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Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
BitcoinMeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
February the 15th 2018 my lucky day and
it is it’s been a good day for me
through the years it really has been
this is my one of my lucky days during
the year I think I said this last year
also anyway strong hand the 20% the few
the proud alright guys so let’s just
gonna be a quick little show today I
wanted to point out yesterday’s show was
only done about 12 hours very recently
very recently it’s the me it’s night
time here in Darwin Australia so check
out the links below to check out
yesterday’s show because you probably
haven’t even seen it yet since it was
done around a little bit before midnight
Eastern Time 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time here
well not here Darwin back in Baltimore
here in Darwin it’s 11:30 at night time
so tomorrow 9 a.m. Friday Eastern
Standard Time this week in Bitcoin money
Triggs is gonna be on it Guiseppe studio
will be on what and someone else will be
on will talk about all all of the great
things that happened this week in
I see Russell is in the in the chat
right now Russell I sent you an email
you got to check it out man
I actually can only see the faces in
chat if you want to ask me a question do
the super chat I’ll answer your
questions that way people but IDs I did
see Russell’s face other corner of my
eye there and I reckon I hope that’s him
at least all right here’s a good funny
funny tweet that’s out there that I
linked below always check out the links
section below again you’ll see
yesterday’s show all my recent shows are
linked to below but there is a hilarious
tweet out there that shows all of these
screenshots of people who sold it when
you when Bitcoin was at the bottom in
terms of fiat price and all these people
screaming bitcoins a Ponzi I’m outtie
I’m buying bullets instead of buying
Bitcoin and it all of these impulsive
people making impulsive moves typical 80
percenters but it’s funny to look at the
person put together a pretty a funny
compilation down there so I check out
check out that link I also wanted to
remind everyone and this is a community
note because I think these gatherings
these meetups in cities like Los Angeles
like the one I had in San Diego like
what I had in Taipei they’re great it
just it creates this bond between
cryptocurrency Bitcoin fans whatever you
want whatever you want to call them but
it’s a networking opportunity so on
April 17th I am going to be in Los
Angeles you can buy the tickets for the
event the meetup in Century City it is
listed below I will answer all of your
questions there I will be there before
the event I will be there after the
event I’m not getting out of there till
all your questions are answered you can
ask the people who were there last time
it was a blast for any of you that are
in Southern California in the Los
Angeles area come on out on April the
17th the link the link is below and
again there’s I made a video about this
right after I did the last one in Los
Angeles be back in January and it was it
was inspirational you meeting with real
people and it’s just a definitely
networking you come away with new
friends and it’s awesome and I don’t
know a lot of I’d like I say
cryptocurrencies all about making
friends but for some people it it’s
gonna help some people make some friends
so come on out and you’ll get your
questions answered you’ll get an
energetic time I mean I bring the energy
like no one else out there in this space
you can’t doubt that man it’s pure
healthy energy so pound that freaking
like people with your frickin strong
hands with all of the config when it
comes to Bitcoin so there have been cure
3p two or three people out there on
Twitter in the comments section they
they asked me they asked me why don’t
you call why do you comb a narrow Vee
why don’t you call it MV like you know
you call be cash be cash or like be gold
be gold or be privately private and you
know no I’m not I’m not gonna call it MV
the reason the reason is there’s only
one Bitcoin maybe there’s gonna be more
than one Manero okay there’s gonna be my
narrow V there’s only one Bitcoin every
other cryptocurrency out there not every
other one I’m not just every other one
that tries to call itself Bitcoin but
every other cryptocurrency out there is
a copy of Bitcoin it is the highest of
the high there there’s going to be
multiple other altcoins there’ll be
multiple light coins will convention
into a second I’ll get into that in a
second Bitcoin is the king every all
coin is copy a Bitcoin in a way it is
the winner is the rock it needs to be
above all of our others respected more
than all the rest so I mean I give it I
put it on a pedestal there I I’m not
gonna let I’m not I’m gonna gonna call
one coin bit coin that’s Bitcoin that’s
it I mean it’s a simple it’s a simple
advance or a simple way
now of course somebody got to point out
what you call a coin cash ello cash and
you are correct I did do that so do I
think a more of litecoin than Manero no
no that’s not why I did that I did that
because I’m used to calling be cash be
cash I see this thing called light point
cash I’m like el cash it’s more so I
think that because I do not a big fan of
what be cash tried to do I’m not a fan
of king of the trolls I mean there are
some nice be cats people out there buddy
so it rolls into my naming of my
nicknaming of light corn cats I call it
like cash because of my be cash thoughts
in my mind so it bled over into the el
cash still at the main point of all of
this is there is only one Bitcoin so I’m
not gonna call something Envy I’m not
gonna call I mean and yeah there’s
there’s all sorts other ones they’re
gonna come that are gonna come out I’m
gonna call them what I’m gonna call them
okay if they be calling one big
all the ones that try to use the before
name be something or other here we go
some guy just sent me ten dollars uh I
think Swiss francs ten Swiss francs
excuse me and narco Alfonso thank you
very much to you idea of Lightning
Network and I’m gonna talk about that a
second and could have channels between
parties that trust each other and
therefore don’t have to load any Bitcoin
on this channel people could turn trust
into money and then in parentheses
transaction fees dude you’re an
entrepreneur do it implement it just
just don’t talk it get some people
together go to a lot of event or are
tweeted out they’re trying to network
like we’re gonna do in Los Angeles event
on April 17th but you’re not in I mean I
can tell you outside the country but
dude there’s a good idea be monetize
that thing spread the word maybe it can
be done maybe it can’t be done I know if
I know technical expert put it out there
throw it out there when you got a good
idea throw it out there that’s my advice
and I I appreciate your 10 Swiss francs
I appreciate your ideas thank you very
much for doing the super chat and I’m
going to mention something about
Lightning Network and second so many
people are excited about Lightning
Network okay and I never seen San Diego
where I got asked about it four times in
a row basically but all over the world
people are excited about this and I can
tell you’re excited about it too if
you’re coming out with these ideas a lot
of people are coming out with original
ideas so it wants once this is all
implemented cleanly and it might take
until 2019 there might be issues until
then but be patient people this is
revolutionary stuff here this is
revolutionary stuff and I’m so happy to
be in it so thank you very much a narco
Alfonso pound that freakin like button
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YouTube taped whatever check it out okay
here’s a tweet that I thought was funny
roses are red violets are blue
taxation is theft and inflation is – and
we’re going to talk more about inflation
at the very end of this show stay tuned
okay so people get the price our Bitcoin
in terms of dollars is approaching a big
round five digit number again and you
know I tell people don’t get obsessed
with these value your wealth and bitcoin
the first time around it when we got to
this number I talked about it just
because it was momentous you know it was
five digits at last it came so fast I’m
not going to talk about again I’m gonna
use this as an opportunity to remind
everyone to be a twenty-percent and
think long term that this price thing if
you have checked the price every minute
of the day if you get obsessed with the
price if you start overthinking the
price it is just a distraction and waste
of your time and you’re gonna lose focus
on getting more Bitcoin which is your
long-term goal you should be get value
in your wealthy Bitcoin truly by trying
to get more Bitcoin don’t get the
arguments about the price or predict how
you’re gonna predict the price with the
price gonna be tomorrow what the price
is gonna be in a month
don’t worry about it what you should be
thinking about is getting more Bitcoin
don’t be fixated with fiat and I know
the price is hard to ignore it is in
your face but you can try to balance it
out here and slowly just wean yourself
off of thinking about the price in terms
of dollars now it’s not easy this is not
easy stuff except dummies where you were
used to thinking in that way
everything’s in dollar terms and then
and I’m gonna get caught in it sometimes
– I’m gonna talk about the price here
yeah it’s just it’s natural but again
I’ve I ain’t trying to get more Bitcoin
I tell you about crippling dividends so
you can get more big minutemen arrow v1
use that to get more bitcoin use that
you’re on anything you don’t really
break of an arrow an arrow key thing and
people trying to – call it a scam again
people you’re opting into this thing
it’s free it’s free okay it’s it is free
you’re not you’re not being forced to do
it they’re giving it out to you they’re
not saying by Manero of it I’m not
saying by manera the– I’m saying if you
want to do it the right way you’re gonna
get it for free trading into Bitcoin
there is a lot of fun out there about
this Manero be thing the more I hear
this but the more Pro a narrow VI become
and so and again as all my research has
shown now they’re on they’re not trying
to steal anything they’re not trying to
ruin you and you know in how I be
funding it we know B gold had some pre
mine if they have a pre mine too and
they’re saying they’re gonna have one
thing great it’s not as frickin scam you
know when someone has a pre mine they
have to fund these things and I’m not
saying they’re having a pre miner I
forgot now you see that’s how much I
really care about the the little teeny
pre mines they add on to these things
now that everyone starts screaming and
crying about
dude you scream and cry I’ll get the
Freeman arrow V and turn it into Bitcoin
and get more and more Bitcoin
so who’s gonna end up with more in the
anime who’s gonna have more wealth than
me and the guy that’s screaming and
crying about every little particular
little little problem they have with the
with the with the crypto dividend that
they’re probably not even gonna get or
the person who is jumping on the
opportunity carefully carefully to get
to get a crypto dividend and get more
Bitcoin from from it I mean one day when
there are no more equipped of dividends
in the future you know I guess as a
possibility we’re gonna look back on
these days and be like oh my god I
could’ve gotten so much free Bitcoin
through these he’s forked from these
proof of dividends and I was like
obsessing over little things and now
like all these other guys have yachts
and stuff alright so uh that that was a
little bit of it add on their name
planet here we go so we’ve kind of
speaking about the mainstream Bitcoin
media and I talk about this often I’m
not I’m not a fan of coin desk and today
coin desk has an article and I don’t
link to it because again I I’m on the
commenting on it because of the title
Bitcoin isn’t the only crypto adding
in tech now okay so a lot of if you’re
familiar with my channel you should be
saying yeah that’s all news coin desk
Adam a few weeks ago was saying how be
gold was adding lightning Network now
they in their Oracle they don’t even
mention be gold may mention Z cash or
something like I don’t even know but but
again I mean you get up in the chat my
channel here and you’re gonna you’re
gonna hear things you’re not gonna hear
anywhere else and then well you will
hear it eventually two weeks later three
weeks later four weeks late are you
gonna hear it I mean point desks I’ll
have an article about manera V like the
day before the fork or something like
that and and again the the fourth date
is what March 14th I’ll be in Montevideo
Uruguay then by the way all right so
yeah another reminder the mainstream big
point I mean it’s you know they talk
about ice tio stuff this is nonsense
stuff I I find it I find a lot of stuff
that coin desk and these main ones to be
not that’s and I don’t even tell me the
articles really and they’re I’m just
bringing up an example of their lateness
that’s not really a good comment is it
so it’s constructive hey guys don’t be
late you know watch my channel learn so
I mean I mean again this is a town for a
twenty percent that’s a publication for
the eighty percent so I mean again we go
back to this twenty percent eighty
percent thing and I just encourage you
to just always keep it in the back of
your mind is this a twenty percent thing
to do or is this an eighty percent thing
to do and usually the 20 percent things
do it it takes some thought never it
takes some thought I’d take some paces
and it you have to defer gratification
and just don’t be impulsive but that’s
everything that feels was a twenty
percent so I would keep those thoughts
in mind when making any sort of decision
or when when reading about a subject
matter I mean is this is this a source
of 20 percent source than 80 percent or
an 80 percent source speaking about 20
percent sources Nick Carter is a guy
that I’ve had on my show before he’s got
a great Twitter out there
and he says and I think through the
tweet below it’s about aetherium so that
video ah small block schism in Bitcoin
it’s about to happen in aetherium
except with proof of work proof of stake
and bailouts vs. no bailouts part two
okay I mean we’ve been predicting this
for a while I mean since 2016 the tone
base has been talking about it the proof
of work proof of State thing and the
bailout no bailout that’s how I figure a
few classic was formed and I I used to
call it you know there’s going to be an
ethereal three one day well it’s
supposed to go up proof of stake
obviously but some people are gonna want
to keep it up proof of work so and
there’s people tweeting about it now
it’s just so yeah anyway you check out
that tweet below this is not the fight
on etherium because it’s gonna survive
I’ll just be a third major etherium but
be classic regular aetherium and stay
and work the theory and whatever you
want to call whatever you want to call
them and then they’ll be me a crypto
dividend the Furion’s and all that stuff
so all right so let’s talk about a
percentage of quick to wrap up this show
in general the 80 percenters of the
world they don’t care about money
printing they don’t care about inflation
they just go with the flow as long as
they’re getting their free stuff you
know they’re they you know some of them
are welfare whatever they got their
their free phones they get their big
screen TVs their cheap stuff you know
they keep some pacified okay just the
comforts of technology of the Western
you know I guess I’m talking about the
Western world 80 percenters they’re
totally they don’t know the first thing
about inflation they don’t care that
their dollar gets unless today that so
they fall into line okay they are easily
bought off and they’re the majority so
here you go guys people are worried that
you know all the US the United States is
about that print start printing and
printing in the whole world is gonna end
no the whole world isn’t gonna end the
United States will be able to keep
printing and printing and printing and
and printing they’re gonna get away with
it easily and everything will stay the
same so you haven’t you have two options
you can scream and cry and make
predictions of the doom and gloom and
how it’s all gonna go down the toilet
and then when it won’t go down the
you’ll just be stuck with the 80
percenters relying on your government
handouts more and more you’ll just run
again you’ll be more dependent on
you’ll be poor or you can take another
option and opt out of the system you can
opt out of that system I mean if you’re
a doom and gloom ER then just opt out of
the system buy Bitcoin buy something
that is not affected in a negative way
by the inflationary money printing which
the United States will do do you know
who knows what what other plans the Fed
has able to pull this off since 1913
really right and again I was around in
2008 where everyone was predicted and
knew the financial system yet it was
intended there Bellino rebellions in the
United States there been no armed
the 80% of just from badder and badder
and whenever someone would complain and
they vote for Hillary or they vote for
Trump it’s a protest but their dollars
are worth less today and they keep doing
the 401k they keep investing in the
stock market they just see the short
term the short term the short term the
short term and they just did call more
up more and more in the inflationary
system there their assets become worth
less and like well their dollars would
come worth less and less they have less
and less real assets because big-screen
TVs are that’s BS and fancy SUVs that
you lease it’s BS it’s not a real asset
Bitcoin you really own bitcoins gonna
pretty Bitcoin goes doesn’t matter how
much they inflate the Delta the darn
dollar your Bitcoin is a limited so only
21 million of them okay it is the new
thing it is the lifeboat it’s the way
out of that system but the system is
going to continue thanks to our friends
the 80 percenters so be a 20 percent IRR
opt out of it don’t be a Demi or you
could be a doom and gloom ER and just
keep on predicting the whole system is
about to fall apart it’s not it’s not it
wouldn’t your dollars are gonna be worth
less so what they’re worth less than
were there able to get you less than you
were in 1918 1970 1990 whatever they’re
getting away with it deal with it deal
with it by buying Bitcoin afraid to
break it to you if you just enjoy the
doom porns or whatever but this is
reality and hey man the bitcoins been
very very good to me it should be very
very good to you this is the one Bitcoin
show try to get one Bitcoin i’m adam
meister remember subscribe this channel
like this for your shows when you check
out the notes section below pound that
like button I’ll say hi to you guys in
chat bye bye


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