The 1 Bitcoin Show- Proactive crypto-dividend activities reward BTC holders, Bgold, Brhodium

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
january the knife 2018 long-term
thinking strong hand don’t pay attention
to that fun people buy and hold all
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I’m in Los Angeles I’m gonna be here
until Sunday but on Friday the 12th
century City 6 p.m. there is a Los
Angeles Bitcoin meetup I am going to be
there it is linked to below so if you’re
in the Southern California area check
out that link to understand what this
meetup is all about all the rules it’s
the century city of Los Angeles meet up
6:00 p.m. on Friday they’re going to be
talking about a Bitcoin ization hyper
Bitcoin ization but all sorts of other
things I’m going to say a few words I
think I’ll answer all your questions
we’ll hang out it’ll be an interesting
time so I’m looking forward to meeting
some more Southern California people on
Saturday of suzi Friday 6 p.m. and then
maybe Sunday also contact me Adam at
trade or help calm if you’re in Southern
California from Los Angeles area
okay first story of the day be gold I am
talking about being gold for a while
they updated their wallet I linked to
that press release below the other thing
that I bring up be bold it still has
that same ratio with be cash 1:1 be cash
is worth ten times as mad as as much as
one be gold and it’s just it’s sticking
with that ratio and I haven’t had heard
a good theory on why yet anyone out
there have a good theory about that
I want to learn two people I don’t have
all the answers and I just think it’s an
interesting observation and the Hoffman
mentioned it in passing again recently
so he reminded me all right what else do
we have
oh yeah my poll my my be rhodium poll is
linked to below you can still work you
can still vote in it how much you think
B rhodium is going to be worth this air
drop that’s coming up very soon the
snapshot will be taken on the 10th which
is like tomorrow in a few hours so I
guess we will hear more about that or
maybe we won’t
oh maybe only Andy and I would be the
only ones talking about it but then
definitely a lot of people have become
interested in it because of Andy and I
talking about it so pound that light
button if you like hearing about crypto
dividends because you know this channel
here is you probably hear more about
Crickley dividends here than any other
place on the Internet Andy Hoffman of
course is also talks a lot about them
hopefully I’ll be making some more
special crypto dividend on videos like I
have for the private and you know these
other ones like I’ve talked about that I
found interesting and remember we this
is where the term crypto dividend came
about and of course when I am in San
Francisco on the 15th and the 16th I
will be speaking about crypto dividends
at at the what’s this conference called
the world crypto economic forum I link
to it below you can use the disrupt
meister 20 discount code it’s all
explained below in the links section so
if you’re San Francisco you want to go
to one of these big-time blockchain
events that I happened to be speaking at
for one of the days I’ll be speaking
later in the day I think around 5 p.m. I
don’t know look it up on the site but it
should be a good good time and you’ll
get a discount code if you’ve never been
a big giant corporate event like this
hey why not try it once if Adams gonna
be speaking there and I’m sure it’s
gonna be it’s interesting these people
reached out to me so good for them
Vinnie lingham will also be speaking
yeah ok
other people you know go back to that be
rhodium thing if it’s a success I mean
you better believe other people we do
you doing these air drops those air
drops are easier just uh we’re getting
to that in a second all right I’ll begin
Johannesburg remark some camps if all
goes well let’s work on that people
let’s work on that Adam like Adam
Meister you better get your thing to get
soon okay something I linked yesterday I
linked to the San Diego event that Tizen
helped organize and that was a pleasure
and I’ve mentioned this before but
something I said there that just before
you buy a light coin know how to send a
Bitcoin and know what the Bitcoin having
is okay so before you so-called
diversify make done just make sure you
understand what you’re even getting into
here you have to be able to send a big
coin before you buy another
cryptocurrency come on people yet most
people are not going to take is they’re
not gonna take that advice I mean
they’re like how do I get a ripple and
they’ll be like okay I’ll get that
Bitcoin from this coin base and you can
help me send it over to this Paloma X
think I’m a jig and then I’ll get my
football and just keep it there forever
and I’ll get these other things lose
them because I can I have encountered
people who have lost Manero as they
don’t understand how it works who get
confused and sending whitepoint and
there’s nothing wrong with that but you
really knew how to send a Bitcoin
beforehand and you and the big point
having was before if they took time to
learn these things they would get the
hang of some other things too
– no rush once you got your first
Bitcoin I mean that’s huge
it’s just huge right there then
understand what it once is all about
learn how to send it and then maybe you
know do what you want to do afterwards
okay I say with your Fiat only buy
Bitcoin baby buy and hold strong hand
pound that like money alright and go
back to Andy Hoffman crypto gold central
comm check him out but he’s got a tweet
storm out there which
gives out one of his articles just in
the tweet storm he explains his price
predictions for B rhodium and yet he’s
really pumped about this stuff so I mean
it’s interesting my tank is if it’s
excessive if accessible if B rhodium is
successful there will be many more
Bitcoin named airdrops
off of Bitcoin with limited limited
supply type of airdrops because with B
rhodium they’re only getting they’re
only gonna be two point 1 million of
them and it seems like Andy’s bringing
up points how he thinks that B rhodium
is trying to be like the silver to
bitcoins gold and it’s not trying it’s
just trying to be the best crypto
dividend out there type of thing and I
think there’s a market I mean if you can
I mean we all have to admit in the
altcoin world there’s a lot of potential
right now because everybody wants
something they want to hear a good story
so if your story is I’ve got a limited
supply I’m trying to be Bitcoin silver
I’m trying to be the best crypto
dividend a Bitcoin out there you know
the best thing that you receive for free
I’m trying to be that I’m trying to be
that I mean it’s a pretty good story and
the other thing is that it did have a
time limit on it so that that was very
interesting that so I mean they didn’t
give away everything something there’s
this there’s this feel I think that
they’re trying to convey that it’s
somewhat limited that it’s not exactly
free so now that all the free ones have
been assigned maybe you’ll want to buy
I’m not saying to buy it I’m just trying
to get behind what’s in their mind and
what other coins might if they’re
what other crypto dividends of bitcoins
that are airdrops might try in the
future again big core wasn’t I mean that
wasn’t that successful but didn’t get a
lot of attention so we’ll see how we’ll
see how this works and again I like that
it seems to be rhodium people are not
trying to they’re not trying to take
over Bitcoin
that’s for sure they’re not trying to be
the next Bitcoin so that’s good
limit they’re going for the limited
supply thing all right good for that and
and again some of your signal there’s
all sorts of coins with limited supply
you’re right but how many of them are
dropped off of Bitcoin none so this is
the first one to try that and so others
will copy and replicate if this is
successful also and II just check out
cryptic old central common and his uh
Twitter feed both both linked to below
obviously um he could he kind of talks
about the promotion the benefits of
individuals promoting a crypt of
dividend it’s in that individuals best
interest promoting if they are a holder
if you’re a holder of Bitcoin
yeah you should there’s there’s no harm
in joining a crypto dividend community
and help us spread the word about it but
he’s benefiting you you’re getting it
for free and in the long run is getting
you more a big point if you’re gonna
just dump the crypt of dividend so it’s
a it’s kind of a submission to my title
I’m going to get into in a second
Kurt the dividends are you know it’s
passive income you’re doing nothing
you’re not taking any risk it’s coming
to you for free but there is some
proactiveness that passing it you have
to generate here you know and we’re
getting to that in a second it benefits
you to be proactive but something I
wanted to point out is that this airdrop
it was eight hundred and forty thousand
be rhodium were assigned okay that means
it 84,000 Bitcoin will be eighty four
thousand Bitcoin were registered
okay that’s point a half a percent of
all the Bitcoin in existence
participated in this now of course it’s
not half a percent of all the big coin
holders out there there’s some whales
that probably had quite a few Bitcoin
and they decide hey I want to get a lot
of big because you got ten Bitcoin
rhodium for
Bitcoin register so it is interested I
mean it makes me think you know what
does that mean that half a percent
that’s pretty good that’s pretty good I
I mean I didn’t think that many people
would do it this fast because they had
until I mean they salt they got
everything registered just the other day
a couple days ago actually now so and I
think they’d actually reach that number
I need to give away all eight hundred
forty thousand of them they gave away
them all in a short period of time so
there’s a lot of interest out there
there’s a lot of people interest in
print the dividends obviously if half a
percent of all Bitcoin out there was
proactively registered on this site that
says something about those people they
are some elite thinkers at least be
elite there’s some proactive Bitcoin
holders out there that look that
understand what free is that you know
why not why not trying to get this
crypto dividend increase my big point
Holdings or whatever they’re trying to
do so it when you look at the numbers
that way it is interesting and some
people gonna say well only half a
percent of all Bitcoin but still who
else is talking about this be rhodium
you’d have to do a lot of research you
have to be at the top of your game to
know about Bitcoin and I’m proud to have
top of their game type of viewers on
this channel okay you’ve proved you know
the you prove yourself well through
through this exercise and and then
there’s some people who regret that they
ain’t getting on it they waited too long
and I thought you know I didn’t think
there was gonna be a waiting too long
period I thought they’d be able to get
up to the last second but no there’s a
lot of people were interested in this so
we will see how it turns out we shall
see how it turns out going to another
perfect imminent that I think is just
absolutely fascinating is the be private
one obviously that one’s gotten a lot
more attention than the rodeo Tyson was
telling me that the interest level he is
like record-breaking
type of thing he’s getting all sorts of
be private questions and he even as he
interview wrecked he did a few little
shows on his channel about it and I
haven’t really talked to any other
content creators other than Andy and Ty
about this but yeah there’s there’s I
mean it’s a it’s very unique and I I
have high hopes for be private I mean at
first I was just saying yeah it’ll be
you know if it’s 1% I’ll be happy and I
will be happy if be private is worth 1%
of a Bitcoin but I mean we’re talking
I mean if everything goes right if
trésor actually lets you store it there
if big thin and big tracks actually lets
you split it there and sell it there
yeah we could be talking I mean I don’t
want to jinx it but I can definitely
gets good as B gold and then we’re
getting to like close to be cash type up
not be cash at its height but who knows
and again that unique proposition what a
Bruce a table is the Z cash type of
privacy which is you know is unique and
I know that the big did the big diamond
people said they’re gonna have some type
of privacy thing but it’s not it’s not
implemented yet the be private when it
come when it comes out it’s gonna be an
automatic privacy coin so it’s like
it’ll be like Z cash without the fuck
founders fee that’s included in the Z
cash all right what do we have here mich
Mich has an article out there the
greatest opportunity to get Millennials
to trade okay it’s basically about that
Millennials are going to make mistakes
by getting into cryptocurrency that it’s
very tempting and it’ll get them away
from stocks it was something that was
dead you know he was down down play
crypto currencies but I saw as a very
positive article and there was a comment
below that says all it takes is a few
Millennials to make some profits tweeted
and the heart and the herd will follow
so I can’t stop
people from trading halt coins from
getting addicted to this kind of thing
but it is really easy to become a day
trader with cryptocurrencies easier than
anything in terms of trading stocks so
they haven’t even the type of people
that are attracted to this type of thing
they haven’t even they don’t haven’t
even fully heard about it yet the rush
of people into the cryptocurrency space
to do insane for things and not so
insane things has not even started yet
and that’s what this article reminded me
of and then you can take a negative look
at a tube that you know they’re gonna be
people that are gonna lose a lot I can’t
stop them but I like that cryptocurrency
is it’s only beginning and it’s showing
people haven’t heard about it and so
many people haven’t caught the fever yet
and it definitely is like a fever you
know some of the people they’re jumping
it now then just like they’re into it
right away and you know they’re like get
me some ripple give me some rid of me
it’s like an addiction and you you do
not want to be on that 80% side of
things trust me that’s what this channel
is about is about you know taking it
slow learning and not doing foolish
now I also saw this type of mission
article and Millennials rushing in made
me think about just you know how ripple
peak if you if these clueless people who
want to buy ripple they need to buy
Bitcoin to get ripple now you listening
in America you can’t just use dollars
you can’t go to coin base if I ripple
even though there was the room that you
could you can’t just go to Gemini and
buy ripple you can’t just go to big
flyer by ripple those are the main
American places for dollars you need to
buy Bitcoin and then go to Colonia X and
we holders I just need to sit back and
relax here and wait for these people to
come in because they can’t come in yet
they there are limitations in signing up
for these exchanges it is sometimes you
can’t sign up for them but the money has
get the flow in totally net and once it
flies in they gotta buy Bitcoin first
which will help Bitcoin then they’re
gonna buy their all coins then they’re
gonna sell their all coins and it’ll
just help Bitcoin so I mean if you’re a
holder of Bitcoin you are in great shape
don’t be tempted by all this foolishness
let the other people the 80 percenters
participate in the foolishness and just
pump everything up which will also pump
Bitcoin up which will gain legitimate
people interested in the Bitcoin tube
and just again bitcoin is the rock
Bitcoin is the king it when everything
else moves up it’s at the top so it’s
moving up higher and higher and higher
so if you’re holding right now you are
in great shape and I mean this is what I
was basically saying in 2016 but a lot
simpler just like I believe in this
thing if you’re holding long term you’re
going to be good but now I’m giving you
some more specific reasons I believe in
this thing but there’s a lot of people
who are crazy you who are trying to get
into this thing who we’re just gonna add
to the hype and just add to the price
and rising tide lifts all boats
alright so comic of the bay is linked to
below so I had a funny comic he
mentioned me in it it’s actually the
Twitter guy Bitcoin under store comics
yet so sit back and enjoy holder
seriously all right it was it’s kind of
price is going up alright because of all
of these people trying to get in alright
so in terms of cryptic dividends we
can’t just sit here or we can’t sit here
and collect our crypto dividends but if
we do proactive safe things on social
media and I’m going to get out more
assignments they just put the pressure
on speeding up the process of making
crypto dividend acquisition easier I
mean because right now it isn’t easy but
if they’re if the more we tweet about it
the more we talk about every one of them
the more tempting it’ll be for biz
is to start up to make the process
easier for exchanges to specialize in
crypt of dividends who knows what we’re
going to end up with who knows what
we’re going to end up with if we just
get the word out if we’re proactive
through social media and you’re not
risking anything but time by doing that
then I hopefully I’m just gonna have
more assignments here just things for
you to retweet and again I think retweet
the the one that I had out for four big
tracks and treszura and ledger Nano to
put the pressure on them for for be
private we help ourselves
by promoting these coins to as I said
below above and I was talking about Andy
Hoffman and also it is really important
to stay up to date and you come to
channels like this to stay up to date
because if you’re not up to date then
all of a sudden you miss out on the be
rhodium air drop it expired easy you
have to be aware of some of the time
constraints that are on the air drop
side of things now on the regular fork
side of things that really aren’t uh
well there are some time constraints um
if you don’t have your Bitcoin and you
know if you don’t have a big point at it
advice by the time they split off then
you’re not getting there uh you’re not
getting them from the dividend so yeah
they’re cut the time up time
restrictions on for both but airdrops it
can be pretty serious so yeah you have
to proactively educate yourself on this
but you’ll say that you have to
proactively spread the word and again
being part of these communities it’s
just helping you promoting you know
saying it you know talking about be
rhodium that’s helping you get more
Bitcoin in the long run and it’s helping
proactive Bitcoin holders get more
Bitcoin so hey and there’s no we you and
I’ve said this before we every every
Bitcoin friendly for crypto given that
comes out there friendly air drop crypto
dividend that comes out there of Bitcoin
we wanted to do is great as it can just
go as high as it can go because it’s
we’re guinea for free whether you like
it or not
you are part of these communities if
you’re a holder of Bitcoin you’re being
given this stuff so you want it to do
well it isn’t hurting the big point in
trust me you can already see that
there’s so many out there and hardly you
can’t even get your hands on them
because it’s it’s so hard to split them
and it’s so risky to do it now without
the help of the treasurer or an exchange
doing it for you and that’s risky the
exchange is risk you don’t want to keep
your big point of exchange so again
being proactive on the crypto dividend
side of things in terms of spreading the
word is going to speed up the process
and in the long run make things easier
so that we will be able to safely get
these and then safely turn them in the
Bitcoin and hey if you want to just
thank vote this is a way to diversify –
ok it’s a diversity uh ok again me many
exchanges out there are not taking new
people now so a lot of dumb money is
being held back from getting to the
cryptocurrency so just imagine once
these on-ramps aren’t as clogged or as
cluttered by the but people who control
the on-ramps what kind of pumps were
gonna see here so it’s just another
reason to have a strong Hampi I know big
coin went down today so what there’s a
so many people trying to get in then ask
me all sorts of crazy questions all the
time they just can’t get in the corn
base when it’s the amount of people that
can come in sometimes it’s not easy to
sign up imagine when it is totally easy
for a man totally easy and and
user-friendly for Americans to get their
dollars and change them to the Bitcoin
like that and in certain parts of the
world it is becoming like that and you
see different pumps like in South Korea
and eventually the markets will become
more interconnected also alright so
check out my steam it at bitcoin meister
i make any special post there
YouTube now makes it easy to see all the
videos they have randomly demonetised so
I made a postal statement of all of my
old videos that they have demonetised
and now we see if you see anything in
common with in all of these videos um
some there are some words I use in them
but maybe in the titles that probably
triggered the automatic D monetization
robot I guess I don’t know but it’s
funny if you’d like to see my old videos
from 9 from 2015 to 2016
they’re there a few of them there all
right and find a crypto dividends are a
free way to get in oh yeah
free crippling dividends are a free way
to get in on the altcoin madness pumps
seriously you get a fruit you get an
for free so you’re part of the whole
madness because they get pumped
the be cash be gold got pumped by crazy
people buying them and stuff so you get
instead of you being a crazy person
taking a shot or you know there’s a lot
emo feel left out
oh if only I could get in and all these
all coins you’re getting in all these
all coins buy Krypton I think by getting
your crypto dividends and hey you know
what if you’re getting these free
cryptid dividends and we’ll talk about
this in other videos maybe if you want
to sell some of them to get an altcoin
that’s going to get you a Bitcoin crypt
of dividend and then be my guest and
then of course some of you are gonna
sell your preferred dividends just to
get some crazy gold coins so I mean
whatever at least you’re not getting rid
of big coin you’re getting rid of the
chance to get that point but uh but yeah
it’s it’s he way to diversify a free way
to diversify and again I prefer to get
as much Bitcoin as possible through my
cryptid evidence so you have to decide
should I hang onto them or should I dump
them right away to get this much
bitcoins possible and that argument is
still up in the air and should I may up
dumps all now save some for later keep I
mean it’s
each one behaves a little differently
here people would be catch-twenty
exactly the same there’s a really the
big core obviously there’s an airdrop
that was different okay there’s a site
called altcoin
I know it looks interesting keep an eye
on it it says it’s a truly decentralized
cryptocurrency exchange powered by
atomic swaps okay that’s interesting I
thought I’d mention it all right
health tip of the day okay everyone so
found that like button that’s the end of
the big pump harder to show the health
tip of the day that some doctors are
pretty bad that most doctors are bad
make sure if you’re go to the doctor
that you get a copy of your blood test
all right and if you and there are ways
online to just avoid doctors and set up
your own blood test at labs okay do that
if you can but you need to study every
number and understand every number
that’s on that blood test what each test
really means when each statistic really
means what what each measurement mean
how does it work and how to each it does
each one relate to one another and and
one might hurt the other one bring the
other one up and the most important
thing to if some of the numbers are out
of whack to learn how you can correct
these numbers without drugs without
drugs okay you don’t have to get on some
doctor prescribe drugs there’s everybody
wants the magic pill they’re not magical
pills they might bring down your
cholesterol but they might get you all
time you might get dementia okay because
you really weren’t supposed to bring
down your cholesterol you have to
understand what cholesterol really is
but again there are many ways to cure
your problems that your blood tests
might reveal through just changing your
diet changing your lifestyle try all of
those things before you even consider
drugs okay so that’s my health tip of
the day get some blood test learn really
learn what they need and once you
understand how they all interact
together and just tell your body
you’ll get just a better feel for
yourself you can’t depend on a doctor to
define how if you’re healthy or you’re
sick okay you have to understand what
health is and what sicknesses and the
the line between the two and how to get
from one to the other
okay and how lifestyle changes and diet
can make a tremendous difference and
just improve your mental state also and
it’s so drugs are just they’re not the
that’s the health tip of the day I guess
a double health tip of the day drug is
in blood test i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt astronomers
remember to subscribe this channel like
this video share this video check out
the new section below I’ll see you
Los Angeles I’ll talk to you bye


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