The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 92- World War 3 nonsense! Wim Hof, Lame Doctors, IRS, wealth envy

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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today is January the 11th 2020 oh yeah strong hand long term thinking bitcoin
is the next Bitcoin uncomfy skateable strive for greatness purse possibilities
new counter current culture deferral of gratification conviction alright people
principles over practicality solutions over sympathy it is that time again
Saturday we go beyond Bitcoin but we’re going to talk a little bit of
cryptocurrency at the start of the show first of all check out the links below
check out this week of Bitcoin it was a great one Simon from the Netherlands
Brad was on Jeff was on it was a great time best guest in the freaking space
check it out hello my elite friends how you all doing
tonight remember I will be in Las Vegas at tone vases uncomplicated ball hanging
out February 22nd February 22nd for you West
Coast people who are going to be out there so it will be awesome alright so
tonight what once Shabbat ended I turned on the old computer here and I knew the
Ravens were playing and everything but of course I have not watched an NFL game
since before the 2016 season and I am NOT going to last one this year because
again part of my thing was if the Ravens ever got to the AFC title game of their
Super Bowl I would watch those games but they didn’t get there they lost but I
didn’t check that out right away I got on my computer and I see MWC that crypto
dividend that we all got for free is sir is freaking surging and I still have
some of it left so baby uh yeah I’m pretty happy tonight baby um uh on your
original on the MWC you got for free if you sell
it right now if you go to hot bitch right now you’re gonna get a 1.2 percent
return because you got like 41 MWC for every Bitcoin that you have registered
with them and if you do the math that’s up 1.2 percent return right now you
could do it right now get your 1.2 percent return you didn’t
have to give it away you have to go to some D Phi for some dude to hold your
Bitcoin and give you one point you don’t you do it yourself you could tie your
own private key baby and that right now bsv is only one point nine percent so I
mean this is a this is where you get that insider information hardly anyone
knows about this MWC thing I am really happy about it
uh-huh you know on a personal level obviously I love are getting more
Bitcoin and the but it did make me think though you know about I’m from Baltimore
obviously and just about about personal responsibility you could be a bottom
Orion tonight crying about the Ravens you spent hundreds of dollars on your
purple stuff maybe you went to the game I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on
tickets on hot dogs on on all this ridiculous stuff and then at the end of
the day you’re like woe is me my life is horrible I’m in debt blah blah blah blah
I know I don’t control my own life but I’m addicted to the the bread and
circuses that being the circuses part of it or you can be a dude like me dad okay
I know I’m from Baltimore and I’ve enjoyed Baltimore sports throughout my
life it’s it’s something it’s a pastime and I know what it is but I know that
you cannot waste your time on that type of stuff like these people have and what
I did was I got in the Bitcoin I learned about MWC I learned about the crypt of
divins etc etc and I just wonder how many Baltimoreans did what I did tonight
and how many Baltimoreans did what most Baltimoreans did tonight and I think the
numbers of Baltimoreans did what I did tonight that actually know about MWC it
might only be one pound that like button – Valda Chris just sent five Canadian
dollars to me thank you dude good to see you Golden Age we had Bitcoin
uber just signed a deal with Hyundai for flying ubers Virgin Galactic already has
two spaceships ready for travel only 20 20 well dude I didn’t really
think about Virgin Galactic I have no idea about that honda uber just signed a
deal with hande for lying Uber’s yeah okay that’s that’s great if that happens
one day but i think i verging I love people like Branson and the guy behind
Amazon I can’t think about Jeff Bezos who want are shooting for the stars baby
and are building these rocket ships with their own wealth that everyone is
jealous of and we’re going to talk about that in a second so Romi chooses pounded
thank you dude now guys I forgot to say it’s about what topologist did he did a
super chat you can ask questions that way or you could just type in
bitcoinmeister all one long word spell it right not Adam Meister not Mel
Meister not any any other Meister but Bitcoin Meister
in there and it will turn colors and then I will see it that’s the only way I
can see when I’m doing a show I’m not reading the chat when I’m doing the show
you you most of you don’t I don’t know why some of you can’t grasp that a lot
of you obviously most you haven’t done a show before but when you’re doing a show
here and I’m reading all my notes I’m not reading what you’re saying in the
chat and the cry is I can see when it turns colors okay so is that is that all
I had to say about Baltimore and MWC and combining everything at the end yeah to
my Baltimore buddies yeah it’s it’s sad the Ravens lost but you would not be sad
tonight if you were if you do what a crypto dividend was and you you planned
it correctly all right all right and again it’s those of you who haven’t
sold I mean I’m not telling you to sell it now or whatever but it’s it’s a 1.2
percent return now but they’re selling for two dollars and fifty cents and like
a few days ago it was like 80 cents or something like that whatever freeze free
baby pound it and I love freaking crypt of dividends I love Bitcoin I love this
Golden Age 2020s that that were in and just taking personal responsibility and
not crying and waiting for the government to like tell you what to do
and just the Baltimore way all right so World War 3 speaking about
governments World War 3 where were I noticed after the whole Iran thing and
it’s really turning out well for United States I got a
say all these do MERS and I think clickbait ders and I don’t know what
everyone is talking World War three World War three trending on Twitter
World War three World War three this that and the other and it’s so obvious I
think it’s just it was just a way for people to get attention just in it if
you just sat back and thought about it for one second it wasn’t going to be a
world you don’t know you know what World War 3 would entail I mean there was
World War 1 and then that was like a bunch of countries fighting each other
many different fronts all of Europe then we have world war two bigger involve
nuclear weapons Asia even gotten into Africa and and obviously in Europe so
World War three would have to be bigger had to be it would have to be worldwide
with nuclear weapons just just devastating just pretty much
the end of the world I mean the the the world could not really survive I mean if
there were to be a true world war 3 it would take many many years for there to
be a recovery if there would be a recovery
I mean God forbid there’d be something that horrible where everyone’s nuking
everyone that’s just that’s what World War three so no it wasn’t just because
some terrorists got blown up doesn’t mean it’s World War three but a lot of
people were using it to get attention to virtue signal to get I mean popularize
their blog or their their website it was such clickbait it was it was terrible
all right so and people are screaming about there’s gonna be a draft do they
even know what you’re talking about there’s got to be a draft in United
States there will never be a draft in the United States you don’t you don’t
understand we have 80% of volunteers into our army first of all these guys I
don’t know what they’re thinking they volunteered what while getting sucked
through the middle of the desert I didn’t think that was gonna happen
I mean if you didn’t you didn’t think that was gonna happen I don’t know what
you’re thinking to you but but again we don’t even need we don’t even need
humans in the Army anymore we have drones look what the drone just
did it solved some issues our country was having the United States was having
so anyway no draft again was they also and just these these goomer’s
and virtue singers that just i don’t know what they have anything better do
with their lives that just worry and be in doom holes be productive getting the
big coin get some crimp of dividends I don’t want us to say now now Friday’s
show this weekend big coin pound it baby I had a guest on from the
Netherlands so someone in the chat randomly said Adam you should check out
wim HOF and I’m like no Hafiz so I look up wim HOF and I guess the person I said
thank you for suggesting it I mean wim HOF the only thing he has to do with the
topic we were just discussing on this weekend Bitcoin is that well he’s from
the Netherlands and we were talking about the Netherlands he’s Dutch wim HOF
is Dutch other than that wim HOF is I love this guy’s great though the
benefits of cold showers it is linked to below okay I’m going to quote there are
many more benefits of cold showers listed there
I take cold showers every day and this is what he this isn’t scientifically
proven I think wim HOF says it is but I don’t know increased willpower it takes
a strong mind to endure the cold for extended periods of time by
incorporating cold showers into your daily routine routine you are
strengthening your real power which benefits many aspects of your daily life
yes you are strengthening your hand you’re becoming less and impulsive you
have long-term thinking willpower increased Walt willpower take in those
cold showers it makes me a better Bitcoin or baby makes me a better safer
and I love this but wim HOF is this dude he walks around
the cold he immerses himself in cold water for hours runs a half marathon on
ice barefoot climbs a Mount Everest he’s shorts I mean he takes it to a whole new
level now I’m not gonna agree with everything this dude does but there’s
something to be said there to get in touch to put your body through cold
stress it makes you stronger it makes you a healthier person you can go down
the whim hole rabbit hole the maja rabbit-hole excuse me it’s linked I
only link to the cold shower thing but you could look it up on YouTube and
that’s what I did I don’t let some algorithm tell me what to do wim HOF
never comes up in my suggested videos of course not
because I never but someone tells me about it I look it up and then I go to
my own wim HOF videos don’t let those algorithms control you you can learn so
much by just clicking on the links below googling the people I mentioned that
other people mentioned and we’re going to get into how to not be a slave to the
algorithm in a second but yeah this wim hof so let’s talk about a quote about
doctors that I read in a comment section today it is the doctors job to find
something anything to write you a prescription for you might be in perfect
shape but show signs of high blood pressure while visiting the doctor you
need to reduce that so take this pill oh you had trouble sleeping at least twice
in the last week here take this pill oh oh this or that happen just take this or
that pill for it that is a great summation of many doctors that are out
there okay beware when visiting for a checkup
don’t be guilted into getting sick okay so sometimes yeah you you can have a bad
reading because B you’re nervous or who knows what
doesn’t mean you’re sick or anything like that and a pill rarely solves
anything a pill brings about what the thing is that doctor gives you a pill
for something you didn’t need a pillow for the pill has side effects causes
more problems you need more pills to take care of the side effect it’s a
never-ending spiral some of these doctors they have to know what they’re
doing or they just don’t give a darn they’re just getting a cut of it III
don’t know that they’re stupid medical schools aren’t what they used to
be I don’t know you gotta be your own doctor most of the time so beep a
checkup it can be good to get get your own test results ok you can go to
private places to get test results sometimes going to a checkup
you might be guilty they can put a lot of that pressure I need to take a pill
whoa that doesn’t look right here’s a bullet dude these
it was the SOT their drugs they’re freaking drugs I’m no fan of drugs i’m
fan’s a freakin wim hof baby you do it naturally pound it ok so so just
something to think about there algorithm freedom and being a thot
radical exercises that you can do people ok I’m gonna get into this more there
are a few radicals online anymore everybody seems to follow the algorithm
everyone seems to just want to be part of a trend there are a few free thinkers
out there they they’re they’re trying to do fancy sets and graphics or trying to
fit in certain keywords or certain ways that manipulate that it’s horrible how
mindless but it works if you want to get hits the 80 percenters or they fall for
it these people they do not think for themselves they do not produce very much
so they’re prone to this I mean there’s more people that could fall for it too
and not all 80 percenters are stupid there’s there’s some smart ones also I
just want 80 percenters are impulsive 80 percenters do not produce any pretenders
go with the trend generally and here are some exercises that you can do I just I
just mentioned one if you’re on YouTube well if you’re on Twitter are you act
tweet and I’ve talked about this before treat it like a blog don’t see what
comes up in your sick you know in your feed go to people that you like and see
everything that they tweeted out that day
treat treat it like a block but treat it like a block because if you just look at
what’s in your feed well that’s what the algorithm Twitter throws whatever they
think it’s necessary and they’re from the people you’re follow sometimes you
don’t see what what you’re you want to see you you go to these you have you use
your head when you’re on Twitter then you just don’t you just don’t look at
the at the and retweet it without actually clicking on the link go
actually click on the link to the article leave the Twitter platform maybe
it’ll take you to YouTube and then if it takes you to YouTube stay on YouTube
start looking up other topics that pertain to something that you were heard
about on Twitter okay so go back and between platforms and use you know maybe
you there’s YouTube we’re all something you like him a lot they go onto Twitter
look up his Twitter feed okay so go back and forth between platforms and so
you’re not getting caught up in some algorithm because the YouTube thing is
just telling you to watch the next video by
some do that’s similar to the other videos that you’ve the five other videos
you watched today okay know so go to Twitter look up more about the dude that
you uh that you just became interested in and maybe he has some shit suggested
videos person suggested friends to check out on Twitter okay so go back and forth
just I get the thing you can alone videos like mine everybody gives
suggested you know good producers I think they’re good producers like me
they give suggested suggested links click on a read the articles go to the
Twitter feeds check them out just don’t be a slave to that algorithm out there
okay and then you um then you’ll be a true radical baby you’re a true radical
that way okay and find true radicals you will find what you want instead of
finding what the algorithm wants you to okay most people out there on social
media it is sickening they are just stumbling upon what the
algorithm wants them to and and that’s really it’s disturbing on a certain
level that people are not thinking anymore for themselves I just told you
how to think for yourself when it comes to social media okay
social media it can be an incredibly valuable tool there’s so much
information there but if you’re just going with the flow
you’re not thinking for yourself anymore but if you’re thinking for yourself it
within the social media paradigm you are in great shape
and you’re learning a lot and going to new places
what podcasts do you listen to Bitcoin and other okay again I just I treat
videos as podcast okay so like the scott adams ben shapiro
give up iran brooke all the guys that I mentioned on here okay Bitcoin guys just
the guys that then are on my show and stuff more texts who’s not even doing
shows anymore you know PTC been a UK Bitcoin master
you know guys that are on my show I mean it’s to get the cricket here here’s a
better answer okay this is a real good answer this was how this is this will
show you how to use your head go to tech ball comm see all 150 of this we can
pick one shows I’ve ever done 90% of the guys 95% of the guys that’s who I listen
to that’s the Twitter feeds I read that’s
the videos I watch as articles I read okay so go there click on some of them
if you haven’t seen some of them learn about these people then check them out
and on this be on Bitcoin show the dues that I talk about on beyond Bitcoin show
go to disrupt my shirt calm you could look at all the what was this my 92nd be
on Bitcoin show ever I don’t even know what the number is go through some of
the other ones you’ll see all these non Bitcoin people that I have talked about
their links to below that’s who I listen to I mean I can’t think of them all off
the top of my head there’s been many many and I’m glad I can’t think of all
of them off the top of my head there are so many of them and I and I do swished
enough but I get bet ben shapiro does come to mind and obviously Iran Iran
Brooke Brooke I like that you’ve Allah give up give all Harare or whatever his
name is when he day he does videos and I mentioned it many times and I don’t
agree with him on everything I like I like his style video yeah so it’s uh
there’s my advice check out my archives and click on some of those old videos
are you buying Virgin Galactic’s stock to valid aristocracy said tada I’m not
buying any stock in any company for the rest of my life
and I intend to live a very very long life I what’s stuck look why would
anyone buy stock there’s Bitcoin dude well I don’t know that I don’t even
understand why you’re asking that question to tell you the truth if you’re
familiar with this channel I don’t know why would I buy I again I don’t know why
I don’t know okay so um I get crypto dividends for free that’s what I do
all right I don’t waste money on that I mean that might involve me I just I
almost like vomiting when I think of someone selling their Bitcoin for some
stock I mean but this is the whatever they learn Dulce okay um
I mean how haven’t they learned already what stocks have performed as well as
Bitcoin come on let’s see where does so anyway but thank you for the question
dudes alright so let’s see let’s talk about Tom Steyer and and Mike Bloomberg
here these a billionaire Democrats that are running for the Democratic
nomination and they’ve been they’ve been doing better lately I mean in the polls
here we go it’s top okay since they’ve been doing better some people can’t
stand this they have such hate and envy for billionaires now I can’t I’m gonna
censor this a little bit here because there’s curse words used Tom Styer this
is a tweet I linked to the guy below his name is axe calm comrade I guess
that kind of gives it away but he’s an American axe comrade says he so he’s a
he’s on the left side of politics like Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg are Tom
Styer Mike Bloomberg Berg are effing disgusting and anyone who falls for
their Griff should be embarrassed a lot of pathetic efforts on here
defending oligarchic billionaires who are trying to buy our democracy it’s sad
how easily their sse ads i can say that word worked on you rubes alright so this
guy is hateful of billionaires he’s jealous he’s jealous
there’s nothing he’s saying he’s not not saying anything that’s wrong with them
other than the rich it’s horrible the rich it’s horrible they’re rich they’re
all the guards oh no no no date your date why are you worried about how much
money they have okay so style and we’re gonna get into that they’re spending
they have spent a lot that is true are they winning are they going to wing
style gluten that are they gonna call some havoc in who knows is it you know
people are seeing there Tyson’s people were learning about them
their fault are they falling for it are they genuinely interested in it okay
this is the way of Elections you’ve got to spread the word somehow or
you’re just supposed to be quiet about it star Bloomberg’s spending in states
other than New Hampshire and Iowa okay they’re not spending in New Hampshire in
Iowa at all and so this guy should be maybe this guy if this guy’s a you know looks like if he’s against tradition
maybe maybe he’s not against tradition I don’t know but they are decentralizing
the way these elections have been for many years now probably since I think
1976 when Carter put a lot of money into Iowa but New Hampshire maybe even before
that I have no idea but for quite some time those two states have been so big
in the nominating process okay it’s ridiculous to to little teeny
states and all your people that are from outside United States have you guys
actually been to Iowa or New Hampshire before I’ve been there before but to
play many Americans that haven’t even been in those two little teeny states
and you know that’s fine then the first primary the first caucus that’s great
that’s but there’s so much attention paid to them so these two guys they’re
not paying them any attention so they’re being different
they’re decentralizing this they’re shaking the whole thing up so I think
people should be happy they should be happy that it’s not all but because
people have complained the past or shouldn’t all be about Iowa and New
Hampshire I mean I agree with that they were over-represented definitely so
steyr bloomer aren’t spending their Styron blueburger spending in Florida
and I mean thinks Tyra’s instead of spending any crab mountain Nevada just
just places where it’s different they’re taking a different approach good they’re
creative oh wow imagine that they’re trying to do something different they’re
creative maybe that’s happened they became billionaires hahaha it is it is
you might not like these dudes but they think differently and they’re taking a
different approach is it gonna work well it’s definitely shaking things up and
it’s making pathetic envious of wealth people curse their heads off on a
Twitter which I guess is entertaining you’re not really learning anything from
that I mean you are learning about the hate and envy of wealth that is out
there when you read tweets like that okay so speaking about and I have an
RNAi and I linked to an article a political article about Bloomberg and
Tom Styer spending so much money and the other thing is what you no matter what
happens one of them is gonna fail miserably because you know both can’t
become president and most likely both of them are going to fail Oh
Bloomberg might have a shot I don’t know but so so let them spend their billions
as I said compete don’t complain compete don’t complain their ways again they’re
not they’re not ahead in the polls so there are definitely ways to get
attention to get people to think about you or whatever but I have no problem
with getting rid of all the limits on campaign contributions because then rich
people could support a little smaller candidates that are poor that there are
cases that aren’t good at raising money I mean it’s it’s nonsense that that that
that there are these campaign finance rules compete don’t complain the rich
always don’t win and we’ll see how that happy but I do like how they’re shaking
it up and there’s my political commentary for the day because it is
kind of ridiculous I’m sure Outsiders you guys from
different countries you’re like why is I want to have sure what but why did why
do the winners of those seem to become present all the time say it’s nonsense
and why are so much money spent in New Hampshire in Iowa I mean the amount of
money that’s spent there it’s I mean let me do what they’re gonna do but these
guys are doing it differently so good for them all right and you know what it
doesn’t let them blow who cares the direction they’re blowing their money
doesn’t affect me I’m getting my MWC let the politics who cares let me do what
they’re gonna do so let’s time I envy some more wealth and be here CNBC has an
article Google and Facebook hitting all-time highs despite despite antitrust
probes so you know they say they’re evil they’re they’re rich
and the government is investigating if they’re monopolies and it’s just it’s
just approving of that mentality that informant mentality companies are doing
good so there must be something wrong we should get the government involved and
try to get the government to fix and to make them not as rich as they are there
is antitrust antitrust monopoly there’s no monopoly out there ok there are
plenty of competitors to Google there plenty of competitors to Facebook ok all
sorts of social media stuff it’s the 80 percenters who are crying and
complaining trying to be tattletales they’re the ones that are addicted to
all who are addicted to all this stuff who can’t get off of Google who can’t
get any Google and Facebook they provide services people enjoy the services I
mean you want the government to interfere but the people who think that
there’s a monopoly there are the same people who aren’t trying the other
services out that are trying a bit shoot whatever the heck else is out there ok
they or whatever is competes for Facebook and I know it could be a steam
it can pays for Facebook so it’s antitrust scream antitrust
antitrust this oh let me be an informant government government let me tell on
this company I don’t like them because they’re rich and they have so much
market share it’s unfair they’re winning and they have smart people compete don’t
complain to pound that like button so let’s talk about the abundance of this
world we got all these people complaining about how poor they are and
how jealous they are of rich people and rich corporations when they should just
be worrying about themselves bettering themselves and how you know they have no
money for food or who knows what they’re complaining about so I’m walking around
when I when I was walking to synagogue today here in Tucson Arizona I see these
I’ve seen these orange trees before ok and you know every week the passes
they’ll aren’t just get harder and bigger it seems like and today there
were look like they were volunteers just picking them just putting him in the
crates using contraptions to get the ones that were high up and like I better
get me some so I just picked it but the thing that’s amazing this is all public
land two different places one was in a public park
I mean you can feed yourself I got I’m I’m a pretty good economic shape
I just got me some free arms okay and there’s still somebody out there I’m
sure in California and I I mentioned this before I pick mulberries when I was
just in Adelaide also delicious we are in a time of abundance you get free food
you get rid of me again if you’re out on your luck and you need to go to a
shelter – they got they definitely have free through there but man you can live
out on the freakin streets like so many hobos are out there in Tucson can you
sell some hard I mean again they don’t want arms they want you know they want
something they want unfortunately they’re addicted to stuff but get on a
healthy path pick there’s a free oranges that are other said here it is it smells
so good I can’t wait to have this thing I mean it seems like it’s skin is thick
so probably there’s not actually much orange in there so you know you wouldn’t
buy this at a store because it’s you know the stuff you buy at the store is
bred to be as much juice as possible in sweet I’m sure this is great though I’m
looking forward to it even when I was in Namibia in 2016 I picked mulberries off
the streets of win HOH now there weren’t very many and Namibia is quite well it’s
better than many at most African countries but it’s obviously not a
wealthy country I mean you got to think sometimes don’t
have that helpless mentality there is free stuff out there there is waste out
there and you that’s not waste to you it’s not waste to you it can sustain you
so yeah I love it alright put that over there for I’ll
probably eat that before I end up in El Paso again I mean to give you guys an
update where I am Tucson I’m only here until Tuesday the 14th and then I’m
going to be in El Paso for four weeks until February 11th and then Los Angeles
or February 11th to August February 11th – a Prosecco to Los Vegas on February
22nd and the last weekend in March I will be in San Francisco for the Bitcoin
event so Bitcoin event in Vegas Bitcoin event in San Francisco and prime maybe
I’ll maybe I will go to a Bitcoin in LA also something always comes up in
LA and I’ll be there long enough but this so that those are my my travels
until April the six when I’m back in Baltimore for Passover Pesa alright and
I love past Penza and oh Bitcoin to the moon likes my shirt because this is uh
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Bitcoin to the moon before me I love it alright just I guess you guys can see it
that well I gotta be able to read my notes okay back to the show but this is
beyond Bitcoin so so we can we can have little breaks like that
what’s this BuzzFeed article what’s this about oh disinformation for hire how a
new breed of PR firm is selling lies online okay five years ago we could
barely even imagine something at the scale of what is described here there
are PR firms out there if you wanna if you want social media influence you go
to them they have so many fake accounts and they can make your topic trend
whatever it might be maybe you’re trying to sell something maybe you’re a
politician it is a mint I can tell I mean you could tell when when these
troll accounts are tweeting and when they’re commenting on YouTube I mean
it’s pretty obvious some of the stuff that’s out there but it works apparently
it gets it I mean I don’t get the mentality it’s trending I must care
about it it must be important I’m going to jump on that bandwagon
but it it works it gets people attention and these these PR firms whatever you
want to call it they know how to manipulate the algorithms with their
fake accounts but I’m not I’m not going to complain this is the way of the 80
percenter customer if he said customers have money and I don’t care what they
buy he said they’re purchasing an end-to-end online manipul
a system which can influence people on a massive scale he’s being straight-up
honest he’s got a manipulation system it works on the 80 percenters which can
influence people on a massive scale yeah probably a lot of people can tell it’s
fake but there plenty of people who don’t and it starts trending it starts
it it gets in that out the algorithm starts pumping it out for free – after
they’ve manipulated the numbers so yeah yeah you can tell when something’s
organic or not I I can tell when something’s we’re getting what
something’s real out there when it’s a real topic when it’s just not some
nonsense most most everything is that I did do what I said above do what I said
above if you want to use your head on social media there is great stuff on
social media that right there with all the fake accounts that’s not the great
stuff that’s the worst of the worst thing but it’s a big hunk of what’s out
there all right I talked about this on another show but I really wanted to talk
about it on this show and that is the IRS good news from the IRS people for
all you Americans is a Wall Street Journal article IRS personal income tax
audits dropped to lowest level in decades
just point four five percent of individuals were audited in 2019
following years of budget cuts yeah the steady erosion of tax enforcement has
been driven by years of cuts in the Internal Revenue Services budget along
with a heavier workload I mean they call it erosion as if it’s a bad thing you
know it’s a good thing lazy I mean I love it but along with a
heavier workload so I loved it that day that they the lazy government officials
they’re coming in handy it’s too heavy of a workload now since they’re fewer of
them good good that’s great individual taxpayers are half as likely to get
audited as they were in 2010 amazing after tax enforcement by the Internal
Revenue Service fell to its lowest level in at least four
nice good keep on caught cutting over there people not doing work you IRS
agents you be lazy retire they are s RN 8.4 5% of a personal income tax returns
in fiscal 2019 okay down from 0.5 9% 2018 marking the eighth straight year of
decline according to a report released Monday in 2020 in 2010 the IRS audited
1.1 percent of tax returns the report doesn’t breakdown audits by income
category or provide details about how much revenue they generate I mean still
people like oh my god the steady erosion of tax informants has been driven by
years of cuts okay I said that have your workload the result according to tax
experts is that the Treasury is letting billions of dollars annually go
uncollected even as budget deficits rise well first of all stop spending so much
secondly I people are still filing their taxes okay it’s image they’re still
people are still scared about getting audited okay so they’re still paying
their taxes you’re still getting your money taxation is theft I’m glad I’m
glad to hear when the theft is being cut down a little bit at least or it’s
anyway how can anyone how can anyone want to
work for the IRS is another thing I mean I don’t understand why why I mean do you
need a job that much to work for such an organization that just stares people and
takes their wealth and encourages you know I mean lessens the productivity
levels because if people were to be able to hold all the more their own money
they would be more productive in my an organization that thinks that helps
redistribute people’s funds they think they know what to do with people’s money
more than people themselves do in Monday’s report the IRS said the agency
had lost almost 30,000 full-time positions since fiscal 2010 good in
areas including enforcement and criminal investigation it now has about 78,000
workers and has been hiring over the past
year but the agency also projects that up to 31 percent of the remaining
workers will retire within the next few years
oh yeah because they want their uh their insane retirement benefits that
government workers get so they’re gonna stop working good that’s good that they
stop working good don’t don’t fill those positions again
okay enough about that it’s linked to below don’t be complacent thinking ape
has a video a very good video targeting younger guys that have become complacent
that have become that are stuck in doom holes and even though thinking ape is
not always the most positive dude out there in this case he’s like guys you
can’t just sit there and do nothing your life isn’t over it’s easy it’s really
easy to say it’s over don’t give up young never give up and he
sees more and more people online giving up more than ever and it’s true it’s
it’s true more and more people aren’t giving up and they’re just satisfied
with living vicariously online through other people and just they’re like well
I can’t meet anyone oh I can’t do this I can’t just stay here they’re complacent
you actually got it be proactive people forgotten this I think a lot of people
think everything they watch they see things online and see how easy certain
things come to these pretty people online and they think what comes to them
naturally you you gotta go out there you can’t be complacent things aren’t just
gonna fall into your lap and I think people are so comfortable for various
reasons I mean we are living in a golden age where we do have so much and you can
actually live a life where you just go to work go back home watch TV watch the
internet go to sleep and I mean you won’t be happy but you won’t starve I
mean you’ll live but it’s it’s people can live a very mediocre life now and be
complacent and just you know drugs can numb the stuff for them but that’s
they’re still gonna be unhappy and that that’s what he’s reminding it’s not over
don’t don’t relegate yourself to this mediocre life or like life can
get better this is the way it is oh I wish I was this person so go to the
video never give up people and I’m I’m happy to see that even thinking eight
who can be kind of negative sometime just straight upset wanted to smack the
dudes basically and say don’t be complacent and pound that like button
instead of smacking dudes alright we got a few big 20 of the moon said his thing
and I link to his video thinking a video it is it gets a short one and it’s one
of his better ones lately New York Times says May twenty twenty year of less
sugar Wow they finally caught on I mean you’re just realizing this dudes I mean
this sugars bad then it’s not it’s not that I mean for me I mean 2015
I like cut up all basically I cut out all bad food at that point I mean I
probably was before that but really I think that was the end of a bread that’s
the last time I had bread all right no yeah that was less than I had bread
maybe was 2014 even I mean the next thing you know the New York Times is
gonna say don’t eat don’t they’re gonna warn people about bread white bread
that’s how far behind they are yeah you darn right they should already be
saying don’t eat I mean that’s what I’ve been saying for such a long time don’t
eat bread people don’t know point it’s poison it really is that kind of process
carb is terrible for you don’t wait around for the New York Times to tell
you but it’ll probably be too late you already have some problems by then all
right invention Times chimed in there with sugars sugars bad yeah he knows
that he definitely knows that and he learned the hard way unfortunately but
he’s keys cut it out now so that’s good now what else do we have here oh yeah
there I’ve mentioned before the reason I’m like Scott Adams a lot as I don’t
agree with him probably most things but he comes out with some outside the box
ideas and I link to a video of his from earlier this week he’s talking
about the Iran situation and he actually mentioned something that I have
mentioned before that I learned from a guy Moshe Feiglin in Israel I mentioned
he was part of the suit party and I liked one of the planks of his party and
scott adams says well if iran you know Iran in Israel that Iran doesn’t like
Israel very much Iran likes the Arabs that are in Judea
and Samaria well if they care so much about the Arabs in Judea and Samaria you
know instead of you know having a proxy war with Israel why don’t they make a
deal with Israel and say hey we’ll take these Arabs from Judea the Arabs that
want to leave there’s a lot of them want to leave and we’ll resettle them in Iran
and Iraq because Iran it’s gonna take over Iraq and Israel you’ll have to pay
for the whole thing and Scott Adams followed that he didn’t he has not heard
of motion taking him before but he thought that on his own and it’s a good
idea it is a good idea but the Moshe Feiglin Sai dia is it didn’t involve
Iran or Iraq there are many countries all over the world that need workers
that take refugees okay and there are many Arabs in Judea and Samaria who
don’t want to be there anymore in Gaza especially and so an easy solution is
you don’t wanna be here anymore Israel will pay for you to get the heck out and
then you can never return you can never come back that’s it you’re gone it’s not
like you’re getting paid and you’re gonna pretend to live in Romania no
you’re gonna live in Romania you’re never coming back that’s it you sign the
paper you get resettlement and money to
resettle in Romania or wherever you want to go and that’s it an Israel pays for
the whole thing there that’s I think it’s a great idea if you if you here in
Judea Samaria Gaza whatever you weren’t out you’re an Arab
uh-uh Israel shall pay for the whole thing and it should be Nach an a tional
priority that is our that that should be the way of Israel they should they
should do it but this they’re not even close to doing that it’s it’s it’s a met
it’s a very long term you’re saving a lot of money that way and you’re
bringing about peace and your your your if people aren’t happy there and they
don’t want to be there their stuff won’t give them money to leave that’s it and I
mean and serious money serious whatever it takes to resettle them in Romania or
wherever country needs arable whatever iran-iraq you know there’s
cost-of-living you can figure the whole darn thing yep so Scott Adams is on that
same line of thinking maybe more people will talk about that I don’t know I
think it’s a good idea all right but I think I think Iran’s hostilities with
Israel definitely go a little bit more than deeper than just the the Arabs
living in in Judea and Samaria they seem to have a deeper at least the moola seem
to have a deeper problem of the Israel where they really really just want to
get rid of it yeah totally and that’s in but that’s not a good answer nuking
Israel is that’s not a good thing and nuking anyone is very bad so moving on
but you know it is amazing what’s going on in Iran right now I really do hope
that what would trump triggered here and he again he did the right thing more
elite today he voiced his support for the protesters in Iran who are against
the move over against their leaders now and it’s great and that’s great and I do
it would be great if Iran took down their religious zealot leaders and
became a secular country like it was before 1979 I don’t think they would
have many problems with Israel at that point and many problems with Saudi
Arabia at that point so good luck to them I hope they do
I hope the protests grow larger and larger in Iran I wish the Persian people
a good luck there because their leadership is nonsense and has led them
definitely down a very unproductive path since 1979
you can’t you can’t deny that all right so and I give credit to the the Persian
people that have left Iran they don’t want to do they go to Los Angeles good
for them good for them they didn’t they competed they didn’t come they didn’t
like it they got the heck out good good everyone to get the heck out of there if
they don’t like being under that kind of religious leadership correction from
last week I got a correction here and I think
someone pointed this out I got a little confused last week I’m not the political
guru I don’t worship these dudes but a lot of people were saying that it was
horrible that Joe Biden couldn’t even think of
having a Republican VP as his running mate and that that whoever without even
knowing who he would pick that that person must be the devil or you know it
was it was horrible it was like judging a person by their political party with
they weren’t judging the individual was there was no individual picked out yet
so I say I said you know what this is this isn’t new and and someone said well
why it’s only Democrats that would pick a Republican as they’re not as they’re
running me what and I said no a Republican had thought the same thing
before and I said it was McCain wanted Kerry and I was confused in 2004
Kerry had suggested McCain but then in 2008 McCain wanted Lieberman and leave
Lieberman nog was a Republican so but still this isn’t what this shows is that
it’s not a new idea either okay it’s just the social media people get up in
arms and want attention and go crazy when how dare are someone could could
cross party lines well both parties have suggested it before it within the last
what 16 years I can’t believe 2004 or 16 years ago but but nonetheless it isn’t a
new idea both parties have suggested it before it’s not a mortal sin don’t I
mean don’t worship your party blindly it’s think for yourself do you okay if
you’re in debt you spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get out of
debt a lot of people do at least and so debt waste your time you could be
spending it on much more productive endeavors so that’s just another reason
not to get into debt but eventually you’re going to have to worry about it
and you’re gonna have to you know how am I going to avoid this debt collector
having I mean if you try to do it honestly if you try to do it dishonestly
you’re gonna spend a lot of time on that debt and it’s so unproductive there’s no
productivity to it at that point when you’ve just spent it all on when
you’ve consumed it all on cars and stuff that goes down in value immediately just
something to consider before you getting the debt there because when you’re not
debt you you you have tie there’s so much time you’re not spending or
worrying on stuff like that you’ve time to be productive your time to learn on
YouTube you’ve time to buy Bitcoin research what bitcoin is there’s a lot
of you a lot of people out there that are waste bets figured out wasting time
Pete I mean I I watch Scott Adams videos I’ve read the comments section because
you can learn a lot from comment sections sometimes and every time all
these people wasting our time about Epstein you you believe the official
story he killed he didn’t really kill himself it’s a conspiracy that’s done
why do you care what effect does Epstein have on your life so much waste of time
and bandwidth out there on X and I guess some people are making shows about it
but they know it’s 80% or clickbait and all these people who are wasting their
time on it are gonna waste even more their time watching their nonsense
videos about some guy mean st who cares it has no effect on your life were you a
victim of his what would you have to do with him why do you care why do you care
so I’m gonna I’m gonna say something right here I believe the official story
but does it matter so little to me I don’t care he hung himself
I don’t care get over it and if you’re wasting your time thinking about how he
really died how this happened who’s hiding what it’s a or I don’t know what
to say you’re not a productive person you how is it better in your life it’s a
complete waste of time he killed himself but I all right so is there freedom
after speech we have freedom of speech but someone came up with this term
freedom after speech and a lot of people don’t when you’re working for a
corporation you maybe you’ll say something controversial and then happen
if you get gang attacked on a Twitter when social media
Oh Adam works for Intel he just said whatever I just said he shouldn’t work
there anymore and so thus you didn’t you know how much
freedom after speech there if you’re if you’re dependent on your job now in
theory if you don’t care about losing your job you do but I like this term
freedom after speech when you’re in the Bitcoin overlay maybe you’ve got freedom
after speech not nothing nothing can affect I can say whatever I can still
walk oh I can still be the same person still say the same stuff I don’t have to
censor myself it is great it’s a great feeling alright
so finally this is a this is a religion thing here I saw I just learned January
I linked to the pedia about this Christian holiday that I had never heard
of before and I linked to the Bible verse the New Testament first excuse me
the New Testament verse Luke 2:21 I’m gonna read that in a second but there is
a holiday it is on January 1st every year and it’s still on some calendars
out there it used to be on all sorts of calendars in the old days I guess in the
50s and 40s though a long time ago it’s so they say it is called the Feast of
the circumcision of Christ that is the name of the holiday the Feast of the
circumcision of Christ is January 1st every year the fruit and it’s eight days
after they say Jesus was born and here is the quote from that this is a Bible
quote on that Bible well someone you can sit I dunno Harvey
said you know it’s the New Testament Luke 2:21 only eighth day when it was
time to circumcise the child he was named Jesus the name angel had given him
before he was conceived so for all you people out there that are against
circumcision or whatever you’re trying to say out there i-i-i mean
you Christians have a holiday celebrating Jesus his entry into Judaism
Jesus was clearly I mean if you celebrate that holiday
there’s just no doubt and many Christians will agree that Jesus was a
Jew Jesus was a Jew but on the eighth day when it was time to circumcise a
child he was named Jesus that and that when Jewish juice boys that I made they
they’re circumcised they get their names and it’s interesting that that that was
a holiday people talk about that holiday anymore and I can understand on a
certain level it’s New Year’s Day and everything but the very interesting and
it’s it’s so it’s based in your Christian religion out there some of you
care so much about so I I obviously do not believe in New Testament but I’m
going to give you a little quote out there give you something a little
different but I have never heard of that holiday before circumcision so we just a
lot of you just celebrated the Feast of the circumcision of Christ you have a
big feast to celebrate his bris the anniversary of his bris which would be
two thousand twenty years ago according to what you guys what you guys believe
in New Testament anyway death link to below you you can read that stuff I even
give you a little even talk a little bit about Christianity oh you’ve never know
where you’re gonna get on this show how that leg blood i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like
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