the Bitcoin people ask me that
sometimes I don’t know look it’ll be a
good amount and Bitcoin is gonna go up
in value but this person puts in an
interesting way i link to the tweet
below finally you might remember when
was it it was in early January I thought
it was very interesting that someone out
there said that they were gonna fork off
this dead altcoin called spread coin
they were just gonna fork it and then
call it beast bitcoin spread be spread
and I said that just shows you the power
of the Bitcoin name that it is the king
of them all and sure enough that this
person an entity made this announcement
on Twitter and ahead of a web page and I
warn people to I said this might not be
true but the price of spread coin is
dead coin went went up quite a bit just
based on that it was going to fork and
renamed itself Bitcoin something so I
said you know that if this is successful
there gonna be a lot of dead alt coins
people are gonna be taking and just
forking them and renaming a Bitcoin
something well sure enough this was
supposed to happen on January the 31st
it did not happen the webpage
disappeared and now spread coin has gone
back down in value because there’s not
gonna be a be spread so there was a scam
right there it appears now maybe the
person’s gonna come up again and say oh
I’m gonna really do it now don’t buy
these alt coins based on people saying
they’re gonna for come into into
something new and rename them bitcoin
okay be
careful it maybe one day someone will
eventually do it but hey it is it is
very risky this case proves it
it does prove once again that the
Bitcoin name is worth is worth a lot on
the market that people value that pick
when they hear rumors about forking of a
coin just to rename it it boosts the
price so someone is going to change
try it again maybe a scammers gonna try
it again
again just because there’s a Twitter
page and a web page doesn’t mean
something is legitimate that’s another
lesson from all this so again even even
with all the ones that I mentioned
obviously be obviously be private is
quite real and that’s not you know that
that’s a real crypto dividend – that’s
all holders a Bitcoin are gonna get
something for free with that with that
spread coin thing they were saying all
holders of spread coin we’re gonna get
something for free not Bitcoin holders
all right I’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe this channel like
this video share this video I hope you
like we talked a lot about scams be
careful people strong hand I’ll talk you
later I’ll say hi to you in the chat bye


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