The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 95- Coronavirus, Israel, Mark Zuckerberg, Bernie Sanders, running

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week in Bitcoin show watch it right now stop watching this watch that we had a
newbie on there and I gotta say he told a great tax story that should scare you
straight about trading Bitcoin you shouldn’t be trading your Bitcoin you
should have that strong hand and hang on to that Bitcoin so it was a very good
this week at Bitcoin hello my elite friends I see out there guys oh this is
gonna be a fun one right yeah so it is February already amazing we’re in the
second month of the 2020s this Golden Age and tomorrow he’s a Super Bowl and
it’ll be 4:30 p.m. I here in El Paso now what will I be doing at 4:30 p.m. in El
Paso tomorrow will I be stuffing my face no Adam Meister’s in motion I will be
sprinting baby tomorrow is my sprint day actually all of you know I run 20 miles
every week and then one day every week I do interval training where I do 15
sprints someday yard Sprint’s in a row and that
works on a different part of your your body than running then then just running
20 miles it’s hard for a baby but yeah and by the what I think the Chiefs will
win if once someone was a prediction not that I know much about this but Chiefs
is that that’s my prediction they waited 50 years what the heck
but yeah so I’m in motion while everybody else will be a quite out of
motion so what would you be doing come Super Bowl time tomorrow will you
be sprinting or where will you be will you be planted to a couch think of it
that way will you be learning or will you be drooling at the advertisements we
shall see we shall see it’s your choice you can have fun I know I know it’s just
one day I’m on this comparing comparing and contrasting alright so so that’s one
big 80 percenter event in the next 24 hours but in next 48 hours on Monday we
got the Iowa caucuses are on Monday oh yeah Iowa the way the system works the
United States that little TV States and I got much respect for the people of
Iowa by the way I’m speaking to their at their blockchain club Bitcoin event
whatever it is it would be on this show I’ll be doing it simulcasting it no I’ll
be doing it from LA but they’ll be watching it in Iowa I think that’s
February 27th but yeah I got much love for the people in Iowa it’s not their
thoughts that people blow this ridiculous caucus out of proportion but
let’s let’s briefly touch on that because people are talking about Bernie
Sanders and how he’s going to win it and the one thing about Bernie Sanders all
about the one thing he’s about Destruction man destruction of the
capitalist system taking away people in a tional izing businesses taking away
people’s wealth and I wanna I’m part of move
talk about I’m gonna talk about this on tomorrow’s show also but with Bitcoin
I’m about productivity okay I love people doing productive things with
Bitcoin building not destroying their people in the Bitcoin space look like oh
yeah we have to destroy all the all coins we have to destroy anyone that
doesn’t agree with us it could destroy the Fed now all those things can exist
and Bitcoin can exist to be positive produce Joe focus your movement on
destruction okay compete don’t complain there we go so I am NOT into movements
where their success depends on destroying others where that’s their
main goal I mean I’m about producing production all right
so we’ll talk about a little bit about that more tomorrow but there are a lot
of people that I mean they blindly jumping on this Bernie Sanders thing I
don’t think they really realize what it is it’s and maybe they do maybe like
that they’re just served down or like we have to just rip the whole system apart
we have to destroy what is here and take away from other instead of produced our
own hey you know that’s that’s that’s your prerogative there I I don’t even if
he becomes president he said it’s not going to destroy capitalism all right so
but that’s your mentality I I’m not I’m not Anna Maria I just want to put that
out there I think people familiar with the show I know I I strongly disagree
with people who want to destroy whether it be in Bitcoin or whether it be in
politics I don’t people to produce hey you want to have a collective if you
wanna have a communist collective you can have that here in America go ahead
and do it I’m not stopping you for having the Communist collective you can
volunteer it get a bunch of your friends together have a communist collective and
Bernie can be your leader and you can all share and do all this of it don’t
force me to share with you I mean that’s force that’s this destruction how Matt
like button so we shall see you know how the Iowa thing turns I guess Bernie
Sanders is gonna win great that’s that’s one one then alternate and then oh well
New Hampshire off because he’s from Vermont that’s next
door to New Hampshire for those of you not familiar it really it really doesn’t
miss it it’s a big waste of time intriguing about the public politics
though is the media manipulation and I think I find that fascinating just it’s
just such a huge role the mainstream media plays and the people they want to
win I think and how many people will fall for it and really can’t think for
themselves and then while the mainstream media tries to convince people to vote
for their candidate they’re the ones screaming it’s Facebook’s fault the
Trump was elected if it’s safe to believe that Facebook I mean do they
even understand how Facebook operates because somebody bought some
advertisements on Facebook for Trump and maybe they bought it for some Russians
paid for some Facebook Ads for Trump that’s why Trump won yeah all right yeah
that many people would change your mind based on Facebook Ads
and uh we’ll get to that another day so let’s talk about Chabad the Habad
movement in Judaism they’re they’re Orthodox Jewish people
who are very welcoming to not Orthodox Jewish people when I go to their
synagogue and on him in Baltimore and I hear in El Paso I walk five point seven
miles to get and it’s 12 miles round trip together this is a guy got there
and something I was thinking about the way that the Chabad runs its operation
okay now a lot of you don’t exactly know this but the Jewish people that you
mostly familiar with people watching this or guys who just look like me yours
they could have reformed synagogues and conservative synagogues and the way
those reformist synagogue services to the guys operate and they really reach
their peak probably like in the sixties or seventies I don’t even know maybe the
a designer but the way they work the way they fund their operation and that some
of them have huge buildings beautiful buildings for you have to
a membership fee you pay a membership fee to attend these reform and
conservative synagogues and and I think that that includes your high holiday
tickets or sometimes there’s just a high holiday fee that you pay their fees the
fees and bump that’s the way they fund the operation okay all right and so
these things these conservative especially the reformed ones are falling
apart I mean nowadays who go what I mean if there is no basically some of them
don’t even believe in God it’s like I guess is that way that place the hang
out you say some prayers I mean the other is to like where they don’t really
believe in God but just hang out they sing songs it’s rock and roll whatever
you know the Judaism can do that they do that too and you gotta you got to raise
your fun somehow I don’t know how those those hippie churches do it but I’m
telling you how they were for but but so the obviously performing could serve
this is a guy who reach out to secular Jews not not Orthodox Jews with the
beards and the hats and everything the way they fund their operations is is
found is people volunteering and stuff but so come on you got some body which
is run by Orthodox Jews but watch everybody could come once every income
so if you go to the Chabad in El Paso or where II mean where I just wasn’t Tucson
or Baltimore Philadelphia whatever you’re gonna see Jewish people look in
all sorts of different ways some of them are religious some of them are gonna be
looking like me so happening the way kebab funds their operation is totally
volunteer Tony buck there’s no membership you’re not a member you just
go you just go then you go to shul that’s it you go to the show if you feel
like giving them money you give money now in to everything so now in Baltimore
the High Holidays services for these perform and conservative ones know
people are showing up to them anymore birds they have to pay they’re going to
Chabad baba gets 700 people at the freaking JCC you know smells and but at
the same time Chabad is growing that free way of the freeway they still raise
an incredible amount of money so the reason I’m telling you this entire
lesson is to bring it over to taxation is theft
okay and to volunteering and to charity a lot of people say well how would the
poor people in United States be supported if there was no if there was
no taxation how would welfare system would there be there would be people
volunteering it okay people give people give money and so here in El Paso I
can’t believe it they’re building a whole new building for the Chabad
they’ve raised so much money not from membership fees from people voluntarily
giving their money and so it’s uh who knows maybe it’s only five percent of
people two percent the people who give and maybe they give tons of money that’s
their business that’s great that’s it works out fine it totally works out no
one is being forced to give anything so when we when we bring this over into the
government side of things that the the the nation-state side of things it can
work the same way it can make it really work the same way you don’t have to
force mark zuckerberg and everybody you have to try not to threaten them and rob
them and say you must you must pay this you must pay this shouldn’t be that it
should be volunteering it works it works on my own religious level I’m sure it
would work on this on the secular level here funding from the government or
funding uh funding people who are less fortunate alright so I yeah I like the
body so let’s talk about conscientiousness I’ve been experiencing
and yes if you guys got handed Bitcoin Meister I knew I forgot to say something
there or you can do a super chat now I will answer your I won’t answer your
questions all right conscientiousness is very important to success okay wait or
de Peterson has said that before and yeah a lot of people say what IQ is very
important I’m sure IQ is important to success too but I’m gonna tell you
something guys here in the Bitcoin world I encounter a lot of really smart people
okay online now not all of them or not all them can hold over their big coin
apparently not all of them are wealthy and there seems to be a trend among
among certain people in the Bitcoin space who aren’t successful
financially I mean they can tell you the technical complexities of the big point
and the Lightning Network into this than that and the other but when you try to
set up an appointment with them when something is time-sensitive where you’re
contacting some of these geniuses or hey they’re freakin geniuses and you ask
them a time-sensitive question and they don’t get back to you and it’s like it’s
not just once it’s ah many different times it’s like it’s a bad habit they’re
not very conscientious okay they’re not very responsible in that way I mean they
can be geniuses so this is a tip to everyone out there just don’t be a flake
don’t be a flake that’s a huge part of success of being wealthy okay
sticking with the plan don’t being a flake don’t be a flake be on time answer
people’s questions be polite so you can be a freaking genius in your ends and
apparently you can’t do some of those things and you end up people I don’t
know you don’t have that with you guys not being a genius but you might not end
up with everything that you want in life I’ll tell you that
and you might be some big point expert but you might not have that many big
points so yeah all right moving on but but what the takeaway from this is guys
if you think you’re not so smart or whatever be conscientious be responsible
be reliable don’t be a flake and you’re gonna make it dude you’re gonna make it
okay so it’s not it’s not all about genius level spots here and sometimes
these genius laughs these genius level dyes they’re talking a great great game
aren’t they how Lisa fistic a they are but they can’t come the work on time I’m
not gonna have a freaking shot our invention said do you think Bloomberg is
actually Jewish or is he’s just no he’s Jewish
no mr. Christian or is he faking no he’s Jewish but I mean he’s born Jew I mean
you can’t I don’t know if he pretty I don’t know if it participates in
anything anymore but he’s Jewish Tom Steyer is not Jewish
though his mom is not Jewish so he’s not Jewish
he never was Jewish I think Tom Styer is dad was Jewish like that
though no Michael Bloomberg is is Jewish I don’t know what he does with the
Jewish anymore all right Don Cornelius
Cornelius sense two bucks Thank You Man cash app is a scam Dorsey can lick my yeah I can say that word hey dude
you know he’s I don’t I don’t mess with the cash app stop stop okay I I don’t
know I can’t critique that what he’s doing over there what I do like is that
he talks about Bitcoin and that he’s uh he’s worked with the Lightning Network
stuff but so I am NOT one to judge cash huh I don’t know a lot of people like
salivate over it and worship it I don’t know I don’t know that I’d never tried
it out man but thank you Doug can you die I and
thank you for that comment and we’re gonna go to Val doc res in the cold
north says when you get him king of the trolls back on no I’m never he’s never
coming back and he’s all he does is it’s an infomercial I gave him
I let him on my show for 45 minutes back in the day that was enough that was good
that was a mistake he probably too a lot of people warned me you live and learn
but he was on my show once you know he’ll never be on again there’s no point
it’s a it’s a big infomercial for be cash
I don’t do infomercials for people people offered me money to do them
infomercials that’s the thing when you’re a an influencer when you’re on
Twitter when you’re on YouTube people contact you all the time offering you
money to talk about their coins okay so no I don’t do that and with him he does
not for you to eat is not from your money he’s just like hey you gotta let
me all because you can’t censor me and you gotta let the other side of the
story out now please let your it’s been two and a half years or whatever we’ve
been letting you tell your disdain he says the same thing over and over and
over again and it works it works on the 80 percenters he’ll just say the same I
mean you know what he says I’m being these are too high if bitcoin is to
slough even though that’s not true I’m being censored you you need to spend you
don’t need to save if you save that’s not real money
it’s the same thing over no all right so no he’s never coming back but if you
check out the archives you can watch the check out my group I brought the show
back up again with the de roda truck the road to a trillion dollar market cap
that was part of the bumped on the road there was one the bumps on the road the
P cash thing now let’s talk about last week someone asked me why I didn’t run
when I took a day off and know I don’t run you cannot run every day I take at
least two days off a week so unfortunately probably that’s the time
I’ve only taken one day off week but I gotta get my 20 miles in okay you get
twenty miles in in five days you need 20 miles and in four days but you can’t run
it if you’ve run every single day of your you need recovery you need to let
your body recover whatever exercise you’re doing you need you can’t do it
every single day at least you can’t do it intensely every single day you need
you need some recovery so again I mentioned above today I walked 12 miles
though I did not run today today was my day off of running one of my days off of
running and I won’t cry ended up walking 12 miles but that’s not like running and
it’s not like doing what I’m doing tomorrow is interval training mice MV my
15 some of the yard Sprint’s and all right what else do we have here run
today I said okay oh and let I also said speaking of Bloomberg who keeps seeing
those ads right they’re everywhere they’re everywhere
they just ever YouTube videos ever to pop it up all over the place they’re
popping up here they’re popping up there that do spending a lot of door money a
lot of door money I don’t think he’s buying is he buy him on Facebook too
because that’s a total waste as I said before I don’t think that that makes
that much of a difference but they’re like playing so often all sorts of sites
too jumping up to here on me cursing Trump or whatever he’s doing who else is
noticing that it’s he wants to be the mainstream Democrat Academy and he’s
gonna chance because a baby Biden will drop that and I said this last week he
should be paying for Bernie right now for burning
rid of everyone and then if it’s early Bernie in him well people are gonna have
to think long and hard in the Democratic Party are we a socialist party or are we
are we are the Communists the Socialists or do we really want to steal from
everyone this pleasure do we want to go back to you know where we don’t want to
destroy businessmen will be a billion areas in a criminal let’s see my choice
teeth I still think the majority of Democrats out there are not radical like
that or not do not want a steal for everyone I mean maybe I’m naive about my
fellow Americans I don’t know but hey let them do what they want to do ah all
right we got a lot of people talking in the chat note no questions good dorsey
supports bitcoin yes he does he does for Bitcoin Jack Dorsey supports Bitcoin and
I don’t think Jack Dorsey knows a lot about you know what’s going on at
Twitter at some points like he can’t micromanage everything obviously it’s a
tremendous company but no I I don’t think twice I don’t think Twitter should
be I agree with some of the things that when they kick off people but they’re a
private company can they do what they want to do alright we talked about the
Bluebird gags alright somebody also asked about what cooking oils do I use I
never use any cooking oils never never don’t use any yeah what you do is you
cook the animal you cook an animal up a chicken beef or whatever it cooks in its
own fat it works great and then you save the fat for something else for the next
day for throwing something else in there that maybe doesn’t have as much fat you
know but no my my animals I put them in the pan alright I put them in the oven
and cook themselves Matt its natural its natural stuff you don’t need the pudding
Harbor canola oil and oh this devilish stuff terrible horrible for you so you
know I don’t use any cooking oils you go back to the the Habad guys the the rabbi
in El Paso wanted me to mention a site he’s he’s big in the charity and
teaching kids to to give charity when they’re young and they come up with this
idea that they give them a little yellow arc like Noah’s Ark and you put a change
in it so they get used to giving charity what’s it called change our world for
good calm my link to it below I told them I would mention it yeah what for me
it’s all voluntary I don’t if you want to give charity of charity this is
something that if you want to teach people about charity check it out you
know not everyone can afford charity when III when I think about Owings Mills
of the Baltimore I’m saying the Baltimore has many many kebabs actually
saw mentioning a specific one most of you don’t don’t know where that is but
again probably the people who find it most people are freeloading as some
would say that they come with a high holiday services that their own smells
JCCC there’s nothing wrong with that that’s what I say here to please free
low free load off of me I love it you don’t have to contribute to this
show at all it’s all volunteer I do I mean I like it when you retweet me
that’s great that’s free and just like kebab like simple Jewish people just
spread the word and do Jewish things and put on them to fill in and do this and
the other I like when you’re spread the word about me you don’t have to give a
thing to me I don’t need money at all and it all come
it all comes naturally you know all the goodness comes to me so I give this out
for free you you give it out for free – you don’t have to contribute just like
the kebab our town that like but so it’s not really a joke I use that term free
load because stefan molyneux says don’t be a freeloader give me money I mean
that’s what he says he says that don’t be a freeloader Billy I say be a freedom
it’s great I don’t care now let’s talk about Israel real quick
because there is someone asked me about the peace plan earlier this week and the
bottom line is the United States should have to make a peace plan the two the
two parties or multiple parties the Arabs and Israelis they should come
about their own plan they did they don’t leave the United States to inspire them
but hey through the years United States thought it’s necessary to give their
opinion whatever everything’s it’s good to give their opinion
give your opinion but when it comes down to is we’re gonna we’re gonna see what
it comes down to first of all I linked to below ben shapiro the first 20
minutes of this show link to below he explains the history of the situation
there he does a great job a really great job so a part of this peace deal israel
has to give the arabs part of jerusalem now that i didn’t know about that part
that’s a no-go lady though it is jerusalem is is is that fish that’s
nonsense I’m near on Brook has a great show that I just watched today it just
came out today it is also linked to below and I agree with him a lot what he
says about Israel he also talks about the coronavirus
he is expert one about the coronavirus but when it when it comes to Israel he
says I mean it’s just the Arabs there in in Judea and Samaria and Gaza they just
have to be Western stop killing stop doing this stuff to stop omit your
defeated your way has lost that way has lost that’s the only way it’s gonna work
that’s the only way there’s gonna be peace
Trump wants to give me fifty million dollars or whatever and though they’ll
become a capitalist they don’t want to become capitalist they don’t want to
become Western where are they in the in the in the Trump of peace plan it says
the Arabs in that area or whatever they call them for them to get their own
state they want to be productive individuals do training and this step
when if he said that whether they ever said that what if it is individuals do
they want to do that they as a people and individually up they’re all gonna
have to make decisions think we want to be we want a capitalist Western society
okay and we want to trade with these people we you know want to be productive
you don’t want to blow things up we don’t want to destroy we don’t want
them not to exist because they’re there Israel is there it’s not the one
anywhere and the way it’s set up now and Scott Adams has brought this up now if
you of us haven’t make any peace with them is really why I mean the Israel
make some fake piece of them and they still keep on doing it they still keep
on bombing so what’s the point is girls got a
situation now with the security that most of it’s very rare they get in to
them to Israel to deploy anything up okay now I mean there aren’t there pains
in the butts yes they defy your balloons they set in and then you know the the
random murders that they commit in in certain Jewish towns in Judea and
Samaria that what that would take you know could stop that right now it just
not letting mean just totally say you can’t come in here at all just stop it
be more restrictive on them Israel can keep up being more restrictive or
they’ve one dick what they have to do is they have to there is just say it’s over
we give up we’re not trying to destroy you anymore we want to betray we wait
trade here’s our town your town’s next to our town our country is a bunch of
towns scattered with roads connecting it we’re not going to blow you up
leave us alone we’re gonna trade with you that’s it
we’re catalyst your capitalist you can do your religion over there we’ll do our
religion over there but we’re not gonna blow you up anymore and that’s it and
that that’s that’s the peace plan there because in the other day if you think
giving them a lot of money without them city but then still having a corrupt
government that believes in the principles of non Western ways well
they’re just every corrupt with the money and the non Western ways are gonna
continue and it’s just they’ll be funded a little bit longer so you’re on Brook
there’s a better job of explaining that to me explaining that but yeah I think
and people in the United States you just leave it leave him alone we shouldn’t
give anybody any money over there that’s it let him work down there out there
home the whole thing okay let him work it all out
nobody should just let him up work it out that’s it they’ll work it out he
either I mean they got the losers the ones who’ve lost the war
he either they surrender or they just keep doing what they’re doing and they
their lives get worse and worse okay they’re gonna be totally walled out of
being in a productive society because many of the people that work
a lot of people who work with the Arabs that live in Judea and Samaria and Gaza
they want to trade there’s this song that one a tree could you rely on
getting into different parts of Israel that are hard to get into when they’re
bombing okay there are big people there are something I’m trying to run business
is trying to get in trying to do business with the Jews and everything
like that and they rely a lot on the Israelis okay and it’s been a pain to
have all these roadblocks and they don’t want the bonding anymore they know if
they don’t want there are some but it’s gonna have to be everything it’s gonna
have to be a tremendous amount of people that that that that want this so we
shall see we shall see how it goes on I think Israel obviously this deal that’s
on the table they would love it in a second if it was all agree to an end
date the Arabs stopped their bombing to be
great the Israel would give them Jerusalem Israel give or whatever
Eastern is Eastern Jerusalem give a missed land given that land given
whatever if they actually filed the rules but I think Israel knows most
likely then what’s the change why are they going to surrender now they haven’t
surrendered yet yeah I mean it’s that that’s the way these things work they
have to give up their violent ways their racist anti Western ways and just get
with the program or maybe move the Jordan honey so all right that’s a
coronavirus you’re on broke a couple coronavirus on expert on from johns
hopkins actually speaking of Baltimore Graham from and it’s it’s linked to fly
K and this in the it’s a great video the whole you rob Brook thing it’s linked to
below first part about Israel then it’s about coronavirus would be what else do
you need people when you’re talking about Bitcoin but there’s no need to
panic about the coronavirus okay it’s closing the borders would not work okay
it’s gonna get through anyway if you put a lot of resources into
closing the borders and you’re you’re deflecting resources from places where
it really matters okay if people got sick actually you want to like get the
people sick better and get them better okay
and that’s where you would put your resources so closing the borders is
creating an unnecessary a bureaucracy an unnecessary obstacle the virus is going
to get into metaphor and apparently the virus is not that bad okay it is not
that it isn’t getting exponentially it’s not exponentially growing everything the
groomers are loving it though they are loving it they they are making a huge
deal that all this is the end finally the endless come we’re all gonna die get
sick here here’s my advice I mean you shouldn’t be worried about what the
government is doing with this because you know they’re gonna mess it up
something they’re not gonna do the best job possible I think they they probably
done an alright job so far they haven’t closed the borders are done David I mean
if you sealed the borders with letting no letting no air traffic in all of a
sudden to stop this disease when it can’t even be stopped I mean that would
kill more people in America just the lack of a commerce going on okay people
will become sick that way you you want things that the financial cost will be
horrible to people but but so don’t rely on the government people I want to say
that get on rely on the governor really this whole time not this your whole life
you should be making yourself a healthy person you should be running you should
be in motion you shouldn’t be sitting on the couch every week putting a pizza in
your piehole watching the Ravens or the Packers or whoever because if you’ve
been doing that and becoming fat and obese and and sick you’re Ramon you’re
more prone to the flu – whatever it is okay – relying on the government to to
save your butt when something kind of scary comes along all right
this flus every season you can be a stronger person if you just help me and
Bill look now you might get you might get the disease a flu but if you’re if
you’re healthier you’re gonna be able to fight it off so don’t be a Doomer and
love it and think this is such a great because they’re saying dimers you think
it’s going to be great though we have another big tragedy finally a big
disease is coming here they’ve got though the first ones that drop dead
anyway are get sick they won’t drop and let me just say this this coronavirus is
not it’s not it doesn’t appear like it’s gonna be in big epidemic Spanish flu
1918 whatever type of thing and there’s Doomer is just
they love the scream about oh the government should have done XY and Z
it’s a conspiracy they made the disease themselves it was the dudes worried
about your own health and be in motion today
pound it all right so here’s someone who wasn’t paying attention closely last
week this is a tweet someone tweeted at me if you’re listening to this at sports
monster comm last week podcast I had a picture of me next to a grave that says
monster and the reason that was the main pictures because on last week’s show I
talked about how my family history our last name we used to be something master
ovoid and when my great great grandfather came to America one of his
sons became Meister and the others became meinster listen the last week’s
show so of course this is classic of Twitter
this is classic of Twitter so somebody sees the picture of my podcast okay and
he’s familiar with me but he doesn’t listen to the podcast but he’s gonna
comment on the tweet anyway without listening to the podcast and this is
this is what the tweet said dude they added an N in your dad’s last name on
the tombstone what the heck they said it were wth so clearly I mean he didn’t
listen to the show because if he listened to the show he’d see Meister
and he would under he would he would understand it that’s not my dad’s to
signify the kick sure he’s actually good quite a few years old and it’s it’s by
my great-great-grandfather’s – so is it says Meister Oney Morris meinster and
then he in unison says the master oh boy actually so now but but interesting yeah
I get people you know attention to detail conscious you know try to I mean
this is the thing with social media it so many people are so reactionary with
your state you’ll think they don’t think they retweet things they don’t even know
what they’re between they comment on things they don’t know what their comedy
all right he didn’t he didn’t comment on my actual
podcast coming to picture me that was given in misinterpreted totally alright
sorry and it’s not just this guy’s guilty of it I mean most of the people
who watch this are just looking at my face and have more comments about my
hair than actually what I’m saying I mean it’s just hey that’s the way of
YouTube that podcast though people who actually listen to but those of you who
listen to the podcast much more you trend toward 20 percenters much more so
because you don’t need fancy sesang graphics you just want the pure
information which I respect a lot and there plenty of you hear that that that
are watching this right now that they want the information also but so many
people just they have a real hard time paying attention when there’s visuals I
don’t know they want fancies they want to touch my hair I don’t know their
beard well alright pound it so let us let’s talk about well first of all CNN
is uh they’re they’re pretty envious of Zuckerberg here what I’m gonna get Mark
Zuckerberg says Facebook will stand up for principles like free expression and
encryption even if it means facing a backlash okay and then there’s another
headline right next to it Nancy Pelosi calls for face calls Facebook a shameful
company all right so this article it’s not probe Zuckerberg but he’s trying to
be normal here I give this dude credit this is the new approach and I think
it’s going to piss off a lot of people this is Mark Zuckerberg saying but
frankly the old approach was pissing off a lot of people too so let’s try
something different Zuckerberg said in the silicon slopes text summon in Utah
on Friday the Facebook co-founder and CEO said his company’s aim for a long
time was to not do anything that would be deemed as too offensive but he is now
changing that approach that’s good in the face of what he deems excessive
censorship increasingly we’re getting call to censor a lot of different kinds
of content that makes me really uncomfortable Zuckerberg said while
acknowledging Facebook’s responsibility to purchase platform of content related
to terrorism child exploitation and its segments to violence we’re going to take
down the content that’s really harmful but the line needs to be held at some
point yet all right so I respect that if this dude is gonna
make a clear definition of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable
what is the line and he’s gonna stick with it that’s great
I could the way the what he’s been saying lately he’s definitely you could
tell he’s annoyed with the government telling him what to do like well I mean
you can’t let that advertisement be here I mean they’re they’re trying to
micromanage his company I mean it’s ridiculous they know because they have
no right to do so he built that company they’re envious of him
Pelosi calls it what she call it was she this woman says call Facebook a shameful
company a shameful company but they won’t listen to her but they don’t give
enough money to her campaign because she’s she doesn’t understand how even
works she she actually thinks that’s why she loses her people her friend Clinton
lost an election because she’s a couple she thinks she’s that insane and the
funny thing is is uh what’s-his-face is a the posting stuff about Zuckerberg and
Trump in bed together ah well I can’t think of his name one that they uh the
Hungarian that they come up with all the conspiracies about Saros Soros is
ripping on I mean source is just ripping on Zuckerberg because he’s not he’s not
towing uh the liberal line he said he’s not supporting he’s not blindly
supporting the candidates that sir was support so he rips on Zuckerberg great
III receive Zuckerberg actually does this if he takes his stand against these
micro these people have no business telling what he has on his site and good
for him good for him and III I mark jogger burgers a genius he built that
company I don’t really I’m not a big fan of the site for a lot of it’s it’s based
on 80 percenters you know showing off how great
our whatever to their buddies it’s a big waste of time most the time but hey if
he’s gonna make it define what is acceptable there because this is the
problem people have with these social media companies you don’t know when
you’re gonna get kicked off you don’t know what you’ve there all these
unwritten rules he’s gonna write the rules down good good
now again I’m totally comfortable with being on YouTube that there are on run
written rules and I’m going to be kicked off at any time I realize that I have no
problem if they’re a private company they can do this but people will respect
Facebook more they do that any I think it will be good for Facebook if they
actually have legitimate written rules that they they abide by okay Lance
Robinson says bitcoinmeister I only watch your YouTube maybe once a week the
rest is podcast every day good I get much more out of it out of it I even
relist into it multiple times some days well thanks man and the only thing about
I with the podcast I don’t know if you could play him at 2 X at all of the
podcast locations I have no idea I’ve never tried it out just like nine
different places my podcast play at I do like with YouTube and I get when I when
I watched ben shapiro or watch you’re on Brooke I’m not watching them I have no
idea what they look like you have too darn time I forgotten bench beer I
mentioned this last show that then Shapiro wears a key pop I forgot about
this I never even look at it I don’t need to look at Ben Shapiro who who
needs to look at Ben Shapiro seriously seriously but then people get such kicks
out of looking in it and making fun of them and stuff those people are trunks I
mean whatever but the good thing about YouTube is I could play everything at 2x
so easy so yeah I use the Ben superior to X that could be a little difficult
sometimes sometimes yes yes slow him down the 1.75 but like someone like it’s
like Scott Adams who oh my god he talks so slow apparently I think I only played
at 2x like a couple of time I played it at 1x for like a second I’m like oh my
god Scott Adams I mean what’s the deal here math plan admit to ax is fine it’s
just all so it’d be a complete waste of an hour to listen that dude at 1x though
2x you get him and a half hours great you know
so yes what I love that about you to do easily and by the way I noticed what’s
the other one bitch shoot I started uploading if you want to listen the
bitch you you can watch a bitch if you play that 2x also I’ve been putting
random stuff there and people been washing it’s there good good
but I appreciate the podcast support it’s been growing a lot it’s been great
it’s been great very very good very good stuff
Sports Meister calm let’s see we talking about Zuckerberg and drawn the line oh
so I stumbled upon gerald Celente a gang who’s a big Doomer who always makes
predictions that everything’s going to end and it never ends and then he sells
newsletters about it and you guys keep buying it over and not you guys but
people keep buying it over and over and over again so I linked to a real short
video and he is just screaming about the rich getting rich richer that’s what his
whole little two-minute videos about the rich getting richer who cares
so what are you gonna be a child and envious and throw a tantrum and say oh
it’s unfair they’re getting rich or are you gonna make yourself successful okay
so by the way he’s putting people in that mindset where they just are like he
knows he gets cliques that way by like blaming the rich the rich get screaming
of the British getting richer and just getting people in a doom hole where
they’re not productive they’re just throwing a fit about other people being
productive but the funny thing is is that with his doom he actually is being
productive he’s producing a Doom product that all these suckers are buying and
paying them for so he’s getting richer – so making him wealthier at guys isn’t
solving the problem huh sucker bursts are gonna get wealthier while you make
selecting wealthier it’s use not getting left here but I just thrown a fit and
buying a buying a know-nothing newsletter where you’re not learning
anything you’re just like hearing some old youth complain and make predictions
and constantly getting those predictions wrong over and over year after year
golde golde it’s we’re gonna go gold
hello as euro Salette they’ve been saying as long as I’ve been alive gold
oh yeah good but Amy promised to Gerald he’s got a
legitimate business he keeps getting richer that’s good for him
just like the people he’s complaining about you know they they’ve got
productive businesses also now they’re not based around do most of the people
but whatever but it’s the dimmers you guys are the oil that makes that dude go
okay so as long as you guys keep on existing you keep on paying for his
newsletter he’ll keep on the saying that envious stuff out there my advice is to
get out of the duel and and get into something positive before in produc be
productive be in motion or even throw money at gerald Celente and think your
problems go away now this is where the big boys played make a choice dudes but
it’s that direct if that gerald Celente is fault if you’re not productive okay
it’s not gerald Celente spall if you believe his nonsense in your bank you
take personal responsibilities new counterculture all right bitcoin systems
versus goals I’m mrs. Scott Adams he’s the one he
talks about systems versus goals and although I do not have green sky on so
many things in my Bitcoin life I gotta tell you my system a Bitcoin if you
stick you can have a goal now I can have a goal I have a goal of getting X amount
of Bitcoin I’m not gonna tell you what that nice round number is but I get
closer I get closer and closer and closer to it now if I only had that goal
and I didn’t have a system I would be trying out all sorts of different things
to get that goal which means I would probably be trading and my system is
just getting the crypto dividends that’s all it is getting the curve of dividends
charging clients in Bitcoin valuing my wealth and Bitcoin during a news show
every day I’m learning more and more about Bitcoin about about new
opportunities connecting the new bitcoiners and you know maybe they’re
gonna pay me a Bitcoin for my services or whatever etc etc set up my system
does not include training at all but I did not
having system if I only had that goal that not be I would jump into the
trading system and then I would be further and further away from my goal my
system gets me closer and closer to the goal but I don’t I don’t worry about
that goal I know that I people doing the system the Bitcoin will come the crypt
of dividends come I learned more and more about kind of get as I find out
about more and more of them and I know how to know when to sell the crypt of
again the kernel dividends are free cuz if you’re not familiar you own Bitcoin
you get their Forks there their air drops those are cripple dividends you
get interest on your Bitcoin just by holding your Bitcoin so that’s how I oh
that’s how I keep on getting more and more and more Bitcoin I don’t need to
buy Bitcoin that’s not that’s not part of my system buy bitcoins is not part of
my system I’m getting of that again you know my system new show every day get
the crypt of dividends learn more about it learn learn learn etc etc but no if I
only have the goal that I’d be trying out all sorts of nonsense I’d be buying
you lucky training yeah who knows you see that’s what systems versus goals
systems whirs don’t just have a blind goal
create a system and stick with it conviction to the system he pays off
dude if Penny’s off nice trust no now all right and we got two more topics
here Scott Adams under one of his videos he likes to talk about global warming
it’s such noise to me but this comment that someone left is a beautiful comment
it sums up there’s actually three questions in regard to global warming
one is it actually warming so people getting huge arguments about that – are
we to blame people getting huge arguments about that three do we need
the Katherine F hat and the guy says I think you answered the question
the right question is three the right answer is no I don’t care tell Matt
light one all right finally say yeah you won’t waste any time that way if you
only care about number three do you need to care no you don’t
you move on with your life you don’t get into arguments about well is it really
warming and who were bitten what’s gonna happen
all right now final question with this virus going around and all these do MERS
scared of it you know it came from China and everything but what’s gonna happen
is places like Taiwan which is not Chuck well it’s the true JH Taiwan is actually
the true time that’s the capitalist China and Hong Kong and other Asian
countries nearby Singapore a lot of people are going to be scared to go to
these countries because of this Asian flu and twice it great again and in Hong
Kong they’re still having the protests great time to go to high common guys in
terms of if I’ve said this before a lot of people ask them how do you travel
around the world and where’s the first place I should go to it’s why not gonna
hop it’s the air babies are getting cheaper the flights are getting cheaper
because people are scared they’re not it’s it’s fine nothing to worry about
go to Hong Kong you won’t get sick you’re Chinese aren’t gonna shoot you on
the street just don’t go to a protest watch your hands I mean be healthy so I
think we’re in I did look real fast look like there was some cheap flights out
there but the longer this paranoia goes on and most certainly people they don’t
know the difference between Asia and China okay the China is in Asia all of
Asia must be China no difference between Singapore each other right yeah all
right so that means a lower lower cost take advantage of these situations
people when other people are fearing when there’s nothing to fear and prices
are growing you go out there just like my buck jyan bombed already said he was
in a four star hotel this before the UH whatever this coronavirus thing came out
he’s a four star hotel in Hong Kong during the protests he didn’t see any
protests he it was so cheap for him to be there alright dudes there you go that
is it no more questions that’s another be on Bitcoin show we do
this every Saturday night thanks a lot guys found out like button
bang the bail bond Adam this rotmeister and i fixing my hair for
those of you who just want to touch it and feel it put your hands through it no
I mean most of you you could probably tell me the way my hair looked today
more so than anything I just said I hope it’s not like that I I gave you
guys my listeners I gave you more credit than that I know I know some of you
paying attention some of you got the listening comprehension going on found
that like button subscribe this channel see you tomorrow
new show every day conviction I’ll say hi to you guys in the chat thanks a lot
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