The 1 Bitcoin Show- Spend Litecoin? Brhodium, MoneroV, Tether, FUD preference? Steemit Andreas!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
February the 4th 2018 apparently the
Superbowl ended yeah the Eagles won who
cares come on people have a strong hand
delayed gratification this is home of
long-term crypto thinking all right
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okay so all crypto currencies are down
oh yeah we’ve been talking about this
reoccurring theme for like a week now
but most people just like attack Bitcoin
when such market turbulence is going on
so when all Kryptos are down like the re
brings up a different type of fudge stir
the no pointer and we talked about the
no corner now when Bitcoin and is going
up but all the other all coins are going
up faster or some of them are excuse me
then we have another type of bug ster
that’s like the bitcoin is dead my fit
to your alt coin is the new coin so what
type of funster do you prefer do you
like the no coin ER or do you like the
50 r alt corner the IC o—- person I
think do you like the outsiders who
rippled Bitcoin are the insiders in
crypto or the supposed insiders the
people who actually own other crypto
currencies I don’t know which type of
funster I prefer but I do it’s funny to
think of it that way lose you
see what a joke they are that he’s just
fun and it’s just noise is just it’s
just stuff to be ignored and I don’t
know some of you are just way too much
into uh you know you worry about the
price and you let people make you worry
have a strong hand you have a weak hand
if you are able to if other people are
able to make your worry don’t don’t let
other people make your worry alright
pound that like button if you’re getting
psyched it’s spring training is just a
few weeks away
that’s just don’t we that’s the way to
look at life people one thing is another
think life is always moving the world is
always moving there are always
opportunities so what you your team your
football team might have been the worst
but your baseball team might be the most
awesome this year who knows what’s next
or maybe your soccer team out in England
or wherever you dudes are alright so uh
what do we have here
all cryptocurrencies your dad yeah I
just said that Adam alright so uh so
here’s an impulsive tweet or it tweet
about people being impulsive remember
don’t be impulsive people okay this is
from silver watchdog millions of newbies
who didn’t get a hundred thousand
dollars are losing the hope and will be
throwing in the towel well dude I
wouldn’t say millions of newbies are
about the throw out of town but you’re
right there are people who are just
impulsive out there like oh I bought so
high now it’s dropped in terms of
dollars oh I’ll just give up and sell
now that is the worst thing to do buy
high sell low what what planet are you
on man clearly you’re a noob either like
life in general and financing you don’t
deserve to to be wealthy I guess if
you’ve got that type of attitude and I
hope none of
all of you can take a step back and see
how silly that is you just don’t sell
because something dropped in terms of
dollars in terms of Fiat you still have
to say another Bitcoin and in fact if
you watch this channel and you
understand Bitcoin crypto dividends you
stick around you’re gonna get your beep
private soon enough you’re gonna have
more Bitcoin soon so the price keeps on
dropping in in terms of dollars who
cares you’re getting more bitcoin value
your wealth in Bitcoin like I do if your
value your wealth in Bitcoin now that is
matters at all and none of this matters
a lot to me all this dollar drop engine
oh you guys with the price asking me
these questions about the price of this
dude you’re about to get more Bitcoin
because of be private all right and be
rhodium also we’re gonna talk about be
rhodium in a second here I haven’t
mentioned it in a while there they had a
road map that came out that I tweeted
out you gotta follow me at Tech
vault-tec HB alt on Twitter
I have 9,000 followers there thanks a
lot dudes will be at 10,000 soon enough
bring it on now man like button no
seriously if you’re watching this show
right now is it if it’s live it’s not
locked well if it’s live if you’re
watching this live do a super chat and
I’ll answer the questions man otherwise
if you’re if you’re over there in the
chat baby I don’t know what the heck
you’re saying uh but but seriously
I’ll both this video subscribe to the
channel and check out the notes section
below and get pumped dude be happy
you’re freakin alive look at the have a
strong freaking hand these are their
people before you know they’re like Adam
we need your strong hand reassurance and
you know that’s flattering it’s really
flattering that you need my strong hand
reassurance but you believe in it
believe in it you don’t need me to tell
you it’s awesome you know that one
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin and you value
your wealth and bitcoin live it love it
baby and you know what if
supera ball meant a lot to you then
you’re not living it yet man that’s not
what life is that’s up you’re playing
into the mainstream there if you care
about that stuff really all right I know
it’s fun to have a pastime it’s no it’s
fun it’s fun to have distractions but if
you really were obsessed with it and
you’re ready to beat someone now because
you lost a lot of money first of all
that’s gambling right there shouldn’t be
gambling completely ridiculous
look at that you bet a hundred dollars
on the Patriots you should have spent a
hundred dollars buying Bitcoin for God’s
sakes you long-term thinking you’d be
much happier 2020 you’re not even gonna
remember who won the Super Bowl in 2018
and 2020 seriously if I say to you hey
dude who won that Super Bowl in 2018
you’re not gonna remember right away
most of you will not although on some
people get so into sports that they can
remember like I can name every World
Series winner since 1956
I don’t be that guy I got waited to pay
to the baseball when I was younger sorry
but hey it’s statistically baseball is
the best sport to be in well if you want
to understand statistics be familiar
with numbers in my experience it gets
your mind in in a way in a mindset to be
familiar with numbers that gets you
better with finance so baseball at least
that’s my excuse for following baseball
oh yeah it’s gotten me better with
finance sure
come on Orioles you know what baby women
waiting patiently since 1983 it will
happen again they will return and that
just is the attitude you have have to
have a Bitcoin it will return some
people say it’s down now it shall return
in terms of dollars but again Val your
wealth in Bitcoin this video is now
officially going to go long because I
didn’t mean to talk about all that stuff
all right like pay and light and light
pal these payment processors for
litecoin people are
talking about I mean including including
the great Charlie Lee or tweeting out
about it I linked to these payment
processors for light for litecoin below
alright let that light pay might be
coming out this week it’s pumped it
pumped up the price temporarily in terms
of Bitcoin the litecoin value has gone
up and again you’ve got a value about
them in Bitcoin but dude why do you want
to spend your light coin it’s so light
so it gets a lot easier for merchants to
accept like coin why do you want to sell
it oh right you know what this is so
technology just sent two dollars over
super chat and he said thoughts on LTC
and like pay coming out soon how
coincidental dude man you raise your uh
you read my mind I break what I was
about to talk about it he sends me that
thing I’m not talking about it because
he sent me the two dollars I’m talking
about as I was gonna talk about it but
technology thank you for the two dollars
in this super chat you’re awesome and
well here’s my opinion um man no don’t
don’t waste your light coin on the
coffee I mean it makes people it’s just
to buy the rumor thing people will talk
be talking about oh it’s great now
litecoin is accepted by more merchants I
guess that’s great don’t be an 80
percenter and give up your light coin to
spending on Bitcoin to spend on coffee
turn it into the bitcoins what I’d say
is the best thing to do with your light
point secondarily best thing to do with
your light point is to hold your light
point because it’s going to do better
than in terms of those ten cash in the
bank or I mean you’re gonna spend so
what you’re gonna spend some light coin
on some coffee because you’re happy now
you’re happy that there’s a something
called light pay or light and light pal
but in a in the year 2020 or after the
2019 the light coin having learn what
these having’s are you’re gonna be like
oh man I spent fifty dollars on coffee
or whatever it’s gonna be I don’t know
how much like coins gonna go up in terms
of dollars by the year 2020 and it might
not go up in terms of
Bitcoin so oh well
but still litecoin is a top-tier
cryptocurrency it will be around in the
year 2020
it’s not something to throw away all
coffee but hey it’s a by the rumor type
of thing
so whatever there you go but uh and you
know what adds legitimacy to the
litecoin brand I guess which makes it a
better test net for Bitcoin in a long
I’m not I’m not a light coin hater at
all I I’m a guy that you know what if
you watch this enough you know and got
you know what people are I just saw I
looked at the chat and the great Russ is
there Russell is great and he brought up
Richard Hart and people are bringing up
Richard Hart to me over um through
various means people have emailed me I
have not watched his video I’m not gonna
watch that video actually because
supposedly he’s dead he’s a downer
why would watch a video where he’s down
about their corner good why why I mean
has he changed his mind so Russ let me
put it to you this way and I think
Richard might even agree with me on this
Russ is a guy that’s been on my show
before Richard is a guy that’s been on
my show before okay
they both have opinions about Bitcoin
they’re both smart guys and they’re both
entitled to their opinions okay and
that’s about it so am i I’m tied to the
Elven title of mine also one is not one
opinion is not better than another and
you know I think if Richards down about
Bitcoin if he sold but if he I don’t
think he saw I think he’s a holder I
don’t know watch this video about about
watching it I don’t have time to see you
know you know I see I’ve seen his tweets
like let’s put it that way
I’ve seen his tweaked slightly maybe
down seems like he’s down maybe and you
know you don’t he can’t get emotionally
because of what has gone down in terms
of dollars
he was really euphoric about Bitcoin you
know Satan was gonna be hit 20k was with
Max Keiser show or whatever you can’t
change I mean he’s gonna be a rock man
gotta be a rock dude you gotta be a rock
beer and if you’re not gonna be rock
well you’re entitled not to be a rock
but guys if he’s not me if he’s not
being a rock then maybe something’s
going on in his life I don’t know but a
minute listen there’s a lot of opinions
out there watch Russ’s Channel for God’s
sakes russ has got some great stuff out
Russ Richard did their names boo started
with our but both as good as nip of
smart men and yeah that’s the best bet I
that’s what I have to say about Richard
there’s a lot of great personalities out
there and you know I like Richard a
lycra he’s different he’s different it’s
definitely a difference got it he’s a
unique guy I like the unique guys as you
meet people out there it’s mostly guys
it’s mostly guys in this space I’m not
gonna lie
all right what else do we have here
Barry down in New Zealand sent me a site
that I linked to below crypto are calm
um it seems legitimate I don’t I don’t
know about the safety per se behind it
it’s pretty cool it’s pretty cool but
I’m not endorsing it as being is safe
but look into it crypto
and I always like art and crypto
currency you know I’ve always I’ve been
involved with the art community involved
in Baltimore for quite quite some time
people always think I’m an artist
because of my crazy hair and everyone
thought I was artists of I’m a creative
guy I am creative there you go that’s
better I was about to say I’m an artist
of cryptocurrency
I’m creative person and I’ve enjoyed
being around crypto in creative people
in my life and
I’ve been close to some artistic ladies
but again you can’t value your well
again those are just stories of the past
stories of the past don’t value your
wealth in terms of the opposite sex no
no it just ends up a story of the past
value your wealth and bitcoin baby all
right so uh Andreas Antonopoulos is on
Steam it for real and apparently he’s
been on since July of 2016 I think he he
probably set that up to protect his
brand but he just did his first post and
it immediately earned like a thousand a
thousand dollars in steam or steamed
back dollars remember never buy steam
back dollars or steam but go on their
post your stop post your content like he
did he posts it on there to tell people
that there are a lot of people
impersonating him out there and that
this is really him so cool that’s
bullish for the steam at platform I
think if Andreas spoke up over there and
you know what you have nothing to lose
with time by posting your content on
steam it and I’ll mention you if you if
you receive me and you tell me you got
your stuff going on that’s a great way
to support the bitcoinmeister here just
upvote me on there resi me on there but
again I’ve got cryptocurrency links
below if you want to sync with the
currency or whatever and if you want to
do the super chat now that’s cool also
what else do we have here and speaking
of steam it Andy Hoffman is a guy who
does great on steam it so check him out
but he’s got a new video out on YouTube
talking about the psychology of Bitcoin
it’s it’s pretty cool I like it you know
I love Andy Hoffman man one of my
favorite personalities in the space
that’s a dude and you know he we’ve got
different opinions on a lot of things
also but he’s he’s a he’s a rock man
he’s a rock of the Bitcoin space so
check him out below his new video crypto
gold central com is a great service that
he he’s doing and he does all he does
to patients also a dimitra’s or help
calm if you want to email if you need a
crypto consultation pound that light
button and here is it I already talked
about the Super Bowl in spring training
coming up so yeah like life goes on
people life goes on and another thing is
life goes on with Bitcoin too it’s you
might be complaining it you might be
down today about Bitcoin you shouldn’t
be but tomorrow you might be up again or
when spring training starts you might be
oh god Florida and Arizona gonna be on
fire soon with baseball talk you know it
so don’t be distracted by the anxiety of
others that was a random title of a
YouTube video that came up in my feed I
don’t even know what it’s about
I don’t link to it below because I don’t
even check it out but I thought that was
a great title don’t be distracted by the
anxiety of others so if Richard is
having some anxiety now don’t be
distracted by it don’t be distracted by
anyone’s anxiety and anxiety that means
you’re going to have anxiety also and
you don’t want to have anxiety you want
to be happy so here’s something that
might induce some anxiety though then he
lingham retweeted this and this you know
this reveals a little bit about his
personality and I don’t agree with part
of it but I’m gonna read it the amount
of scams Ponzi hacks phishing currently
going on in the crypto market is insane
I agree with that it’s hurting the
market and something needs to be done
wait a second
something needs to be done and that’s
implying like government interventive
gris with that is it hurting the market
it’s hurting 80 percenters but I’m not
here to like bailout 80 percenters I’m
not here to be the 80 percenters mother
okay and that’s where I think lingham
and I differ on a lot of things he feels
bad for the poor people the 80
percenters he wants there to be a
solution to help I mean do you
the visual responsibilities individual
responsibilities here it’s not some man
the masses don’t control these people
okay I go back to the tweet and this is
not Vinny’s tweet he retweeted this it’s
like a cancer it needs to leave the body
before it can be healthy again now we’re
going to have these stems and these
hacks and this these fishing and all
this stuff we’re going to have this
so the cryptocurrency body is is going
to be what we can’t remove it from the
cryptocurrency body so we’re gonna it’s
gonna be healthy knowledge people
knowledge is the cure to this cancer all
right not not having the government come
in and saying you know we’re going after
these fissures or these Ponzi people or
these hackers or whoever you can’t be
greedy you have to be long-term I
thought long term thinker and you just
can’t give away your private key to
someone who says they’re gonna give you
free or they’re gonna give you your B
what’s one one one of these I can’t
think okay I’m not thinking of the
Bitcoin the bitcoins fork that a lot of
people got tricked into well people got
tricked and be gold but uh people be
diamond B diner look at this I had a
mind a mind moment they’re a senior
that’s what my grandmother says that
she’s has her senior moment she’s 95
years old she still thinks clearly she
still drives a car my grandmother is
back to driving a car again by the way
she she had a back issue but she’s back
on the streets of Baltimore County no
you know the government says that my
grandmother’s driver’s license expires
when she the day she turns a hundred
years old yes when my grandmother was 92
or Brit before she turned 92 she renewed
her driver’s license and the wise
government said oh you have your
driver’s license till you’re a hundred
so then you know what gut went when the
government but that’s a government thing
right there so you know they just let
people drive until they’re on
and blindly and they we don’t need them
blindly coming in and telling us what’s
cool and what’s not cool in
cryptocurrency but people you got to
learn some people learn from other
people’s mistakes learn from other
people’s mistakes there’s a lot of
people making mistakes mistakes in the
state in in the space right now we don’t
we don’t need mother government’s or
daddy government or daddy whoever to
tell us to bail us out here all right
enough of that
this but speaking of danger speaking and
again you got to learn you have to learn
here’s something to learn with when
monaro V comes out finally you want to
be you know a safe place to store your
monaro relatively safe a relative
because again it’s an online wallet but
my Manero calm and another one people
are talking about is Manero address org
I link to them below spell them
correctly because there are so many
scams out there where you miss when you
don’t spell them correctly you end up at
a page where and this is one of the
prongs with the Monaro where they steal
because you enter in your private key
they immediately steal all your Manero
there will be many fake Manero v web
wallets so be extremely careful before
March the 7th follow their reddit follow
their Twitter so you know the official
the official mut Manero be wallet follow
me ok but it should be a pretty easy
transition from where you’re storing
your Mineiro
to using your mineiro the web wallet
when it finally comes out okay but again
it’s not out there will be people making
fake ones just playing on people being
impulsive and impatient
be patient people it’s all going to come
out be extremely careful
when it comes to this alright be classic
remember that was that a B uh yeah Abby
– crypto dividend well they have a new
tweet out so they’re alive they’re on
the bisque exchange I mean it’s funny
someone actually bought in solo beat
clash they really need to get on to a
real exchange for this to be any in any
way legitimate it’s still a big joke but
it’s a funny joke I linked to their
tweet below and that’s a little extra
thing for the day there’s an old video
of mine that I linked to below those of
you who like the archives and like
strong hand videos and it’s when Bitcoin
first Scott I’m in the pool in Spain in
October when I think Bitcoin was getting
close to $6,000 it’s hilarious I say the
same stuff there all the way up in terms
of fiat value as I’ve been saying you
know when bitcoins been going down in
value that we’re gonna have good days
we’re gonna have bad days you just gotta
have a strong hand and you got a profit
off of your crypto dividends and just
value or wealth and Bitcoin and get more
and more crypto dividends and turn me in
the Bitcoin so I’m you know yesterday
last night there was an earthquake here
I’m on the 14th floor of this building
I’m obviously I grew up in the East
Coast in Baltimore so when I was a
little kid it was a really minor
earthquake it felt like a truck drove by
or something in the year 2011 we
actually had an earthquake in Bitcoin
that but in Bitcoin in Baltimore that
was a little weird it shit was it was
big for the East Coast I mean everybody
was talking about it from Washington of
the Baltimore and I was once in Los
Angeles when there was a minor
earthquake what happened last night
it was long I had enough time to think
about to myself wow I hope the Taiwanese
build building stronger than the Chinese
I see everything is moving here I mean
you thought you thought that swaying
back and forth I really can’t explain it
to you it was unbelievable
there was aftershock afterwards I bring
this up just because you never know with
life you never know what’s gonna happen
I mean I really had time to think like
you know picture scary things in your
head that’s how long it lasted so there
is real you know take care of your real
life stuff before you worry about your
finances try to stay healthy you never
know when life is gonna take a crazy
turn and just die use Bitcoin as
financial insurance you know if the
building do not collapse what you did
not then that my life would have went on
and you know I would have been able to
and life has gone on for me but Bitcoin
can be a light and insurance policy and
you know the thing is it had the
building collapse hadn’t has been a
really major earthquake it was a five
point would it end up be a five point
six or five point seven you know had had
I died or something horrible I did I had
not told my family the correct ways of
getting all the Bitcoin than I have and
it was just a reminder it’s just a
reminder you should take if you are a
holder a Bitcoin yeah talk to your
family about teach teach them how to how
to get their Bitcoin alright so happened
your Bitcoin I wish you have left to
them because again I I am a young guy
I’m a healthy guy but had that been a
bigger earthquake and they did not build
this building correctly and shout out to
the Taiwanese for building great
buildings strong buildings that just go
back and forth but um yeah my family
would be very sad that I’d be dead and
they would not get my Bitcoin exactly
I’ve told them some things all right so
be rhodium the roadmap is out and and
also in their in their tweet that I
linked to below and in their roadmap
there’s going to be an opportunity for
people to correct the you know if they
messed up with the signing you’ll be
able to correct it their block explorers
coming up and much more is revealed in
the be rhodium roadmap so check that out
I can’t answer all your questions about
that but contact them I really hope they
get on the exchange soon and I really
can’t wait until we have some price
discovery see how much be rhodium is
valued by it by the market people and by
the people in the market and yeah you
got it for free hopefully I don’t buy
anything that I can get for free as you
know I don’t buy steam I don’t buy these
crypto dividends as I get them for free
baby alright and yeah with these Forks
there’s a lot of confusion people are
asking me again what should they do with
the Monaro V what should they do and I
say here what you should do but hey if
you need one-on-one consultation I’d be
happy to help
email me at a dimitra’s or help calm I
can give you step by step on what and we
can talk on what you should do with
every crypt of dividend what everyone’s
about I mean we can have a long our
conversation just you’re gonna learn a
lot it’s a lot of fun I enjoy doing them
but again they’re paid consultations
dudes life ain’t free I mean these
videos are free keep I mean if you want
to learn watch the videos for free if
you know if you want to pay we’ll do the
crip of consultation uh what else do we
do we have here oh yeah it’s funny when
they when they when they tweeted out the
roadmap for B rhodium Rhett of be
private he said why don’t they call it a
roadmap and he spelled out Rho D and
that was pretty funny
a little bit of crypto dividend humor
between some crypto dividend people of
course Rhett is behind be private we’re
all getting pumped about be private
which is February 28th is that fourth
date but hey man I gotta make a video
about putting pressure on on big tracks
and Trez more and ledger and everybody I
got to do a separate you know be private
video that should be that should be
soon hopefully maybe I’ll make that when
I’m in Darwin Australia if you’re in
Darwin Australia let’s hang out I doubt
many people who want or any people who
watch this video are in Darwin Australia
prove me wrong Darwin Australia all
right finally finally well first of all
check out this week in Bitcoin it was
awesome check out my archives they’re
all linked to below but finally here’s a
tweet about tether because that was in
the title of this video also also tether
is probably not being used to manipulate
price but without specific knowledge I
also want to be storing my money there
mostly due to the possibility of future
regulatory action and not distrust of
BitFenix alright so there you go people
you can you can be a person who is not
out there – fun bit Phenix because of
this tether stuff and you might not even
be a tether buster but it’s centralized
like it or not and and then we have
people up you know I talked above about
people who want there to be regulation
of all sorts so we have people calling
for regulation of all sorts we have
something that’s centralised it
definitely is something that is
susceptible to government intervention
so I don’t know either
how anyone can can keep any of their
value in something that the government
could come in one day and just shut down
that is the glory of Bitcoin it the
government can’t calm down and shut it
they can’t blackmail the guy who made it
because the guy who made it no one knows
who it is he’s probably dead maybe is
dead he’s good as good as dead because
he’s silent he doesn’t move around
anything so there you go there’s your
tether thought of the day people have
asked me about tether the only thing I
care about tether is don’t own any
tether don’t go like don’t store your
value in it there’s no point there’s no
point you’re only asking there’s only a
downside to it there’s there you go so
long-term thinking all right pound that
like button Adam everyone say pound that
like button add a Meister yeah of course
no I actually don’t pound the like
button on my own videos I’d like to see
the statistics I don’t like to skew the
statistics at all
that’s really pretty yeah taken it to an
extreme there but dude I’m an extreme
guy if you guys are familiar with this
channel I’m extreme I love it I love
living life
I’m extremely patient though and I’m
extremely long-term thinking type of guy
I’m extremely cheap on certain things
too it shouldn’t be extremely cheap I
really got to get over that all right so
i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister this
dry faster remember you got by at least
you gotta be self-critical be
self-critical it be willing to make that
you’re not perfect and you know try to
correct try to learn check out the note
section below remember subscribe this
video this channel I’ll say hi to you
guys in the chat I’m messing up my
classic goodbye bye


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