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Simon Dixon Simon Dixon is on the Isle of Man right
now welcome back Simon Dixon hey it was a pleasure to be here it seems like the
whole world has changed since we lost Blake Adam well it has changed it really
has changed you and I were just talking off air that the having is still
happening and we’re going to talk about that but right now the the United States
is coming up with all sorts of economic solutions for the current situation do
you think the world economy is going to continue to be shut down and for how
long do you think this is necessary what’s going on in the Isle of Man yeah
I do believe it’s necessary I believe that we we you know what I’ve been
talking about for for over a decade now is I think it was one a YouTube video I
looked back at it there was a video released in 2010 it was called the Great
Depression of the 2020s I actually recorded it before Bitcoin and I was
giving a presentation on the financial system and the Ponzi scheme of fiat
currency and in that video I talked about how you
know you have these that the fact that you have this roll over of debt through
financial engineering and then you have these systemic risk events that expose
the weaknesses of the financial system you know this is probably and I always
said in other videos as well that you will never really know what that event
is going to be so in you know to expose the subprime crisis we had you know
investment bank has taken over Iceland a small island of a couple of hundred
thousand people this one is the it is the end of the Ponzi scheme as we know
it and I believe will be followed up by radical reform but primarily firstly we
need to work on this health crisis and the cold hard reality is that think what
you like about the government libertarian capitalism communism
whatever it is we have a health crisis that is very real and it requires you
know everybody to act in a certain way and to isolate and the complete shutdown
of the economy as we know it which I believe gives the perfect opportunity at
the end of this and through all the trauma and stress and pain that’s going
to be caused as a result of this this worldwide global pandemic that at the
end of it we’ve got the amazing opportunity to actually question
everything that we have fallen into such as our financial system you know we’re
operating the world’s largest regulator Ponzi scheme in quartier currencies and
at the end of this we have the complete destruction of the financial system as
we know it this is every government in the world con point fingers of each
other at this time they need to learn from each other they need to recognize
that if one government doesn’t act in the right way it affects the whole of
humankind and we have never seen a city where I certainly never lived through a
situation like this in my lifetime and that we have you know this unique time in human
history whereby the economy shuts down as we know it and we have the choice
after that to go back to what we had after ever all the morning is through
and you know the the the the the destruction of this health crisis but we
have the option to actually question things now you know is it ethical that
the US has sanctions on on countries like Iran in times like this in this
health crisis well absolutely is not we need to get
over these political matters you know we’re going to actually see that the
entire world of what it’s actually like when we don’t over pollute the world
we’re actually going to see these things for the first time while everyone is in
isolation we’re gonna see so many different things that we’ve never seen
before and that will the the cold hard reality
is is that governments have no choice but to throw everything that they have
at this you know if that many people are going to be out of jobs they have to
subsidize all of them you know the if people who can’t go and make things in
factories then people are going to be signed at home figuring out how robots
fill those factories in the future and the impacts of this are on a scale that
I think we have never seen before and you know the the financial system that
has been this disgusting disastrous Ponzi scheme that has created this you
know incredible amount of you know indebtedness globally for governments
for individuals for businesses for everyone is actually going to be
completely disrupted as a result of the trillions and trillions and trillions
that global governments all around the world are gonna need to print in order
to actually get us out of this situation and really they have no choice from my
perspective if people think that you know this is a time to think about
libertarianism and you know and lazy fat this is not the time this
is the time when you know businesses need to create incredible creative
solutions people that need to be sat at home thinking of what they can do now
that we have the technological innovation through the internet and
we’re going to have to rely upon government to actually cooperate and
collaborate to get us over this health crisis and that is literally going to
mean printing trillions which is the complete destruction of the financial
system as we know it today the interesting thing is that now we get the
massive opportunity of radical monetary banking reform that has never been in a
more interesting time to do that to repair this destruction without actually
you know we have the choice to rebuild our financial system after this because
the existing financial system does not exist in the way that it did before this
is you know this is so significant all right now everybody pound out like
button as you can see Simon he’s got some different tapes on this than what
you’ve been hearing on this channel but what we can’t agree on here is that it
is unprecedented what we’re going through there’s no doubt about it we
definitely haven’t lived through anything like this before so being that
it’s unprecedented we cannot predict what is gonna come out the other end of
this man so you you’re saying we’re gonna come
out better Ted the only solution is government printing a bunch of money
that will destroy money basically but on the other end of it it’ll be good wolf
goodness will come out on the other end I think that’s risky right there um I
think we could end up with a bunch of totalitarian fascist dictatorship
regimes if people get too used to following the government’s lead here and
we might end up with the really bad economic system if everything totally
employ collapses like you like you say there
you don’t need to clap these things you just have to do things completely
differently for example in the American Civil War and the wall was actually you
know funded by the government actually printing debt-free money called the
greenback and that greenback was actually a fight against and fractional
reserve banking and money printing and he used the crisis as an opportunity to
introduce debt-free money into an economy rather than actually having debt
based money the idea situation is we’re gonna have unprecedented levels of debt
at the end of this smart had be at the end of this and we have to figure out
what we’re going to do with that debt now that debt can be replaced with for
example a central bank digital currency that essentially is used to bail out the
financial system and that’s exactly what I’m forecasting I’m at the end of this
you know this money has to come from somewhere at the moment you know if the
demand from the bond markets to lend money to the government is in so much
uncertainty that people stop lending then they’re going to have to do that at
the central bank level through quantitative easing and the quantitative
easing doesn’t necessarily need to be used to repurchase corporate bonds that
can be used as Donald Trump is showing right now to give $1,000 to each and
every person or it could be used for all sorts of different things there’s no
doubt about it that fiat money will still represent what it does represent
before but we still have Bitcoin as well that competes in this competitive
environment where at the end of this we’re going to have these different
forms of money you can replace all of this printed money with debt-free money
issued and created by a central bank there’s not the type of money that I
would want to use and because it turns out that fractional reserve banking debt
based money while it has a Ponzi scheme it is one step removed from the
government so we’re going to have these different types of money and the at the
end of this there’s going to be radical banking reform because at we
we have seen is the outsourcing the ability to create money to the private
banking sector every time someone issues every time a bank issues alone is just
it just needs to more and more debt until you end up with the destruction of
the financial system and these crazy systemic events that only lead to
increasing the debt I don’t you know have to be questioned now so we’re gonna
end up with your prediction we’re gonna end up with a lot of Fed coins through
this the United States but there it won’t be debt based anymore still gonna
you can have debt debt based money creates into the bank which is a private
money a product a good digital currency backed by the world’s global debt you’re
gonna have debt-free money issued by a central bank which is essentially money
created the way the majority of the most people think it’s created and then
you’re gonna have private currencies private stable coins Facebook’s coins
and then you’re gonna have the world’s first short that we’ve ever had to
achieving sound money which is still Bitcoin you’re gonna have these
different forms of money because the cold hard reality is that the money
needed and so you get us out of this health crisis as global health crisis is
the complete destruction of the financial markets as we know them today
but by destruction it doesn’t mean you let that people lose their money it
means that the you know people in order no one wants the system whereby everyone
loses their money at the bank the bank deposits at the bank
you know those systems are going to be replaced by different systems and we are
this these levels of indebtedness that are going to be created from solving
this health crisis are going to be you know significant changes it’s not it
cannot be business as usual you know if the United States comes up with its fed
coin cryptocurrency whatever you want to call it it still can inflate it to
insane levels it can just keep if you’re saying things are gonna get as bad as
they’re gonna get they’ll just keep printing it printing and printing and
printing it it won’t be worth very much III don’t see that as very good
Aereo right there I mean maybe that’ll lead up that that that’ll lead people to
Bitcoin into private monies but I I don’t know what do you think about the
inflationary aspect of this yes so inflation is in my perspective the
process of introducing new money normally introduces that so that base
money is more inflationary than non debt based money so if you introduce people
having to repay interest at the same time as money creation then it’s a
higher inflationary form of money than if you just introduced money that
replaces that so let’s say everybody has an X amount of debt in the system that
is the global money supply backed by debt
if you then create a central bank digital currency that replaces the money
that was created as debt with a central bank issued digital currency then that
is not necessarily inflationary money because you’re just replacing one form
of money with the other the inflationary part of this is what we are doing now in
terms of what actually created and so it all depends we have to question that’s
the whole assumptions behind inflation as well because most people you know if
we have debt based money and debt free money and you actually get to see which
is the inflationary form of money I mean how did the different effects that we’ve
never been able to see before all right now I want to know in your opinion how
long can we survive a shutdown here of the world economy how long can this go
on for before people really lose their patience I mean people need to be
productive at some point I mean if the entire economy now is going to be that
the government’s printing money it seems like and giving it out well being a home
and being a lot that doesn’t necessarily mean you enter the unproductive economy
for some people that’s a reality if your job requires you to be in a facility
that you can no longer and there go to then at some point these people are
going to have to find a new way of doing what they’re do it
seeing this right now you know traditional therapists they have been
I’m sat down with their patients and patients come in but now there’s a
flurry of pay of therapists that are sit down on zoom’ just like this with two
people and doing their therapy online from their home it may not get the same
level of connection but you know the reality is is that in times of of
challenge and trouble you know people are doing yoga lessons you know one of
my friends is she was a yoga instructor she’s now you know teaching yoga lessons
from home and everyone’s joining in we’ve got children all around the world
right now that their school has been shut down and they’re logging into that
class and they’re doing it through these ways it’s a reshift obviously there are
fundamental services that require geographical locations of proximity but
you know we the I have faith in humankind that in these times people are
going to innovate their what they do what they and and figure out how to
continue in this new circumstance in this new environment that we are faced
with today we’re talking about like 30% unemployment though if if we take this
thing long enough here and that that’s something I think will be very bad I
think it will lead people to the streets I I don’t I don’t know how long I mean
how long do you think this can last III don’t have those answers really
these are not thoughts and scenarios that I have ever thought about I don’t
think any one of us you know the world that I was thinking about two weeks ago
was different to the world that I’m thinking about today and in the last two
days either you know this is this is such a significant time and you know III
believe that you know this requires a complete collaboration between
enterprise individual and government because where this isn’t well and and
global completely global all right we got a question now from the audience
here question for Simon this is from one too
when do you think people will see the impact of inflation from this money
printing in the US do you see this as being a catalyst for increased Bitcoin
adoption yes I do so I believe that you know we what we’ve seen is that the huge
money printing is you know that so we’re probably we’re going to see deflation
we’re definitely moving into a recession after this there’s no question about it
you know there is no way around that but once you have deflation then it can
follow by inflation when you solve it with Keynes in economics like we are
right now so I do predict that we will see these these these these different
forces but it’s 100 percent depends and the pub what happens after we contain
the crisis and I don’t see any solution that I can visit then think about other
than chucking vast sums of money at this scenario and what are the alternatives
you know and we that is the scenario that we are faced with today I mean that
one alternative that is out there is saying people can get back to work and
just old people stay quarantined that that’s that I mean that would lessen the
blow to the economy there’s no doubt about it if people actually got back to
work I mean I I would not want to you go out there in a scenario where I’m going
back to work because I think the problem at the moment we’re here right now is
you know in China we saw in Hong Kong we’ve seen you know I used to live in
Hong Kong and there’s a culture there but I when I was started wearing a mask
out at the supermarket in order to ensure that I don’t harm the people
around me whether I got it or not or anything you know that’s not the
question but it’s there so these are protective measure and in the West
people are looking at you like you’re a freak like it’s a like it’s a bad thing
you know the reality is is that people are not making I don’t believe the right
decisions on their own and so what do we do about this Mary
put everyone back to work and this virus from what I can see could be completely
wrong and from everything I’m seeing right now is hugely contained contagious
and isolation seems to be the solution Jeeva do you see a shift since you said
in Asia they they’re they’re more capable of handling this verb form for
various reasons do you see in this coming decade if things go according to
what you’re saying that the the Asian Nations will take the lead over the West
that will have a redistribution of power over to the East no I didn’t see that I
think this is completely global because the record reality is is that we are
completely interoperable and one one country’s actions here affect another
country’s actions as we see this is not a time for political points and you know
and trying to get one-upmanship because one person’s action in order to try and
get their economy to be on top of another’s and can lead to more more I’m
spreading of this virus so you know this is this is a time when leaders all
around the world and if they try and follow such a policy you know a country
if you believe that someone like a leader like Trump is actually thinking
of political news rather than how to actually you know make sure the people
of America are safe and then I believe that those consequences have current
consequences all around the world and the only way to stop those is to shut
down the airports and and lock downs and everything and it’s a it’s a it’s a
really really a world that I never thought that I would live in my lifetime
yeah so we a lot of life is being canceled in in many different ways but
no matter what we still have this Bitcoin having that is coming up on in
May and again I think people see that Simon and I have two different takes on
this but we’re not gonna get into you know
on how to handle the whole virus situation I’m going to talk about the
economic side of things and the having is coming up but clearly the story of
the day is is the virus is this that that the whole world is clearly focused
on on something else right now is this going to have an effect on the
having a big point short term I have your thoughts about Bitcoin in terms of
its price changed for the year 2020 now for the year 2020 I’m not sure but for
the long-term value of Bitcoin nothing’s changed for me in fact this accelerated
and the the reality is is that as we move to these really horrible forms of
money that might exist in the future I think you called it totalitarian model
money and people are going to want and I believe that the demand for money that
you owe money that you can spend and some money there’s as a fixed money
supply can only increase over time when you’re faced with a health crisis and
you know fear and uncertainty globally people are you know they’re running for
cash it’s it’s there they’re looking to purchase their goods and they’re going
to move to whatever allows them to purchase those goods in the fastest way
which is their domestic fiat currency obviously is different for those in a
position of wealth but then at the same time people are starting to think about
well that wealth that I hold at a bank that wealth that I hold in the stock
markets that wealth that I’m lending to the government through the bond market
that wealth that I’m storing in gold that wealth that I’m you know putting in
Bitcoin and everyone’s gonna be questioning what they’re going to do
with that wealth you know for those that are in a position of wealth and those
are in a position of survival and they’re going to question whether that
that money in a bank you know we’ve already seen it the banks in Venezuela
occurred I went to Ruth for cash here and I was told how much I’m allowed to
withdraw this is going to come to the entire
financial system this is very important so the banks are now cutting people off
okay Authority is saying no you can’t do this you can’t take your own money out
of the bank but I don’t think people if if everyone gets more deep and deep into
this situation where they are blindly following what the government says you
know the government saying shut everything down why would they question
that their money is being held now that the money they thought was theirs is not
theirs it’s for the good of the country it’s for the good of mankind that they
don’t get their money and so if we go down this road this totalitarian Road as
I said before I don’t think the people who need to find out about Bitcoin are
going to find out about Bitcoin because it’s just we’re getting a new status quo
like hey things are changing you can’t get your own money now but it’s for the
good of people just like you can’t work now it’s for it’s for the good of the
nation is for the good of the world so I obviously when I start hearing stories
like this you can’t get your cash out of the bank I’m happy as heck that I’m in
Bitcoin okay but I don’t know I think people will just consider it the new
normal like a and B and government will be able to get more power out of this
and government friendly institutions will be able to get more power out of
this if your scenario does happen going to get more power of it and that’s the
reality of the situation and you will have this this this counter currency
Bitcoin that does the opposite of what that money does and so I think the
demand for that will increase but at the moment you know people are flying flying
– what do they need in order to survive and most people if when they’ve tried
before it as cash so then they have it on them you know then they’re faced with
a scenario where in order to prevent any kind of bank run the that you know
policy has to to every country because the money that
you’re trying to withdrawal doesn’t exist for everybody REI I think this
this we’re we’re going toward a more desperate situation I think that’s I
think it’s very unhealthy I think it’s and I don’t think the people I don’t
think voices will stand for it anymore I think if we continue the shutdown people
will become more and more desperate and when it’s all over I think they will
remain desperate and at the mercy of powerful entities and I just don’t I
don’t see that as a good scenario III I don’t know I’m not putting an opinion
about whether it’s good or bad but what well so look look so you’re talking
about put the elderly at home and the young bachelor yeah so the people can
just get back to normal because if we keep going down this very unnormal road
at the end of the day it’s going to create a very unhealthy mentally mental
society and I don’t think we I don’t think the world will be able to recover
in as fast in the future I mean I I have complete hope and faith in humanity that
over the long long run we will be free but I see us I see this as dark days now
when there’s so many voices saying hey let’s be unfree for a little while and
then we’ll be able to be free again just just like that I don’t think there’s a
just like that and so I think we’re so you know in London right now Boris
Johnson fries let’s let’s encourage people to be free let’s allow them but
I’m trying to encourage them but everyone goes to the park and everyone
goes to the tube and we’re gonna have mass you know really really higher
levels of infections and death as a result well I mean there’s the
productivity aspect that is not there anymore when people can’t go outside and
in the long run that will kill people also so I so it’s uh I just uh I’m very
much concerned about people getting in – the mentality of listen to the
government listen to power ask no questions just to ask those questions
mentality does I think we’ve always said that people will get angry if they’re if
they’re balanced and people will get angry if they can’t get their cash out
of the bank we’re going down a road where people are going to be compliant
with that and I think that’s and I don’t see us going down that road I I don’t I
don’t see us going down I don’t think that this lockdown situation for the
whole world I don’t think it can last three more weeks I really don’t think I
think we’re gonna have social I think just people won’t take it and I think
some countries will step out and just say we can’t do this anymore
there will be you said all the countries have to agree I don’t think they’re all
going to agree forever and at the same time there are positive positives that
are out there we won’t get to you know the possible did the so what would you
what would you recommend to the people in Italy that are in right now doing
that are shut completely shut down right now
they can continue to shut down and I mean Italy could do what they want to do
with the United States of America the the most powerful economy in the history
of mankind I think they should the shutdown should
end as soon as possible and that people who think they’re gonna get sick should
get that malaria drug I mean there are people working on solutions here and
there are possible ways of slowing down the infection rate and there are people
interpreting the numbers a lot of different ways I don’t know it is if it
is as serious as many people think it is and again I and old people cocoon
themselves if you’re sick and you’re vulnerable and older you don’t go out
but let let we can’t shut down complete all productivity just firfer the people
who are vulnerable you know shut down that shut down everything through the
few and the the many will be be punished in ways that we cannot even predict here
but I do want to say that I want to still go with your you know scenario
here again I don’t I don’t think scenario is going to happen here but he
brings another view that I haven’t brought to everyone out here a view that
a lot of people share that we got a the whole economy has to shut down so I just
want to talk I want to talk about it you know if all of this happens what is real
people really find a big coin in the in the end of the day
will there be hyper Bitcoin ization sooner because of this I think so again
you’ve got to get the you know there’s there seems to be from my perspective
there needs to be a containment period and in that period people then figure
out how to do their things you know I still have faith obviously I have faith
in humankind to be come up with innovation and all sorts of things what
I don’t know is what you know the the the doctors and the health system and
everyone’s going to find I completely believe that they will find something
that and ends i scenario and then we have to start looking at the how we are
going to fix the system that is going to have so many fast consequences as a
result of the trillions that have been printed and in that stage that’s when
you have the opportunity to redesign the financial system the way that this is
choosing it’s a it’s a Bretton Woods scenario where in Bretton Woods the you
know post-world War people were you know just figuring out how they wanted to
design the financial system one of them was a gold standard the other was a fear
of fiat currency standards and that is how the US dollar became the US dollar
because it was negotiated by John Maynard Keynes the that would be the
system that would operate and then in 71 Nixon took it off the gold standard you
know this is another scenario it doesn’t necessarily means the doomsday scenario
and it just means that rather than having a doomsday scenario the the that
we have the opportunity to design our financial system the way we want it to
be desired all right now now on that point
people are flocking to the dollar right now I mean no matter what their printing
tons of dollars are doing all sorts of quantitative easing oh I don’t know the
latest thing it seems like every day there’s a new headline printe make a one
trillion dollar coin it seems like the whole world is sold on the dollar story
so again if everything goes to heck and we’re shut down for six months god
forbid I still see the dollar coming out the dollar coming out strong the other
end III really I really do so I mean you talk about new a new
system i I don’t know I still have it just seems that people are naturally
flocking toward the dollar dollar but these trillions that have been printed
are stats if the if if people decide that they don’t want to lend money to
the government and they don’t believe in the credit rating then that leads to the
collapse of the bond market or the shutdown of the Blum market which then
leads you to have another kind of engineering or re-engineering if that
then leads to a run on the banks and then rather than letting the banks go
boss they need to bail out the banks and I believe I talked about it on your show
in the past that they’ll let the bank go bust and instead you’ll have your rather
than you losing your money rather than relying on deposits insurance which
clearly didn’t can’t cover this type of that this focus Mario and you will just
download your wallet and the funds will be there but it will be a debt-free
central bank digital currency and the dollar will it will be another
representation of the dollar and essentially it will be FinTech companies
building on top of the API key on top of the central bank and that form of money
will be such a horrific form of money it will be actually a lot more transparent
because rather than having these different money supplies i M 0 M 1 & 2 &
3 & 4 and no one really knowing what the to money supply is and you will just
have one form of money called M from the central bank and anytime they print up
and do some inflation or deflation you will actually be fully transparent and
the market can react rather than trying to guess it through the manipulation of
interest rates and fractional reserve banking and leaving the private banking
sector to create the money and reefs to emulate the market because that’s not
working anymore interest rates are zero that tool does
not exist monetary policy is gone it’s the theory is over now I want to ask get
up to a positive line of thinking here if the nations of the world are very
busy right now talking about the virus does this give opportunity for people
for ico people for labor of people for all point people to totally get real
creative from their houses where they’re holed up in and just go for it with
their their private currencies because there’s not going to be the government’s
are too busy to regulate right now do you see some creative financial
endeavors coming out of this in terms of illness cryptocurrency sign of things
morning more private money printing basically maybe you know there’s going
to be all sorts of interesting things I guess if people are thinking but you
know just because the regulator’s are not working right now doesn’t mean that
they won’t work in the future so you have to be very careful of these things
get bad as economically as you think they might get I mean how could a
government at that point say you know what Libra we’re not gonna let you do
what you’re gonna do I mean yeah I just I don’t but but again if we go down this
authoritarian route and maybe they’ll say it’s not good for the state it’s not
it’s not inner there’ll be more excuses I don’t know I don’t believe that the US
government wants to move towards a communist totalitarian way of organizing
is it’s it’s its system you know and so you are right in that the the regulation
that you have the red tape that you have in an environment that’s already booming
stock markets are reaching all new time highs is different to the types of
regulations you need at a time when you’re trying to simulate encourage
entrepreneurs create you know stimulate new business opportunities and that
tends to be a loosening of regulations rather than the tightening of regulation
that then leads to the next wave of financial frauds or but then you get
some massive growth out of it from from certain industries that come from from
that that wave of innovation and then when people lose money and invest they
all go and cry and beg to the government saying I need my you know I need you to
protect me I I got scammed by this and then the regulatory cycle increases
because they’re there they’re back to doing what the consumers ask them to do
which is protect them from the complaints that they’re making because
they made malinvestment all right now I want to I want to get us some positivity
out of all this and from from your side have you been able to carry on your
business as usual have you been able to go mobile here and not never so banks of
the future was already a mobile business so we already you know we have soft
geographically located around the world so there’s no dependency upon one
certain geography we’ve had disaster recovery and contingency planning as
part of our requirements of being a registered business and you know and
thrust it is definitely business as usual but at area and also in these
times of uncertainty people are you know they’re it takes on time for people to
be comfortable realizing where they want to speculate where they want to invest
you know they want to write things out a little bit and try and understand and
figure out where where things are going but I do believe that definitely you
know it the you know we believe that the few
a finance that’s very different from the past that investment theses is still
true but you know we we have to ride out some one certainty when people are
deciding where to allocate the funds where they’re going to invest some what
they’re going to do next they’re conducting a little odd for a
second there but I think we got the main point there I want to ask and maybe is
interest down right now are you not getting a lot as many contacts as you
previously were because you would have you would have to think that people just
want something just simple like right now if they’re in panic mode they’re
just going into the dollar they don’t care about cryptocurrency as much
anymore so it is business down or contacts down
is slightly different for us because our banks of the future you know we we have
a community of high net worth investors that have made significant wealth in the
crypto market and so you know therefore they’re kind of in a different scenario
obviously people investors are fearful and they’re deciding what they want to
do but eventually if someone’s built wealth then they start to think of how
they’re going to allocate those funds and what they’re going to do and move
next but certainly you know we’ve taken the decision that we only have a couple
of clients right now and we have a big pipeline of clients that they’re going
to be going on the platform but you know we’ve decided that when we’re not quite
sure whether people want messaging about investment opportunities right now so
we’re just trying to figure out when is an appropriate time to start onboarding
some of those new customers and so that we can create more investment
opportunities so the big boys they they have a system they are not they’re not
fearful I mean are they’re not they’re not making irrational decisions they’re
sticking to their game plans here what would us what I’m saying is in this time
of irrationality and panic I think there are a lot of smaller investors a lot of
individuals that are just gonna lose it and are gonna go down the wrong path
during this time and I don’t know what that’s gonna end up looking like in the
future I mean a bigger a bigger wealth gap perhaps I I don’t know
so it definitely interesting times we’re going through do you have any advice to
the regular guy on the street out there right now who might be able to worry
about his finances especially yeah I mean so you know the reality is is that
we we live in a speculative economy you know you have two choices you either
give your speculation to someone else or you speculate how you choose and you
know the the regular personal industry is in different scenarios like I can’t
there’s no blanket advice for one person it depends on your age it depends on
where you live and it depends on your you know how much reserves you have how
much you don’t have what your immediate needs all this is what your future needs
are I’m but this is a great you know this is a great time for you to start
thinking about those things and maybe when you were caught up in the
day-to-day of whatever that that you were doing in your day to day and now
you have an opportunity to do things slightly differently and then I would
suggest everyone one save you know should be thinking about what their
financial plan looks like for the future and you know personally I believe that
Bitcoin has a very important role to play in the future and this just
heightens the need for it in the future but at the moment remember the vast
majority of people still think that Bitcoin was just a quick way of making
money a Ponzi scheme a scam or a currency just for drug dealers that
obviously because they were just in it for a quick buck meant that in times of
uncertainty they flee to something else which creates the initial reaction but
then over time the number of use cases are to come and as this unfolds after we
get over the health crisis as we move to the financial crisis it’s going to show
more and more reasons why people would want to wait everybody would want to
spend their own money and would want a monetary policy was based upon a fixed
supply rather than an average supply or in or a different supply and so I
believe that the the utility for Bitcoin can only
increase from that over time and people are going to have to pay a higher and
higher price in order to tuitions is events like this that people start to
eventually once they get over the initial you know they start to they
start to question these things and think how can I make sure that doesn’t happen
again in a sense but if they listen if they
complied with the government all along they’ll be more likely to believe the
government’s lies about Bitcoin when this is all over – does the government’s
I can stop lying about Bitcoin and powerful entities there I mean that
narrative might be stronger than ever so I hope I just I think the the
likelihood of people being able to to think out that scenario that you just
played out will be lower if people just think at the end of the day the
government solved everything we followed the government blindly they’re gonna be
more likely to do that in the future but we’ll see it we’ll see how this all
plays out there is one good question here that I think we should that’s a
very positive question that we should end on and I am curious about this too
I’d love to hear Simon’s take on the stock the flow model of Bitcoin and if
he sees that playing out as the model predicts I don’t think anything changes
for Bitcoin certainly in the short term I think most people are expecting a bull
really throughout 2020 and this is a exponential shock to every financial
market gold Bitcoin stock market everything but the great thing about
Bitcoin is the story doesn’t actually change you know what if you look at
every single financial market the story of the bond market is about to change
the story of the stock market is about to change the story of fiat currency
changes every day at the moment but the story of Bitcoin doesn’t change because
the long-term fundamentals of Bitcoin still remain and so that whatever that
for me is the one thing that whatever we thought about Bitcoin before
still remains true in this current environment it’s just a question of if
you thought it if we were thinking or assuming that it might not have a
correlation to the stock market well we’re about to find out those things
what I do think is is counter to is the financial crisis as opposed to a stock
market crisis that crashed yes this is specifically with this question to stop
do you know this stopped the flow model that he’s talking about that’s so
popular on Twitter and everything the the the the I mean maybe yeah have you
heard of that one before because it just just did this one model everybody as so
many people worship so I think he put in your specific take on this specific
model that that is it that sound yeah he was following the model and I forgot
what the guy’s name he doesn’t even have a real easiest a Twitter handle ah
what’s the people of the chat okay okay there so that that’s uh that’s uh that’s
neither here nor there I don’t know what he’s I forgot what his name is 1
trillion oh I forgot what the guy calls himself ok yeah I have a plan he calls
himself Plan B fuller okay good good good so that that’s alright alright
I was curious though if you if you knew about the plan B just a lot of people
out there really think it’s the gospel truth and everything so I I was I wonder
you’re talking that that that’s very cool then alright
any anything out you want to conclude on then anything else to say
yeah I I definitely didn’t mean to if you felt that this came across as
negative because that’s definitely not how I feel obviously there’s a lot of
fear out there in this environment right now and I think people have two choices
like what to do with fear and one is that you can use fear in order to give
yourself the right level of protection which is the the natural human instinct
of what fear was designed for you know it was it was originally designed to
give you to take the action that you need to actually take and but many
people will be paralyzed by fear as well and that is not a place where you need
to try and get yourself out of because the reality is is that there is lots of
opportunities that can come out on the other side of this and there are lots of
things that can look and you know humankind can innovate as a result
there’s lots of assumptions that we can question that can come out at the other
side of this and I think that that is it is a very very interesting scenario
where if you can get over the fear and you can use it to give yourself a
correct level of protection based upon your perspective of what’s happening and
don’t use it to paralyze you and then you this is the time to really shows
that you think and unique things that you can bring to the world and part of
whatever your passion is and your speciality may be so what am I saying is
is Golden Age of the 2020s I think the doc the decade of 2020s is going to be a
golden age so do you feel that way that we’re just having a little bit of a
delay until the Golden Age starts we’re the decade happens to start off with a
bit of a Dark Age absolutely yeah I mean I think that there are there are great
things that can come at the end of this but I do believe this this current
situation it is something that we all have to experience in a new way that
we’ve never experienced this before but one question it was it you’re in the
past you indeed have made predictions that are I don’t put words in your mouth
here I forgot what you said the beginning of show but there would be a
big depression eventually you know there there would be some huge economic
turmoil hello how did you phrase that beforehand you know your past
predictions about video it was called the Great Depression of 20s Lente’s okay
you straight-up said that do you think there’s a part of you that since you
predicted it that you now are prone to think that we’re going we’re gonna go
down a road that will definitely there that some of your that some of the
things that you prefer in this scenario you prefer because you always knew there
was going to be a Great Depression and now finally we’re at that point where it
can happen I completely believe in the you know the power of a human mind and
that you can manifest what you think and that’s you know the you know for example
if the you know I’m not a doctor betaken at a practical level if someone believes
that they have coronavirus that can create a distaste in their body that can
create you know versus if you didn’t actually think or believe you had it
that can use your body to channel and you know things in your body that can do
things in a different way so I totally believe that the way that you channel
your mind the meaning that you give things is totally a choice you know we
can look at things in two different ways and you know with every while I might
you know find it interesting that I there was a few videos that I gave about
a long time ago and things actually unfolded the way that I thought that
they might actually unfold I’m always conscious of ensuring that I keep my
mind open to new possibilities and new opportunities and every time that I
thought that something will definitely definitely happen and quickly Marcus
have been amazing in the last decade of proving people wrong including myself
when you apply too much logic to certain things and the crypto market can just do
the complete opposite and now I think that we’re seeing that in markets
globally and you know certainly I don’t think you have to go into a great
depression the point of the video was that there is the potential to go into a
great depression and but I also believe that there are solutions out there and
we don’t need to you know the technological innovation that brought us
into a unique time in human history whereby level of innovation that
of solutions and things that we can come up with you know can really take a
different path to what might happen if you if you let it ride out alright I I
want you to send me a link to that video by the way they’re great to pursue it
will be linked to below so you’ll get to see this this video Simon’s is talking
about well long term we know things are going to humanity will survive to your
people so take that as a positive take away and bitcoin is here to stay it is
not the having is happening it can’t get cancelled so Simon thank you very much
for being on the show today everybody remember you get a new show here every
day you never know who’s gonna all the sudden appear it’s awesome dudes pound
that like button bang a belly button and of course please retweet this out spread
the word on social media about this that Simon was was on Adams show today it was
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course was there’s a new show every day thank you very much Simon for being on
thank you alright


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