The 1 Bitcoin Show- Take care of your family with Bitcoin

Hello everyone this is adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister the son of mel meister the son
of albert meister the son of Samuel
meister the son of Mars meister the son
of Zachariah master boy of a faraway
land a Jewish man of a faraway land
whose descendants came here and
unfortunately I I’m happy to be back in
Baltimore but when I landed this morning
I received the horrific news that my
father Mel Meister had suddenly died so
the funeral is on Friday there will not
be this week in Bitcoin show on Friday
there won’t be a show on Friday and as
you all know I I do a show every day of
the year it can’t be done on Friday and
out of respect for my father but I am
doing a show today because I mean I want
to show everyone you know life goes on
and I have a tremendous commitment to
Bitcoin in a conviction in a belief in
all of this and there are some things I
could talk about with in terms of my
and Bitcoin he did not own any Bitcoin
my father knew about the amount of
Bitcoin that I have and he was very very
proud that he knew that you know I had
an I had thought long term and I had
planned and I would be able to take care
of this family no matter what happened
and so he knew that um Bitcoin was the
future is the future
and so um we talked about some and it
just he you know it was this obviously
he died very suddenly but he knew that
he raised kids that planned and then I
particular with uh when we talked about
this at this would that you know if
something would happen to him or he
would not have to worry at all and that
is something that is interesting about
Bitcoin and if you believe in it you’re
a long-term thinker and then you know
that if something does go wrong then it
will you know in the future it is gonna
take care of a lot of people it’s gonna
help a lot of families and I know
um I’m happy about that i I am quite
pleased about that um and obviously I’m
very happy that he had no worries bad up
you know that his his family would be
always taken care of so and you excuse
the emotion I mean I landed in US and
here in Baltimore and Ivan that the
flight was a very long long flights in
he passed away you know sometime when I
was in there so I had to find out you
know a sibling of mine told me when I
landed but I I want to I do I want to
say another thing up with long term
thinking and Bitcoin something I always
talked about on this show I said you
know I am not selling anything until
after the twenty twenty having but I
would always say I want to get my dad a
Tesla I want to my dad a Tesla in 2021
and I realized you don’t want to come
back over what driving through uh on the
highways of Baltimore I realized you
know I I never told my father then I
wanted to get hit a Tesla
but my mom sometimes watches this show
and she’d watch the show where I spoke
about the Tesla and she did she told him
so he knew he knew that uh I I want to
get him and uh know you know one day
I’ll get all my nieces and nephew just
cars or something like that but again
for me it’s you know obviously the
family is very important to me and
superficial things are not important to
me and I think if you can get in that
mindset it’s easier to be able to save
and to look to the future and so uh
my father didn’t have any bit coming but
uh his situation it reminds us that you
know things can change very fast in a
person’s life your husband can die your
brother can die or your son could die
god forbid and you do have to plan you
have to plan economically for when
you’re not around and so this is a lot
of crypto people have not planned and
even if you don’t have crypto and you’re
watching this plan my father did you
know there’s insurance policies and
stuff and there’s a box somewhere and um
go through the box but again this is
this is a reminder 89 there’s there’s uh
there’s there is more to life than on
the petty arguments all on the internet
over uh over all sorts of wild things
out there so but again please if you if
you are a Bitcoin person do plan ahead
and so you’re because everybody dies
everybody does die uh and it can be very
exciting and very surprising so me doing
the show today and I hopefully I’ll do
it tomorrow again Friday is we’re not
gonna be no show on Friday
I just I I want to show all of you the
the commitment and the conviction I have
for big corn and that I maybe I’ve got
the strongest of hands I don’t know I
don’t know it’s you know less than 24
hours I believe for the official I think
my father died 24 hours ago about and
I’m here I’m here I want to I want to
share this story for you with you guys
so you can you know I’ll take some some
meaning from it and I do want you to
understand that this this is definitely
the future and I believe in it so much
that I want to you know share this
personal story with everyone and I knew
I have to explain to everyone because I
mean there might be other shows that I I
might not
well Friday should you have to know why
there’s not gonna be a Friday show my
dad’s funerals
there will be no Friday’s show but my
I’m very you know I’m very regular for
my shows I do a show every day and you
can check out the archives it disrupt
meister calm and of course i’m i’m going
to be me I’m going to say panel that
like button I don’t want to I don’t want
to leave a show with it without saying
that but you know I’m Thanksgiving you
know have have a good time with your
family I think and you don’t have to
celebrate it on Thursday or Friday or
saying you do whenever whenever it’s
convenient for you but yeah this
actually my father meant the world to me
and I’m sharing that I that I can you
know get through this and still you know
be like you know the world is not I
still believe in the long term future
because I know this thing is gonna take
care of my family I’ll take care of my
my father’s family so which is my family
of course and so think of it that way in
terms of in terms of the long term that
you know it is some very important
person in your life that you care about
leaves you before the 20/20 having or
2024 having no
you know this Bitcoin is going to help
their descendants it’s gonna help you
and it is it is a rock to build to build
the realm so I’m just here to uh hey
show you that I am here and I’m I’m not
giving up on anything here man this is
the future is bright it’s a shame that
we all can’t see the future but um you
know my father knew the future and uh
yeah he created some really smart kids
and something he was we’re very proud of
so uh yeah that’s that’s about it
my hand is still strong nothing nothing
can weaken my hand there are obviously
bigger things in life Bitcoin Aryeh the
the Fiat price and this the other but
think long term think long term as I
always say all sorts of things can
happen and uh but yeah I mean for the
long term my family’s in a very good
shape because of the Bitcoin because of
the Bitcoin and my my father did believe
in it because I believed in it so uh
yeah that’s about it I think I hope
everyone has a good time with our family
and you treasure every moment that’s
I’ve said that all my other shows before
you know just you know a life goes by
real fast thinking it goes by real fast
and uh you never know what happens
someone sent a super chat that’s very
frank Cass canteen gas to Dini in a San
Francisco ten dollars he said he said he
said we’re all human and lost happens so
sorry Adam uh you did a great job
raising your Bitcoin strong hands here
love you yeah I love you too friends I
love all you guys and it’s uh you know I
had to read all my real world people
hearing in Baltimore it’ll be great to
see there I mean
it’s I appreciate the support whether it
be in person or all my internet friends
– I I really do
strong freight it a this whole thing
this whole thing makes my hand stronger
and it makes me more of a long-term
thinker anybody makes me also realize
how you know quickly it can it can all
go away so it’s been a little bit like a
Saturday show today so take again I’ll
be back I’ll do a show tomorrow I’ll do
it on something who knows but no no
Friday show and so just subscribe to the
channel town that like button
I’m Adam I should bake or measure this
raw oyster alright and I am I’m still
gonna be still gonna be telling you guys
just think a little turner but the
bitcoin dudes alright i will say hello
to to all of you in the chat


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