The 1 Bitcoin Show- Mt. Gox is the 80% panic buzzword, Bcash, Ethereum Classic, Robinhood

Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
bitcoin meister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
May the 10th 2018 strong hand long-term
thinking Oh have a really strong hand
today right guys right anyway tomorrow
this weekend Bitcoin 2 p.m. Eastern Time
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trace marrow beyond giacomo Zuko and
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York City and 8 p.m. in Johannesburg
alright and yeah noon in Denver so
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Seattle time come on out dudes it’s in
Queen Anne the link is below
Gary told me all about it thank you so
much Gary for telling me about this
event for giving me a ride today for
hanging out with me tomorrow we’re going
to go to work Gary not you’re gonna meet
Gary – you’re gonna meet this awesome
guy come out to the meet up to me Gary
and there’s gonna be some guy named Adam
Meister from Baltimore there – but Gary
is who you want to meet dude he’s in
Seattle free and you know he’s been to
this meetup before and it’s not just
Bitcoin I’m prepared they’re gonna be
people talking all coins dude at least
they’ll be people talking cryptocurrency
I love it I am pumped to see you all
Seattle 5 p.m. it’s linked to below meet
Gary he mentioned me
you watching this you should come to
this alright because veteran McHale is
somewhere in the state of Washington
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secret bench in Midtown and look at this
Cassidy knee straight out of San
said five bucks just down the super Jack
keep up the good work
shoutout from Frank the realtor in San
always be closing Frank always be
closing on those houses in San Francisco
dude the real estate they’re out of
control if Frank sells one house oh my
god he can get a lot of big coin once he
sells and he’s up he’s from what I know
he’s a great realtor he’s out there in
the community in San Francisco and I
want Frank and I’ve discussed this with
Frank before I think hooking up the
people the realtor people in San
Francisco with big coin is a great
combination and the guys out in San
Francisco really got to learn about you
know a lot of guys out there don’t have
wives obviously they got to get into
Bitcoin it’s it’s perfect for a lot of
guys in San Francisco Bitcoin just uh-oh
just something to do with your excess uh
yeah they should be keeping their money
in the bank if you’re a guy in San
Francisco go you know if you already got
your nice big house in what should we
call in the Tenderloin or in uh or in
the Castro or whatever go get some
Bitcoin dudes all right and Gary can
tell you about Bitcoin in real estate
obviously thank you I’m not Gary Frank
thank you Frank
brought it for the big foot of the five
bucks in San Francisco thank you Gary in
Seattle I hope I’m not confusing Frank
and Gary’s and they should meet each
other I think they’d be friends all
right so what else I have to just talk
about things and a lot of people don’t
want it you know this is uh this is how
the meister show goes you don’t know
what is going to happen in the show
let’s talk about mal Cox real quick but
it is it is predictable what happens
when the words melt GOx get thrown
around the the crypto sphere or whatever
you want to call it first of all last
night right after I did my show I
checked my Twitter and I mean and you
gotta follow me on Twitter tech ball TC
SPF alt
but there’s always new
coming out on there and this great guy
Stanton Cruz tweets out that while
coinbase is down for maintenance this
hour the mount Goths
trusty moves is another eight thousand
plus of mal GOx victims Bitcoin and be
cash now what what he did but you know
so people look at what this trustee does
and I give Stanton Cruz a lot of credit
for keeping his eye on this Dube as he
broke the story
well the story started you know seeping
out throughout today and clearly there
was a point where those we can’t well
where the speculator is they’re like oh
I heard the word Mount Ducks time to
sell time to get those weak and scared
word the word Mount ducks is out there
better sell because it always works they
80 percenters always to hear the words
mount docks is so predictable not until
this Japanese trustee dude gets rid of
all of his the Bitcoin in the beat cache
and whatever until mal Cox is erased
from having anything to do with holding
any Bitcoin are we gonna have to I mean
it’s it’s we’re gonna have to deal with
this every time if the beat but in terms
of fiat the price will go down if
there’s a story about mal Cox so that’s
why you have to have a really strong
hand and not be a flip or not be a
traitor but you don’t know whether the
next mount dog story is going to come
out I mean there will be a few more of
them though so again strong hand guys
you value your wealth and pick when you
don’t care what it’s worth it bi you
think about the 20/20 having so here
ignore mal Cox 20/20 having focus focus
long-term thinking don’t be impulsive
you know you’re like Pavlov’s dog the 80
percenters they’re like Pavlov’s dog
they start drooling when they when they
hear mal Cox it’s just drool what sell
let’s do it no don’t sell when you hear
the word mount Cox for God’s sakes
because it bounces back every time the
speculators the institutional investors
buy your Bitcoin for cheap you end up
with no Bitcoin but a fond memory of
salivating when you hear the words mal
all right so right the the great carpe
Noctem oh he’s been on my show before
he’ll be back soon hopefully he tweeted
out Robin Hood just raised three hundred
sixty three million dollars whoa
now it plans to rival coinbase in crypto
trading okay um that’s very that is
interesting yeah point base does need
some more legitimate patters and then
Rob hood actually he’s three hundred
sixty three billion dollars in a new
round of funding led by DST global had a
five point six billion valuation
I guess devalue them it I mean I’m just
I’m even didn’t pay attention when I
first wrote all this out so they value
Robin Hood as a five point six billion
dollar company okay uh correct me if I’m
wrong on that guys all right so that’s
interesting check out the links below if
you want to read more about those kind
of things
Oh something I forgot to say on Thursday
my buddy up in the northern reaches of
Norway the business that he’s starting
and you could check up yesterday’s show
it’s linked to below check out all the
archives of all my old shows but
yesterday’s show I mentioned this dude
he’s eaten such northern Norway that
he’s East the Finland he’s near Russia
he’s like it’s basically when you would
consider the middle of nowhere near the
Arctic Circle he’s starting his own
cryptocurrency company he’s gonna call
it gold and hold that I forgot to tell
you that part that and he’s it’s
inspired by this show
he heard golden hold here now he’s gonna
use it so that dude his awesome you can
check him out he’s linked to in
yesterday’s shows so check out
yesterday’s show I’m just reading over
some things making sure I didn’t skip
anything yeah conforming me in the
present is invisibility in the future
alright uh what do we have here 133
quotes from Bitcoin standard by
Saffiedine almost like I butchered his
name this medium post is incredible it’s
a hundred and thirty three quotes from
this dudes book and this guy he is a
quite a Bitcoin maximalist
he’s a smart dude and this other dude
finds a hundred and thirty three awesome
quotes from his book and shares them all
you could have you could use you can
create many shows about all of these
quotes I mean it is it is a plethora of
glorious Bitcoin quotes check it out
obviously I’m not quoting any of them
right now because I don’t have time
there 133 of them I wouldn’t read all
hundred thirty three of them okay but
you should read off that 133 of them I
was inspired and entertained if you ever
have a week and really throws quotes oh
my god strong hand town that like button
right the second subscribe to this
channel and yeah check out the links
below and yeah hang out and see a little
more 5:00 p.m. all right
so Brian over at the UK Bitcoin master
he has a new steam it post out there he
talks about fun the 80 percent the 20
percent a lot of the things that I talk
about and you know I like steam it I
likes to me if you’re a Content producer
you can put your stuff up there hey I
don’t agree with all the stuff up there
in fact some people put complete
nonsense up there there’s I I was just
at steam it and you know because I’m
live on there right now with my show and
there’s some dude that has a a post that
says that the Zionists the Jews the
Zionist Jews are erasing the white man’s
history and giving it to the black man
or so I mean again do you know what a
Zionist even is if first of all most of
the people who start screaming blaming
the Zionist Jews on everything they
don’t even know what a Zionist is Adam
Meister is a Zionist Jew Adam Meister is
a proud scientist Jew I just want to put
that out there now I will explain to you
what that means because I mean 80% I
don’t know I don’t know how many so many
of you love to get caught up in this
conspiracy nonsense you want to blame
blame blame blame blame you can’t take
any personal responsibilities a new
counterculture okay I
you see I’m saying Who I am I take
personal responsibility over what I do
you blame the Zionist Jews a Zionist is
a person in a
you who believe the Jews have a homeland
in the Land of Israel there you go
very sinister isn’t it who stiff take
you over the world I know that’s what
you should so again that video is about
someone just completely confused about
life who wants the blame Jews all about
everything and says that the Zionist
Jews a very special he’s erasing the
white man’s history okay so you could
post that kind of stuff on steena too
apparently so again it’s freedom of
speech I’m not here to get the
government to shut that down I’m taking
the personal responsibility to inform
you what is not sense and what is not
not says hey if you want to believe that
kind of stuff believe it but you better
believe one thing the guy looking right
at me right now is a Zionist you long
live the Land of Israel all right home
of the Jews eternally remember it so
back to and that was a steam at topic
someone had to do with cryptocurrency
right we can talk about that beyond
Bitcoin also and it’s also I love the
Jewish people talk like this because
most of you like to say well they’re
they don’t the Jews they don’t say
they’re wimpy they don’t say anything no
no we need more juice like me to just
straight-up tell you to your face when
you are and what I okay and what it all
so Brian we talked about Oh aetherium
classic Barry silver it’s Barry Silbert
you’d like me to I don’t know okay so
Barry Silbert aetherium classic can now
be bought as in eat as an ET n ticker
EGCG similar to the way you can buy
Bitcoin through gbtc from grayscale
investment we are o w ET c and c it
reaching okay so this guy this is not
very sober from tweeted this out this is
a fun strat tweeted this down he says he
sees I don’t want to say this et Cie
reaching $60 by year-end which implies
okay the point of this is is that Barry
Silbert has done it again he’s created
this fund where you can buy et Cie
without really owning et Cie just like
with the gbtc and BTC am i confusing you
yet so
this might pump the price of ET see I
haven’t seen it happen yet it gets it to
this pseudo mainstream level where
people are more comfortable with you so
yeah congratulations the theorem plastic
people will see a very Silbert is able
to pump you this way maybe okay
beware of buzzwords and the power of
marketing for an altcoin is is what this
is what I’m about to say here is what
this all means my interpretation of what
is is out here public to service
announcement there is a marketing scheme
underway claiming zero confirmation
transactions are a feature exclusive of
be cash truth is zero confirmations is a
drawback inherent to all distributed
proof-of-work cryptocurrencies
unconfirmed transactions are very much
second-class citizens so here’s what’s
going on here people there they put this
buzzword out there that means nothing I
mean it means unconfirmed transactions
every woman has uncommon fun confirm
transactions but apparently some be cash
people are saying yo we have unconfirmed
transactions it’s unique it’s awesome it
makes us great and people are going to
buy into this newbies are gonna buy into
this and when it all coins has a
marketing team or this is this is the
power of marketing here you can create a
buzzword and make it seem like it’s an
also feature when it’s not even a
feature but you don’t want an
unconfirmed transaction and unconfirmed
transaction is not convert that’s that’s
not good but anyway the 80% they’re
gonna fall for a lot of things they’re
gonna be impulsive they’re gonna hear oh
well it’s kind of unconverted actions
this be cash this is awesome but this is
where the big boys play okay it’s not we
don’t need the government to come in
here and say no you can’t say that uncle
you know you can’t market yourself is an
unconfirmed transaction point that no
other points have unconfirmed
transactions and that unconfirmed
transactions are a good thing no we need
if we have a problem with that we can
educate people we can inform people I’m
informing people what this is all about
it’s just a big marketing thing a big
and it just shows you the power of
marketing but this is where the big boys
play um the government isn’t gonna
punish anyone for saying yet
this is cryptocurrency yet anything goes
here so again this the guy was doing a
public service announcement I give him
credit he wasn’t saying hey let’s let
sue be cash let’s do this let’s do that
whatever and you know what if the 80%
are impulsive enough that they’re not
gonna listen to the shows like this
they’re not gonna read tweets like this
they’re just gonna buy be cash because
they think it’s cool that has
unconfirmed transactions then a buyer
beware then that’s their fault they
didn’t do it personal responsibility is
the new counterculture all right
so and I’m one that when we’re talking
about be cash here clearly in Asia
there’s a different opinion of be cash
and we’ve gone over this before king of
the trolls is based in Asia first of all
and you know what that he even exists
differentiates be cash from all the
other uh all coins out there okay
because it is nothing but an altcoin it
is essentially obviously as a
centralized team but this feud has the
goal he has a goal and he’s got a lot of
money he’s got a lot of connections he’s
got a lot of determination he’s what’s
the word I’m looking for
anyway he he’s got a lot of conviction
and that that he wants to get be cash to
be a hundred percent the value of
Bitcoin he is determined so this alone
there’s no other coin that has someone
that like that that is determined to
make their coin a hundred percent of the
value of Bitcoin okay you know right now
be cash is what seventeen percent of the
value he’s not satisfied with seventeen
percent he wants it to be a hundred
percent okay so like him or hate him
they’re always gonna have him there
doing that coming up with things and
it’s not just him it’s other wealthy
people other other people fall behind
him listen to him and her part of his
team you can say it’s a good thing you
can say that’s a bad thing but it’s a
unique thing to be cashed there’s
nothing like that out there in the
altcoin world you can call me cash every
name in the book but because they have
this guy king of the trolls his money
his determination his lofty goal which
will never never be attained of getting
to the same value of a Bitcoin it’s
gonna be able to get pumped back up to
20% to 17% to whatever the 15 detect
it’s good you know it’s gonna jump
around it’s all cyclical but I don’t see
that cycle ending anytime soon he’s not
going broke anytime soon he’s got a lot
of followers he’s got people thinking
unconfirmed transactions are are a good
thing are unique a unique aspect of why
one should get into be cashing me I got
I know that makes no sense at all all
right I’m not like funny all right Matt
Odell has another tweet who I who a I
can’t pronounce that the word is largest
the world’s third biggest handset maker
is releasing BTC comms Bitcoin wallet in
its app gallery it will be pre-installed
on all the new hue and Honor phones and
will be rolled out to older devices okay
that’s pretty big news a lot of people
are gonna have BTC vac on ballots that
means a lot of people are gonna have
sudden they could store Bitcoin they can
also store be cash to you but that BTC
calm does be cash also so that’s if
that’s a news story right guys thank you
Matt Odell for sharing that that’s a
good one
here’s something that I don’t
necessarily like it’s called dark side
BTC calm I don’t like it as it is right
now keeping track of attacks against
Bitcoin and those behind them this could
be bad because anyone can add to this
site you could just put anyone’s name on
this site and say that they are a an
attacker of Bitcoin a bad actor on
Bitcoin you can call anything a scan and
if you go to the site right now it’s
it’s like not many people are using it
which might say something about that you
know people don’t like how it is right
now because it’s caused a lot of things
scams that really aren’t escaped you
know you can’t call everything a scam
guys we’ve been through it lumps a lot
of things together a lot of people
together you shouldn’t be lumped
so anyway anyone can edit it so maybe
it’ll get better
and maybe as it gets better it’ll get
more popular but it could get really
and your people could slander one
another on there and again this is this
really big boys place we’ll have to deal
with it but yeah check it out for now
Darkseid BTC comm I mean it it could be
a valuable history resource for people
like it has it it says Mike Hearn out
there as a bad actor a lot of people
don’t know who he is if someone were to
write a detailed explanation of why they
think he’s a bad actor who he was what
he did it would be helpful and this
could be a place where people could
decide on their own way he doesn’t sound
like that bad of an actor or at least I
know who this guy is now right now the
site is pretty empty though we’ll see
what it is and yeah Matthew valve does
have something to do with it and so does
uh I forgot the guys need the Bitcoin
maximalist dude that Andy Kaufman had on
his show doesn’t use his real name I
forgot it’s me
I haven’t had him on my show he’s on the
block trades show – what’s he’s doing me
weathermen weathermen AP whether he has
something to do with it oh I just got
two dollars from Alvin Thank You Alvin
for 2010 dal your wealth and Bitcoin
Adam Meister darn straight dude darn
alright here finally let’s leave it on
bitch note this is from Jamie back
Bitcoin is designed to allow you to keep
the fruits of your labor Bitcoin doesn’t
magically make unpredict
on productive people more productive
with that said larger adoption will be
good for a lot of economies especially
underdeveloped ones okay so yeah if
you’re in an underdeveloped cup if
you’re in some third-world country and
you’re just sitting on your butt and
Bitcoin comes to your country it’s not
gonna make you a productive person now
if you have a lot of people in your
country purchase Bitcoin it’s going to
preserve their wealth which will be good
for the country as a whole because more
people will be preserving wealth in that
economy that will be better for the
economy they’ll be getting off of that
useless horribly inflate inflation all
Phylicia nari Fiat in that said country
but just because it comes to your
country doesn’t mean it’s gonna save you
you’re gonna have to do something but
you have to buy it you can’t just be
unproductive it’s not gonna magically
make you a productive person by it being
around you you got to be proactive all
right so uh i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe this channel like
this video share this video check out
the links below pound that like button
i’ll say hello to you guys in the chat
and this weekend Bitcoin 2:00 p.m.
Eastern Time tomorrow
I’ll remind you about Seattle again then


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