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Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
December the 11th 2017 buy and hold strong hand long term thinking bitcoin
having 2020 looking up hey I did a show late last night go check that out in the
link section below but I’m doing one here this afternoon in
the United States on the East Coast always check out the links in section
below Tresor and crypto a story wallet comm we’re going to talk about a
treasure competitor in a second though hey good morning New Zealand good
morning New Zealand it’s already the 12th of December where you are and I’m
bringing up New Zealand because barefoot Barry he he made this t-shirt for me
what’s it say I’m a believer bitcoin yeah barefoot Barry he doesn’t he just
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that’s that’s what he asked and thank thanks for the t-shirts barefoot Barry
in New Zealand and so good morning New Zealand you got a shout out because of
barefoot Barry I want to thank Joe Hal Joe Hal for 25 he isn’t the chat right
now I checked the chat right before I started he is a big steam it guy he
loves steam it and he voted my steam it post which contains this video live for
now on I’m going my videos when they’re live I’m pushing them on steam it also
at the same time so you can watch them live on steam it you’ll get a if your
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steam it page thank thank you very much people who are buying steam for Bitcoin
and the steam dollar thing that is still inflated that’s still going on earn your
steam dollars there also you earn steam and steam dollars I’m not going to get
into the difference but there’s there’s your little steam and update for the day
yeah steam it is useful somebody in the chat section said so you don’t LA or
yesterday’s chess is so you don’t like steam it no I like I love steam it
I think steam it is great I don’t believe in buying steam or steam dollars
when you earn it for free on Steam it so everyone and again and everyone who
complains that they don’t have any Bitcoin this is how you can get some
Bitcoin you got to do a little bit of work you can’t nothing’s nothing’s free
in life so uh anyway united states of bitcoin I want that I want to bring that
up again yesterday I talked about some crypt of dividends remember all the
Bitcoin truth of dividends are in the United States of Bitcoin because they’re
not they’re not against Bitcoin they’re just part of the bigger Bitcoin okay yes
speaking of yesterday’s show which is linked to below I meant to mention
something really important it was even in the title of the show that there is a
new hardware wallet coming out a cheaper hardware wallets it was around 50 or $60
and this week in Bitcoin guess Rudolfo Novak is behind it his company one dime
are open dime shears me open dine has a blog post I link to it below cold card
the announcement of cold card it’s an open cheap and ultra secure hardware
wallet and pre-orders now so check that out at the open dying site I link to it
below you can get your cold card and I have no affiliate link to that but I
wanted to mention it because the rodolfo was on my show a lot of people out there
late old trees or is expensive it dude $100 is inexpensive to produce to
protect thousands of tens of thousands of dollars worth of crypto but here you
go if you think it’s expensive use these guys for 50 dollars or whatever it’s
going to be that to predict to protect your tens of thousands of
dollars worth of crypto you cannot keep it on a third-party exchange Thank You
Rodolfo for being on the show the other day this weekend Bikila show was great
last on Friday that is linked to below also something else I forgot to mention
yesterday that was linked to below uh-huh and his links are below again is
uh the Deutsche Bank economist says Bitcoin crash would endanger global
markets I don’t care what those dudes say they say that all the fought in the
world but it’s so ironic that Deutsche Bank of all a some guy from Deutsche
Bank of all people is saying that Bitcoin could crash the world economy
Deutsche Bank is involved with all sorts of sketchy stuff and there have been
rumors about how they could go down and that would definitely hurt that be a
system this that be a risk to the system wasn’t it that’d be quite quite a
systemic risk there mcdhh which bank went down so he there’s nothing don’t
worry Bitcoin bitcoin he’s just trying to spread the rumors of a Bitcoin crash
I’m not gonna spread the rumors about Dortch bang crash because I don’t care
if it happens if Deutsche Bank crashes it’s gonna help Bitcoin but whatever
don’t keep your money in Deutsche Bank but that’s very interesting I meant to
mention that yesterday so uh okay found out like fun people so yeah we’re around
what some $10,000 right now Bitcoin is that I mean I it’s great wake me up at
twenty five thousand people yeah I again I want to temper everyone I don’t want
anyone anyone to go too crazy here we’ll celebrate again probably a twenty in the
twenty five who knows well that’s gonna happen might not happen till 2019 for
all I know anyway I don’t want to get people to
excited so seventy thousand I’m just laid back with uh with uh with Barry’s
shirt on here barefoot Barry thank you again okay what else we got
Oh a theory I’m crypto dividend I’ve been contacted by some people out of
China I’d actually mentioned this before loosely affiliated with be gold I guess
this guy is he calls it uh aetherium modified or something Etha org
let’s just call it a mo they’re gonna fork aetherium on December the 15th so I
guess if you have a theorem on December 15th you’re gonna get this
new coin so the dude seems pretty serious about it I link to the Twitter
and to the the website below you can check it out for yourself the team is
out of China the guy was sending me a lot of stuff
over Twitter I haven’t gotten up to all of it yet I haven’t gotten to a lot of
people’s stuff yet again I’m still way behind I’m starting to catch up a little
bit today I read some Vinny Li ham tweets which
I’ve got to talk about in a second but yeah I will probably talk about a mo
some more in the coming days but we only got till the 15th here till it till they
do their little heart Fork so the rumors were true out of China
that’s something that was loosely affiliated with go love me gold is now
forking aetherium so we have a theory of crypto dividend coming up all right the
number two cryptocurrency can have its own crypto dividend we love crypt of
dividends here baby we love it it’s it gives the holders
just it makes it that more lucrative to hold gotta be a holder people don’t be a
flipper you get pounded count that like button people all right all right what
else we have here okay G Dax I wasn’t talking about light coin in light of so
litecoin is surging again but this goes back to a past video of mine where I
talked about every time that Bitcoin popularity grows every time that newbies
surge into Bitcoin because of popular stories like what is going on with the
futures market because that’s a big popular story I mean the fruit the
wincle buy we’re on Fox earlier today I’m gonna talk about that
in a second also I’m getting ahead of myself but whenever this is going on
whenever Bitcoin is getting major news like coin surges and it surges on G Dax
so like coin my my theory behind the light coins a surge is that a lot of it
has to do with movies involved with G Dax and coinbase saying wait I gotta
heard off this Bitcoin thing I’m on this Bitcoin site now this Bitcoin looks way
too expensive for me what’s this like coin thing and then they just buy the
light coin and if you see if you go and I link to this below the coin market cap
link for like a near 20% of the volume is coming from
G Dax for litecoin so there you go right there
so 20% of people buy them like coin at this moment are doing it on G Dax
in the United States of America and that is you you know all these other coins
are coming from all over other countries and it’s like coin $4 dollars spending a
light coin that’s really important to consider when we so a lot of people are
saying oh the light point surge is because a lot of people can’t get their
money off of certain exchanges and they’re using light coin I don’t know
about that people I’m looking at the numbers here and like it’s it’s g2x huge
numbers from G Dax and its people dollar people using their dollars to buy light
coin instead of Bitcoin but it’s a sign that bitcoin is so darn popular that so
many newbies in the United States with their dollars are coming in that they’re
so new and they’re so naive though they just buy the light coins so good for
them and again people the big lesson to take out of all this
is that I’m not pumping light coin in fact I’m telling you you’re foolish to
buy litecoin right now because it turns a big coin it has gone down so it is
worth half as much Bitcoin as it was worth earlier this year at its top it’s
worth about 1% of a Bitcoin it was worth about 2% of the Bitcoin value your
wealth in Bitcoin don’t get enamored with your light coin going up in terms
of dollars when it’s not going up if there’s a Bitcoin you should be buying
Bitcoin but hey I had nothing against Charlie Lee and I like Charlie a lot
I like coin is honest whatever man it’s a good backup it’s good test net we’re
going to talk about light cleaning again a little bit later on in the show so
steam it um what is this I had to say about steaming oh yes I’ve got a friend
over there crypto eagle so he fucks up some people both the directions
yesterday I said if you went on my onto my steam it you up vote in me
you said you asked me a question I would answer your question you post your steam
it link I will talk about your steam Alec I will restain your stem it steam
it link and you know fuck the fun too yeah you are Nathan out in Australia out
in Perth I uploaded you also at Nathan by the way I owe you an email man you
are awesome keep doing your thing Nathan the Fundy he ivory I received him so
everyone go to my statement at bitcoinmeister and you’ll see Nathan
you’ll see these other people you’ll see here my buddy
what’s a crypto eagle so crypto eagle has a become a crypto millionaire with
this investing strategy all right here’s your disclaimer right now I’m saying
just to buy Bitcoin the crypto eagle he’s into portfolios all this but he was
inspired by my millionth theory or my millionth technique that you want to
have 21 Bitcoin so you have a millionth of all the Bitcoin ever created GAAP
guaranteed and that there won’t be more than a million people that own more
Bitcoin than you are less actually so he his strategy is he gets a millionth of
all the top altcoins that’s what he’s into you can read about his thing I know
some of you were into this trading thing again Adam Meister says buy an old
Bitcoin but there are other people out there and this dude he’s all steamed it
he’s a friend of mine on steam it that’s great
we’ve got a camaraderie going here and I’m telling you people who are trying to
email me and stuff and I’m an ignoring your emails because I have no time to
answer your emails I’ll answer stuff won’t steam it because
you you’re compensating me was steam buyout voting me that way or steamed
back dollars or whatever the heck it is over there and again if you want to
email me then send me some Bitcoin or somebody some like or whatever my my
crypto currency addresses are below you can email me an animators or help calm I
do crypto consultations obviously they’re
paid I help you set up a traceur etc etcetera it’s it’s very well worth
you’re you’re sending me the crypto currency and if you want to send me a
PayPal we can work that out too I guess I don’t like Fiat I like cryptocurrency
you’re gonna have the deal and then whatever all the stuff is free here I
mean I’m giving you the information for free here but some people like the
one-on-one consultations and hey anyway Tom that like button so yeah thank you a
crimping again cried link below to crypto eagle but also on steam it he’s
been redeemed all right Vinny lingham has a classic Vinny lingham type tweet
out like old-school inspirational stuff now as some of you know I learned
not from Vinny uh through 2015 and 2016 and he really he put the final you know
Serge behind me to get a bunch of Bitcoin because I I was like you know
there’s 2016 happiness coming up vini has brought up so many great points
about Bitcoin and that is you know really the last steps of me getting a
lot of Bitcoin it was because of any so I am a millionaire of a Bitcoin
millionaire because of any lingham he did you know I know a lot of people I
mean I I think it’s pretty obvious um yeah so he he is a smart man he’s not
always right so here’s a classic type of tweet something that inspired me a long
time ago these are the type of twisted inspired me a long time ago and really
enriched my my mind and made me think and made me take the make the move to
put myself in the financial position that I am in today anyway that was a
long rambling thing about this so anyway his latest tweet which again
linked to below Bitcoin is positioning yourself for another big run if it
breaches 17,000 it will most likely head up quickly toward 25,000 on extended
fear of missing out futures will be the deciding factor in my opinion and my
Homburg opinion so there you go that’s some logic there and it’s exciting I’m
people love to hear big numbers I didn’t put it in my title was I’m not now that’s a classic Vinny
tweet day that’s what I’m used to that was the inspirational stuff that got me
excited back in 2016 and everything so uh he has another tweet that of course
is a lot more controversial because there are a lot of Vinny haters out
there and they interpret this as being very negative the Bitcoin but I don’t I
find this following statement to be also something that gets you thinking at
least so this what he said I get the feeling that the biggest beneficiaries
of the Bitcoin futures will be the alt coins and tokens once if the Bitcoin
price stabilizes as a result of futures crypto traders will need to look
elsewhere for eye-popping yields so he’s saying a few things here he says that he
thinks that future the futures market could level out the Bitcoin price that
it won’t be as crazy anymore then maybe it’ll just be 25,000 a Bitcoin let’s say
okay so if that happens if there’s not that volatility then people are going to
have to play around with all coins more and he says tokens and obviously he’s
interested in tokens mozo token I don’t like the ico stuff that’s his business
whatever some people jump on him for that but at the same time I kind of
thought a little bit more about this and I think just the the aware the altcoin
awareness is going to go up among wealthy individuals and institutions
once they start playing around in the Bitcoin futures markets they’re gonna be
like well why aren’t they’re all calling for users markets maybe I’m gonna get
into this or what is this Bitcoin it’s something called a crypto currency what
are these other cryptocurrencies so some top tier cryptocurrencies could benefit
just from the recognition that you know just Bitcoin Benna Bitcoin being known
because of these these futures markets and stuff so there’s a lot of ways of
extrapolating from vini state brain interpreting vini statement I wouldn’t
get angry because of any statement he’s not trying to cause trouble with that
one so and again there will be future may be there will be a light corn
futures market one day it is what I’m getting at that’s a very stay that said
that’s not a it’s not a centralized cryptocurrency no one can control
they don’t have a bailouts on litecoin that’s why I mean that’s one that could
be a they could have big enough of futures market that could that could
become super duper financial mainstream there if you care about that if you’re a
light corn lover I mean obviously aetherium is number two right now but
there’s the fact that they were they had that they did that bailout I don’t know
with a major financial markets want to mess around with something like that I
don’t know I am NOT I’m not a guy I’m not a finance guy on Wall Street so okay
okay so here’s another tweet out there anyway pound that like button
oh this next one is about iota oh yeah remember when I was in Korea everybody
and their brother was asking me what is this iota thing that is being pumped up
randomly on era exchanges that everyone is just piling into and not thinking
about whatsoever and I was just like it’s shocked like why do people even
like this thing well here we go here’s a tweet from two-bit idiot he
says read the iota founders tweets and think Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling same
hostility arrogance and snark do that III get I don’t know how anyone could
get behind this iota stuff I don’t know how anyone can get behind most all coins
to tell you the truth but this was ridiculous it’s being pumped in Korea
hey be my if you want to get on that train it’s had all sorts of weird
technical questions on Twitter hey be my guest if you want to be an 80 percenter
and play around over there I’m a twenty-percent I’m a holder a Bitcoin
I’m pounding that like button if you like what I just said hey check out yeah
yeah check out yesterday’s video if you like really controversial stuff well
it’s not controversial I say what I’m gonna say is I don’t work for anyone I
work for Adam Meister and that is the beauty of Bitcoin the freedom of Bitcoin
baby I can say what I want when I want do a show whenever I want
wear whatever I want it’s great it’s just you know Bitcoin baby limit love it
okay what are we get and yeah I guess I have a new saying out there people were
this is the big boys it welcome to where the big boys play something like that
what was salutely saying I was saying about big boys the other day come play
with the big boys this is where the big boys play right here that’s gonna be
another one of my saying someone sweet had a great
we I mean I should include that guys tweet he took an excerpt of my video and
it’s funny I’ve recreated it follow me a tech ball people te CH B alt
a lot of good stuff going on it on a Twitter check out the links section
below and of course subscribe to this this lovely channel that’s for the 20%
for the elite baby seriously this is a channel for the elite not the 80% if you
like to 80% stuff go play with ripple or whatever whatever they talk about over
those channels I have no idea alright here’s another one dis dis
ruptor instead of entrepreneur he’s a disrupt
for him more I can’t pronounce it anyway he’s got a Twitter account he says just
a reminder that bitcoin can go down 90% and it will still be well above the
price that all major holders got it at yo man tell me about it that’s you know
that’s something to think about that’s something that I that’s a provocative
statement but it it shows who’s the people that have the rock behind us okay
and I don’t know where he got this statistic either dad uh I mean I think
it’s pretty obvious that the major holders got in wave you know when it was
90% cheap or I think that’s logical but you never know but yeah major holders
man we stick through thick and thin dudes
thinking things is going up a lot if it’s gone up 90% you know it can go down
90% sob viously going up a ton and the major holders just keep on hanging on
baby because we are holders we’re not we’re
not flippers we’re not impulsive don’t be impulsive people hang on this is just
beginning of the ride I’m telling hey and if you got a question to a super
chat real quick actually I’m getting out of here in one second okay this second
to last tweet tweet Gemini the Winklevoss own the Gemini exchange they
tweet out a picture of them on like Fox Business News this morning hey that’s
great that they were on the Fox Business News show or whatever again they’re just
spreading the word I’m sure this is helping Gemini also that they were on
there they’re trying to be the world’s first trillionaires and I wish them all
the luck in the world because I’m not a wink of eye hater I aim to be as rich as
the Winkle vibe why not what’s wrong with that
there’s with my haters out there those people
are just like the negative negative people the world who are never gonna
make them move they’re just gonna complain all day oh yeah and the latest
complaint the latest Fudd I probably skipped something here I thought I wrote
this down the latest fog that everybody is addicted to that all the haters out
there all the due MERS are into is this energy thing bitcoins gonna use up all
the world’s energy so get rid of Bitcoin there’s no reason again the Bitcoin
because of all these energy come concerns whatever dudes God your foot is
getting desperate now with this energy thing come on and I’ve seen it quite a
lot lately so ridiculous I mean you’re trying I guess your trade you try to
appeal there was social justice warriors at the same time or something all those
people the environmentalist who are paranoid about every single thing in the
world and we shouldn’t destroy the environment I want you know ever want
the world to be a nice place for the next generation everything but no
Bitcoin isn’t using up the world’s energy there isn’t an energy problem
with Bitcoin stuff you know you can keep spreading your fun whatever be do
nothing with your lives and die oh no Bitcoin I know it’s the UH it’s the fear
of was almost like I forgot what my slang the bitterness so we’re missing
out whatever it was called frustration over missing out I know you guys have a
frustration over missing out just pile into some other coin or something at
least at least do something productive I don’t know and so just complain about
energy all day anyway where is Colonel Steve Austin paging Colonel Steve Austin
wink wink i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister remember to subscribe to this channel like this video sharing
this video pound that like button Colonel Steve
Austin I’ll talk to you I’ll say hi to you guys in the chat


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