The 1 Bitcoin Show- The HTML era of BTC, halving talk, the BTC ruler, volatility collapse?

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February the 24th 2019 strong hand now your wealth in Bitcoin offended by
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that’s me world reserve cryptocurrency ok apex predators check out yesterday’s
beyond Bitcoin show but check out Friday’s this weekend Bitcoin show Simon
Dixon was a great guest it was only some eviction Dixon this rotmeister comm tech
comm check it out he talked about gold and silver they’re not being
incorporated by Samsung or or other companies uh they’re there so many
entities out there that are incorporating Bitcoin into their
products the same cannot be said about gold and silver think about that that
was one of the great points that he brought up on the show it’s an hour show
listen to the whole thing at a 2 X and it’s only takes you 30 minutes so check
that out he also he how people are experimenting with cute-cutesy lightning
things now and it’s reminiscent of the early days with Bitcoin when people were
messing around with small transactions it’s the same type of vibe and it’s very
interesting seeing history repeat itself and yeah I guess lightning networks
trying to be the next Bitcoin although it is Bitcoin and Bitcoin is the next
Bitcoin and now I’m confusing myself but you’ll get the point if you watch the
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this is a great tweet by Sampson mal one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin alone doesn’t
make for sound money the point Economist’s miss is that bitcoin is like
a ruler finite supply allows us to measure other things fiat supply keeps
growing so measuring in dollars is meaningless can’t measure things with a
ruler that keeps changing value your wealth and bitcoin people great point
great point if the ruler keeps changing how can you measure anything with
Bitcoin it’s 21 million it doesn’t change that’s why one Bitcoin equals one
Bitcoin and also the general concept of one Bitcoin equals one big please just
value your wealth Andy Quinn I know I don’t care what it’s worth of dollars
that’s what you’re saying that’s what you’re stating it’s a pretty simple
thing I don’t care what it’s where the Dodge
I am just trying to get more Bitcoin cuz I believe that’s the real money and
that’s what I want I’m valuing my wealth of bigger but that’s another way of
looking at it from Sampson now he expands upon
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin thank you very much Sam sir now he has been on
this weekend Bitcoin before so speaking you know I mentioned uh don’t say my
name just buy bitcoins says someone who sent me two dollars on the super chat
well thank you someone I won’t say your name don’t say
my name just say Bitcoin Bitcoin exactly who cares about names bitcoin is the
name no in cryptocurrency so on set yesterday’s show is lose the be on
Bitcoin show so I talked about a lot of subjects beyond Bitcoin obviously I’m
not going to talk about the Bitcoin price with a bit on the beyond Bitcoin
show but right before the show starts someone in the chat says ‘add oh but but
you do Bitcoin just pump two $4,100 and I was at whoa I had no idea I because I
again I value my wealth and Bitcoin I don’t even really look at the Fiat price
that much especially when I’m preparing for the V on Bitcoin show but on the
show and you can watch it yesterday it is the start of yesterday’s show and I
said you know what it goes it goes up a lot it could be $4,100 today and maybe
it’s going to go down by $500 tomorrow found that like but anyway then see I
said hey you know and that’s the thing I said I’ve said this a million times it’s
a rollercoaster hey they’re gonna be days it goes up by a lot they’re gumming
days it goes down by $500 why does it do it who knows who cares your value wealth
in Bitcoin but it was funny that well I did say ends up happening today
apparently so we have oh so this is a hood this pertains to to that a little
bit this is from Bill for the collapse in volatility on Bitcoin would be
consistent with the fast money speculators being shaken out and only
holders remaining have been near bottoms after big draw downs in the past well I
will say this I believe fast money speculators are hot Hubbard shaking out
and a lot of them have run away to Bitcoin mommies know they brought who
knows I don’t know bitcoin mommies are the
people that say oh no you can’t say that you can’t say that about Bitcoin are you
you can’t like another coin besides Bitcoin but you’re going back to this
topic has there really been a true collapse in volatility well there been
lots of days where Bitcoin hasn’t moved very much but I mean yeah look just just
today went down that was some volatility today there was definitely some
volatility is it it doesn’t happen as often as it did in the past no it
doesn’t so it’s definitely a sign that uh you know though the holders are
holding their ground I am I’m a holder of last resort I go down with the ship
baby if it goes to zero I’m going it’s not going to zero but if it went says
here I would go down with there’s some there are many just like me and what
we’ll talk about you know events we’ll talk about that a little later on but
that is a that is an interesting tweet but it is it is interesting I guess
volatility has died down a bit so for all you feel free Sam maybe it’s uh
maybe this it’s the bottom okay yeah okay
twenty twenty having dudes and that’s what I that’s what I’m thinking about I
don’t care what day the bottom happens in 2019 or 2020 just I mean if you value
your wealth a bit when you’re getting more Bitcoin and you don’t really care
about exact specific dates now someone I think sent me a DM and pointed out I
think Jesse Smollett a guy that bribed some no he paid some guys to to fake an
attack on him I think it cost him like thirty five hundred dollars to pay them
he could have bought a Bitcoin with that he would have been a much better idea
that you see that’s the difference between long-term thinkers and
short-term thinkers he spends his $35 $3,500 with something that’s completely
ridiculous that’s going to blue tents he doesn’t think down the road that he’s
going to get caught when it’s so obvious if he was long-term thicker he’d be like
okay let me get into this new asset class and in the future but he wanted to
get more money remember the reason he apparently I’ve heard and I’ve tried not
to hear about this thing but it’s all over the news the reason he he hoaxed
was he wanted to get a raise that’s not how you
well but by hoaxing well actually now victimhood hooked hoaxing does seem to
help some people but it’s not you get busted eventually it’s not proper
long-term thinking if you think down the road you know oh I’m gonna get busted or
not do that better to do something that is sound
that’s Bitcoin right there did that would have been his raise that would be
this right he should have been whatever not a smart guy bottom line not not not
a Bitcoin guy bottom line don’t be a Jesse
be a bit be a twenty-percent found that like button alright so yeah thank you
for pointing that out bad use of $3500 paying dudes to fate hopes you Bitcoin
much much better use of 3,500 now I’d say we are I was thinking about HTML the
other day we’re in the HTML era of Bitcoin there you there was a time I
think you’re probably even in like 2001 still where if you wanted to put
something on the internet you had to know HTML that’s how you created a web
page yeah it was complex in the old days had to know HTML had know how to upload
it where you had to have something that could that could host it and then
eventually it became me they were blogs there were there were web page makers it
got really easy to add your piece to the internet but in the old days you had to
know this HTML language and know how to upload it etc that’s where we are in
Bitcoin now like you basically and that wasn’t something everyone was he hardly
anyone had a web page back in the day their web presence back in the day
eventually companies had web presences they paid someone to do the HTML for
them so that that’s where we are right now in Bitcoin if you it’s company that
are technical that drive people away that drove people away from the web that
had to you couldn’t add on to it and once once you could simply add on to it
oh my god then I mean newspapers became what they are today nothing you know
ever you could be your own newspaper you could be so much once they got a read it
got away from the HTML era of the internet what will once we get rid of
the go away move on from the HTML era a Bitcoin just imagine I’m the financial
innovation that you can’t you really can’t I mean again you could not predict
social media in the era of HTML you could not predict social media but but
one again you now there’s social media you don’t mean HTML imagine if you still
needed HTML you wouldn’t have jesse and crew all right so uh let’s see
and gadlight like toasters obviously they benefit greatly from social media
in the old days if you were gonna hope she you have to tell a newspaper you
have to get attention somehow now you just put it on Twitter BAM yeah
there’s there’s good and bad that comes with the the simplifying technology for
people and but we need to simplify Bitcoin for people and it is going to
happen we’re going to leave the HTML era of Bitcoin so Alec Alec zip Kooskia
realize i up mints oh god i cannot pronounce that dude’s name he’s old
twitter again everything i linked to everything i talk about it’s linked to
below by the way you can tell us a little later here it’s like 12 21 here
every night every Sunday night my shows are later because I go to the Bitcoin
Embassy in Tel Aviv I’ve been in Tel Aviv for almost three months now it’s
blasting there was a birthday party there tonight and yeah it’s always a fun
time talking everyone there so but it it what ends up happening is my Sunday
shows are on later and I’m tired because it’s almost 12:30 and I’m going to go to
sleep but there’s a new show here every day I don’t care where I am I’m doing a
new show here every day maybe you conviction strong hand pound that like
button okay so whatever this alex is a boot ski dude said the big coin having
is 455 in 455 days someone 1800 new coins are mined every day that will be
cut to 900 with a 1.8 percent inflation rate why does it matter it
marks the day when Bitcoin becomes less inflationary than central bank’s annual
rate target of two percent so I know that the Fed their inflation target is
two percent and again you can argue and it’s a valid argument that the the
inflation rate in the United States is far above two percent but they you know
they aim for two percent so as of May of 2020 the Bitcoin inflation rate will
become 1.8 percent and that is very newsworthy that that should that should
help spur some having hype indeed when you think of it that way it’s it’s good
news is that I mean all of us already know that you know bitcoin is and
compared to fiat compared to that compared to the inflation that we live
with in the United States it’s a much much better deal but it will become very
simple to to put out there in numbers 1.8 percent versus the supposed to
percent of the Fed aims for now speaking about having of the future let us go
back to having ZUP the past and I was thinking today about how in 2016 leading
up to the July 2016 having I came up with a hashtag on Twitter and and I
talked about it often on my videos having hype hashtag having hype and so
some people started using it I used it and people would you know I was trying
to hype it up so Bitcoin would get to that elusive $700 mark and it did get to
it during the hype leading up to the halving it did hit 700 but then it went
down run around a little bit before the having there was a what bit Phenix get
it got hacked and yeah there was whatever there’s a day right before the
having the price does go down leave you up there having the price goes up but
put like the few that the month or so before hand and went down you could look
at the numbers yourself I lived through it the best part was you know
when the next year started after the happy I was that’s that was like the
best part that year 2017 but the point is you can go on Twitter right now and I
link to it below and you search for having hype or hashtag having hype and
indeed it ended people stopped using it in 2016
so it’s this flashback back it you can scroll down Twitter and all the having
hyped and you can see some of my videos and you can see all the talks
surrounding that having and you can see what it was like back then when when our
community was much smaller much much smaller than and it’s a little time
capsule and you could learn a lot from it and you know what that is that some
of the that’s a cool aspect aspect of crypto Twitter I think that’s just a
cool thing when you can use and look back an old hashtag like that and it
just takes you right back to 2016 right back to the summer 12 2016 and you can
see who was talking about it you see my old videos about it and you know there’s
a lot of innocence back then and you can just see how much the space has changed
since then and it is it’s marvelous it’s great when you look back and hey
hopefully we’ll use the having hype tag you know starting January 1st 2020
that’s when I’ll start hacked typing that the having because it get back then
there there was question I made a prediction at the beginning of 2016 I
said eventually the regular media is going to start to talk about Bitcoin
having and people didn’t think that was possible and in January 2016 it seemed
quite impossible but by about April of 2016 indeed the
regular media was talking about they have it was appearing in mainstream
media articles so it’ll be earlier this time but check that out and we’ll have
having hype we’ll have having hype again so free for you guys who think these are
dark days oh when is this magical haven’t gonna happen look look see how
it was beforehand it it’s cyclical it’ll happen again town that frickin like
button all right finally holders of last resort oh yeah yeah there’s gonna be a
time and maybe we’ve reached it when all the sellers have sold what a time
we’ll be when all those you know all those guys that were just in it for the
short term hey Bubba we know they’ll be few sellers left it’ll just be those
guys like me who refuse to sell it all and then then you Fiat freaks and see
what’s gonna happen because yeah the sellers the speculators lots of them to
get they get tired out they they’re weak and it they don’t have the conviction of
the strong hands in the end the strong hands the we for the base the holders of
last resort now what I wondered when that thing comes I mean all these people
who have sold for fiat and think they can get back in super easily when do
they plan to get back in is it that easy just to buy back again
Mei I don’t know I’m not about I don’t I know himself I’ve never sold so I don’t
I don’t have a bunch of fiat laying around we’ve been I’m planning to buy
Bitcoin with when it gets to a certain number when I feel cut I mean I I don’t
know that I don’t see the logic here or I see I see their logic I don’t know if
they have if they have the trigger finger finger do they are like well yeah
when it gets to 4500 that’s it that’s the second I’ll buy well when it when it
gets to that will they really do it or will they be like well maybe they’ll go
back down to 3,600 again and then the next thing they know it’s 5,400 and I’ll
never go back and will they really ever get back in some of these guys you know
these these guys that thought they were smart to get in the Fiat it’s not that
simple to be hanging out in Fiat you have to live under the constant stress
with when do I get back in when do I get back in holders of last resort we don’t
worry about that stuff we don’t worry about oh oh well like how
long did I hold Bitcoin was it a short-term capital gains long-term
capital gains or would know we don’t we we don’t sell we don’t value our wealth
and Fiat at all so again for the Fiat freaks out there who are in the Fiat
right now hey dudes I don’t know when it’s gonna I don’t know when it’s uh
it’s gonna just go up there again when the last seller will have sold I mean
that’s that’s for you guys the judge man that’s that’s your judgment call you you
took the you play with the Fiat you’d play with the Fiat beast purse
responsibilities new counterculture you got a deal with it
good luck I’m uh I got my strong hand I’m hanging on I
don’t have to worry about that Fiat beast alright dudes i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like
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